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How to Grow Weed

We will give you all the tips on how to successfully grow your cannabis, from what led lights to look at, what size grow tent you could use or even cannabis seeds are great to grow

CBD oils

We cover some of the most popular CBD oil brands abroad as well as our local ones, see who has the best price accross some of our best online stores and dispensaries


We review the best smoking equipment, we review some of SA's best herb vapes, have guides on bongs (glass is our favorite) dabs and even just pipes.

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Save time by quickly seeing who has stock and knowing the brands and options ​

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The latest in Cannabis news and information.

Take a look at our articles on Cannabis Cultivation, covering growing, strains, and methods – all suited to a South African climate.

As Medicinal Cannabis grows in popularity, so does the wealth of information surrounding the topic. We share information and opinions related to weed and health.