Top 5 Benefits of CBD Oil

Benefits of the compound Cannabidiol, or more commonly referred to as CBD, are still being studied. More and more healing benefits are raising, and we are starting to see that the marijuana plant is truly a gift to humanity, something our ancestors and even our ancestors’ ancestors already knew.

We all know the grey area in terms of cannabis and its legality in South Africa, so when it comes to harnessing this powerful plant, the line hasn’t been clearly drawn. However, finding pure CBD in South Africa is relatively easy, and you can even make dagga oil at home.


What Ingredients Are in Pure CBD Oil?

Both alcohol and oil are often used as a solution when making CBD oil at home, which provides two different methods to consider.

Alcohol evaporates during the process, which then leaves behind only the completely organic plant matter. This has been extracted and transformed into an oil substance to be consumed or placed in a joint and then smoked.

However, with the oil method, we can expect there to still be oil present after the process of extraction is complete, so that is why the best option would be organic coconut oil.

In both instances, there are no harmful substances or toxins used or added to the mixture, thus making pure CBD oil completely organic.

Moving onto the CO2 extraction process that is performed in a lab, we will then receive an all-around clean substance with absolutely no toxins of any kind being left behind. You can also order these substances that have been lab-tested and approved from an official and trusted cannabis oil provider.

This method is best done by professionals and uses pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) to pull the CBD (and other phytochemicals) from the marijuana plant. This method is safe and effective, but it involves extremely expensive and sophisticated equipment to freeze the CO2 gas and compress it into a supercritical cold liquid state. Once in that state, it is then mixed with either MCT oil or olive oil for bottling – making this product 100% organic and completely free of any toxins.

What Are The Side Effects of CBD Oil?

As with most herbs in your garden, this herb is another one with a bunch of surprising benefits. Our brains have even got cannabinoid receptors, further showing how our bodies were designed to take advantage of this plant.

Although there are no serious side effects in terms of a long term illness or disease being caused by the consumption of cannabis, there are still psychoactive effects that some may find unpleasant if you use THC oil. These can be managed, and some may even enjoy these effects, as these are the main reasons to smoke the herb.

Cannabis oil pouring
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Quality THC oil should not give you incredible paranoia of any kid, but you may still want to avoid the high if you are not wanting to experience any shifts in your consciousness.

Pure CBD oil will have no unnerving psychoactive effects and won’t cause uneasiness or paranoia like THC oil can. In terms of safety when considering CBD oil treatment for children, you might find it interesting that cannabinoids have been proven to assist in early child development. Further studies have found that women have natural cannabinoids in their breast milk.

That being said, dosages must be managed and it is wise to speak with your doctor if you intend on using this plant medicine effectively to treat an illness or injury.

The Top 5 Benefits of CBD Oil

Now that we fully understand that CBD oil is completely organic with no side harmful effects, as well as understanding how it’s made, lets now move onto the juicy part. How can it help? We have listed the top 5 benefits of CBD Oil (in no particular order) so that you can see for yourselves how this healing plant is changing lives more and more every day.

1. Reduces Effect of Cancer Symptoms

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CBD Oil is a miracle medicine for cancer patients, as it’s remarkable just how much it helps. The cannabinoid works as a compound that alleviates both the cancer symptoms and the symptoms of cancer treatment (e.g. chemotherapy).

CBD oil assists cancer patients by reducing the symptoms of nausea, vomiting and overall pain. Not only this, but it also stimulates appetite in patients who aren’t wanting to eat. If you are wanting to give THC oil a try, it is the concentrate of the compound that has been proven to actively fight cancer cells and there are many benefits to using Dagga oil for cancer.

Those who use a mixture of both THC oil and CBD oil have experienced a significant decrease in pain than those just using THC oil. The healing benefits that CBD oil has for cancer patients are uncanny, and CBD is being more and more realized as an effective, safe and alternative treatment to chemotherapy.

2. Relieves Anxiety and Stress


Many people suffer from intense anxiety and stress as society continues to push us to produce more and more, and be someone that we may not necessarily be. This causes people to feel a bit strung out, to say the least. At other times, it’s more personal reasons that cause these medical conditions, but thankfully there is a solution.

CBD oil is a magnificent aid for those seeking relief from either anxiety disorders or stress disorders. This substance when consumed promotes a more relaxed and less active state of mind and body. It also aids those who suffer from insomnia by relaxing the brain and allowing some much-needed rest.

CBD oil is a natural ‘chill out’ remedy for those who need it and even for those who want to simply take advantage of these wonderful effects at the end of a busy day or week!

3. Aids Depression


There are also many other contributing factors at play when it comes to the reasons for depression, including the fact that sometimes the brain simply just does not produce enough serotonin or dopamine.

Unfortunately, depression is a major problem in today’s world, especially among the young who are struggling to see hope in a massively disconnected and materialistically driven society.

South Africa’s suicide rate is the 6th highest in the world and it is a reality that our nation needs to face and find solutions to. CBD oil treatment is something that provides a huge helping hand.

CBD Oil has been proven to be an effective anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicine. This gives people a shining light in the dark when it comes to facing a troubling issue like depression.

Not only does this provide relief from this condition, but it is also completely natural and does not affect the rest of our brain’s natural functions. Hormone levels will remain the same, and the person’s ability to feel empathy and emotion remain healthy and intact.

4. Alleviates Pain

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A lot of pain relief medication and drugs on the market today happen to have really adverse side effects. Sometimes a person will experience unpleasant reactions due to the fact that their body simply doesn’t agree with the chemicals used. This means we need to look for an alternative treatment to pain.

CBD oil assists in alleviating mild to severe pain for those who are experiencing either internal or external injury and illness. One of the best parts is that it doesn’t target a specific area, and gives a general relaxation of all the body’s muscles, your entire body to feel the effects. This is wonderful because not all areas of the body can be reached through chemical medication without intense side effects!

CBD oil might even promote a healthier immune system, which will alleviate the potential for further illness. You can even purchase CBD oil capsules!

5. Helps Those With Epilepsy

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CBD has gained massive recognition as an effective, harmless and organic treatment for children with moderate to severe epilepsy. This is a win for parents worldwide and is changing the lives of children every day by slowing down the number of seizures experienced more than any other chemical medicine has been able to.

Not only is it an effective medicine, but it has no side effects either that are detrimental to the body or the mind. This is a revolution for those suffering from this extremely debilitating disease and provides a chance for children with this health issue to live relatively normal lives.

In this way, CBD oil is helping both the children with the disorder as well as the child’s family, as stress is lifted from parents who don’t want to bombard their littlie’s body with hazardous chemical treatments. It is also easier to ingest for children than tablets if you purchase CBD oil with a dripper.

Final Thoughts

We have listed just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stating facts and sharing knowledge about this medicinal substance, and there is still so much more to be discovered! CBD oil might even be neuroprotective, encourage heart health and aid infertility, but we will have to see what comes next as these fields get more medically researched.

With a much-loved recreational plant suddenly taking center stage in the medical field, it makes sense that people are skeptical and wanting more answers. We have discussed some of the facts and hope to have helped clear up some of your questions and misunderstandings about CBD oil and its uses.

Whether you are wanting to use it recreationally or medicinally, your choice should invariably be an informed one so that you can feel empowered with the facts. These are exciting times as doctors open their arms once more to the neverending cures found on Mother Earth!


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