AfricanPure: CBD Oil in South Africa

If you haven’t heard of the name AfricanPure by now, then we want to know which rock you’ve been living under! Luckily you have us, and we are here to give you everything you need to know about this proudly South African brand of premium CBD oil.

AfricanPure has inspired many to explore the realms of CBD oil and reap the rewards from its many benefits. But what is it that makes this brand so special? Is it really the “cure for the modern condition”?

We will answer all of this, and more, with this article on the AfricanPure brand.



Why is AfricanPure Pure CBD Oil in South Africa so Popular?

AfricanPure has been founded around a passion for healthy living. This brand has seen the vast potential of the marijuana plant through the amazing benefits of CBD oil.

With an incredible variety of high-quality CBD isolates and extracts all available at the click of a button, their premium products have swept the nation. If you want to know, “Where can I buy CBD oil in South Africa?” You have just struck gold.

AfricanPure boasts a quality that is unbeatable! You will find some of the most unrivaled cannabis oil South Africa has in this highly acclaimed store. From the CBD kid’s options to the high dosage CBD oils, each of these tinctures have been made to a very high standard of quality.

AfricanPure’s CBD hemp oil in South Africa is famed for these reasons:

  • Internationally acclaimed and used by people like Roeland Schoeman, an Olympic Gold Medalist.
  • CBD has been WADA approved
  • Devotion to providing the finest quality CBD oil
  • Raises awareness about the many facets of CBD oil
  • High quality, extra virgin olive oil or MCT coconut oil used as a carrier oil
  • No GMOs
  • Cannabis oil prices are excellent value for money
  • 100% organic tinctures
  • Effective, safe-to-use CBD oil products

This brand knows how to make the most out of CBD’s vast healing benefits, and acknowledges its role in stimulating the endocannabinoid system to assist in wellness.

AfricanPure CBD Oil for Sale

If you want to know where to buy cannabis oil, then we urge you to have a look at this incredible online cannabis dispensary in South Africa. You will find a huge variety of the best CBD oil for sale in South Africa.

Potential benefits of CBD oil include:

  • Easing arthritis
  • Reducing pain and swelling
  • Assists to soothe Fibromyalgia
  • Eases muscle pain
  • Assists PSD
  • Aids insomnia
  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Eases headaches
  • Reduces seizures

Here is a list of the best pure CBD oil products we have found, and loved!

Original CBD Oil (1000mg – 10ml)

A knockout CBD oil, AfricanPure’s Original CBD oil deserves all of the hype it receives! This CBD oil is a fantastic way to introduce yourself or your loved ones to a high dosage of expertly extracted CBD oil.

The solvent is a tasty extra virgin olive oil, so your tincture is bound to not only be effective but also be quite flavorsome. This is one of the best hemp oils in South Africa.


Balance CBD Oil (600mg – 30ml )

One of the most popular South African CBD options is AfricanPure’s Everyday CBD Oil. This product is a branch off from their Original CBD Oil, and it allows customers a lighter dose of broad spectrum CBD that is fit for daily usage.

This CBD oil is a perfect way for you to maintain your cannabinoid system regularly, and continue on with your daily activities.

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PLUS CBD Oil (1500mg – 10ml)

As suggested in the name, this tincture from AfricanPure has an extra high level of CBD goodness packed into it. This pure CBD oil price offers great value for money, and is one of the purest CBD oils in South Africa!

It is especially suitable for chronic pain, and those seeking a stronger hit of CBD.



Active CBD Oil (600mg – 30ml)

A high-quality CBD oil that can be added to pre-workout smoothies and supplement shakes, AfricanPure’s Active CBD oil is perfect for athletes! You can also drop it into your meals and beverages before you hit the gym. 

This mid-strength CBD oil provides a light dosage of CBD and will allow you a chance to maximize your workout and training sessions!

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 Junior CBD Oil (600mg – 30ml)

Another way to improve your child’s concentration, or soothe their anxiety and stress, is to give them a drop of AfricanPure’s CBD oil for children. The dosage is incredibly light and will work to ease your child’s muscles and nerves.

 This is also a fantastic option for adults who want a subtle dose of CBD.

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Pet’s CBD Oil (300mg – 30ml)

One of the most remarkable natural treatments for animals is CBD. AfricanPure’s Pet CBD oil offers 100% organic relief for our fluffy companions. The light dosage is safe and effective, and can even be used to calm your dogs or cats down during heavy storms.  

CBD oil for pets is a great way to treat pain, inflammation and joint problems for our four-legged family members.

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CBD Oil Cape Town: AfricanPure Pizza

The use of CBD in food is something that is being more explored and enjoyed in our motherland, South Africa. The very first cannabis pizza has only recently been pioneered in Cape Town, by Col’Cacchio Resturant.

 The restaurant has maximized on the effects of CBD by placing it as an optional drizzling sauce on their gourmet pizzas! Their custom made AfricanPure CBD oil sprayed pizzas are called the Green Goddess and the Not-So-Plain-Mary-Jane. You can expect to enjoy undertones of tasty hemp, and a long-lasting aftertaste from these delicious meals.

 You can also find branches of this restaurant in Johannesburg and Durban! Each dose is enough for you to feel a relaxing and light effect from the CBD.


Final Thoughts on AfricanPure CBD Oil

AricanPure keeps you in mind and is one of the best online stores to buy CBD oil in South Africa. To gain the best out of your AfricanPure CBD oil, use the dropper and place it under your tongue! This way it will absorb much faster and more effectively.

Remember to keep your doses at 20mg per day, and if you feel you need to exceed this limit, speak to your doctor about getting a medical CBD prescription

There are many places to buy cannabis oil in South Africa, and we seek to connect you with all of the creme de la creme of CBD oil providers! We will ensure that you only find the highest quality, and would love to hear back from you about your experiences with each of these products.

Give us a shout at hello@cannabisconnect.co.za!


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