Rigs, E-Nails and Vapes: Best Dab Rigs of 2019

Dabbing is catching on as one of the most popular ways to smoke weed in 2019. It’s been around for a good few years, but is fast becoming near as commonplace as smoking or vaping weed. Dabbing is especially popular since it’s the easiest way to consume a really potent hit of weed without too much effort.

Dabs are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids, oils and terpenes from cannabis buds and trim, either using solvent or heat / pressure extraction. The different extraction methods produce different types of dabs, such as wax, shatter, budder, rosin or honeycomb. You can read more about dab extraction & types of dabs here.

In this article, we’ve broken down our top three dab rigs into three categories: standard glass dab rigs, dab or concentrate pens, and electronic dab rigs. We’ve reviewed only the best in each category, and tried our best to pick a nice range of price and style options for each.

Dabbing: a Breakdown

When dabbing, you need three things: a dab-ready concentrate or extract (most of which can be used in all rigs), a rig of your choice to smoke out of, and water to fill the rig with. Pretty simple, right?

Well, any dab connoisseur will tell you that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of variables that go into dabbing. There’s a whole science around heating the rig and what constitutes the ideal rig; loads of different anecdotal guides to extracts and which extract is best suited to your needs, and too many reviews and opinions on different dab rigs to count.

As such, it’s a pretty simple concept that one can get overly deep into, in terms of terminology and application. While it’s as easy as getting your hands on a rig and some concentrate to try it out, we’d still recommend doing some reading so that you’re well acquainted with dabbing before giving it a try yourself.

Best Dab Rigs Reviewed

Let’s take a closer look at all the dab rigs we’ve chosen to review. They’ve all got their own pros and cons, and by the end of this article we’re sure you’ll be able to choose the right rig for you!

Our Top 3 Dab Rigs of 2019

This section is made up of all our standard, bong-shaped, glass dab rigs. Some of these rigs come with bangers/nails, and some don’t, so be sure to double check that. Unless otherwise specified, they’re made to fit 14mm size bangers, should you be looking to attach your own.

DHC Destroyer Glass Dab Rig

  • Honeycomb Percolator
  • 14mm Compatibility
  • Dab / Bong interchangeable

This glass dab rig from the Daily High Club is a great daily driver. It’s a low-price, high quality rig allowing for all the basics of dabbing. It’s fitted with a 14mm opening for you to add any banger or add-on you desire, at the given size standard.

It comes with either a premium quartz banger and bowl, or simply a ‘tobacco’ bowl (ie. a bong bowl), and is roughly the size and shape of your standard bong, making it quite a familiar addition to your smoking collection.

It’s a great basic starter rig for the beginner dabber, and won’t disappoint whether you’re on your first, or hundredth dab.

ROOR Mikro Sista Oil Rig

  • 200mm Tall
  • 14.5mm downstem
  • Includes Quartz Nail

This tiny little punch-packer from the famous ROOR bong company, from Germany, is a step up from the DHC Destroyer. ROOR is known for being one of the highest quality bong manufacturers on the market, giving us consistent quality and great hits for over twenty years.

This Mikro Sista comes complete with a quartz glass nail so you can get straight to ripping as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. It’s not too big or small, and should easily fit some small ice cubes should the need arise.

While this isn’t any high end, speciality dab rig, it’s a great quality mid-range option and best suited for anyone looking to dab / hit bongs from time to time, but not all-day-every-day.

Super Slit Froth Puck Rig

  • Puck-shaped body
  • Froth Percolator
  • 14mm joint

This small form-factor, puck body rig from Thick Ass Glass is a great, high end, compact dab rig. It offers a large chamber for diffusion and a multi-slitted froth percolator to help give you the smoothest and coolest hit.

It comes with a 14mm Female Oil Dome and Nail, stands at just over 12 cm tall, and has a lovely shape which is a nice combination of design and ergonomics. It’s not really small enough to consistently hold while dabbing, but you can certainly try – not that we’d recommend trying to hold really hot objects while intoxicated.

It’s a great little banger that will produce a hell of a smooth hit relative to its size. It’s a good addition to any regular dabber’s collection (or any newcomer’s, for that matter), if you’re looking for something compact, stylish and functional.

Our Top Electric Dab Rigs / E-Nail Dab Rigs of 2019

With electronic cigarettes and vaping fast on the rise in the tobacco industry, it only makes sense that the same would happen with weed. These are our favourite three vape pens for concentrates of 2019, from brands we know and trust.

G Pen Nova Concentrate & Flower Pen

  • Dual-use tank for flower and concentrates
  • Quartz Bowl with heating element
  • 3 Heat settings

Aside from its great functionality, this is hands-down one of the nicest looking, and best designed weed vapes on the market. G Pen is a very familiar name when it comes to vaping weed, and while it took them a few years to get all their kinds ironed out, they’ve nailed it with the G Pen Nova.

Its quartz bowl is dual use for both flower and concentrates, making it the perfect switch-over between a dry herb vape and a dab pen. It’s got three heat settings for different levels of vaporization, and even an extended draw mode for when you want to take a longer, bong-like hit.

It comes in at a fantastic price point, with its main competitor the PAX 3 costing almost five times as much, has an auto-heat mode for thicker concentrates, and a rubber mouthpiece to avoid burnt lips. It’s our outright favourite of all the dab pens we’ve mentioned here, and won’t soon be leaving our collection.

PAX 3 Vaporizer

  • Flower Chamber with a Concentrate Option
  • Two pricing options (Vape Only / Full Kit)
  • Bluetooth Connected Mobile App

PAX is probably the best known name in the world of weed vaping. Since their creation of JUUL, they’re probably technically the biggest name in tobacco vaping too – and they’ve earned this merit with consistently great and functional vapes since they arrived on the market.

The PAX 3 is the culmination of all the best parts of its predecessors. It has four temperature settings, as well as degree-by-degree adjustable temps through the mobile app – a must-have for any dabbing nerd. The full kit comes with a cleaning kit, two mouthpieces and some extra nifty tools, offering an all-in-one kit for dabbing on the go.

While not as sleek and subtle in design as the G Pen Nova, it works just as well (if not better), heating up in just 22 seconds, ready to dab. If you’re a dab pen user looking to upgrade, this might just be the portable dab pen for you.

The Bug Rx

  • Replaceable Coil
  • Useable with most purchasable THC cartridges
  • Magnetic topper to prevent leakage

Mig is a fairly new name on the market, but an evermore popular option for those looking for something other than a ‘name brand’ weed vape. The Bug Rx is a nice, sleek-looking discreet vape perfect for getting your quiet dab when you don’t want anyone to know.

It functions a little more similarly to an e-cigarette compared to the PAX and Nova, with replaceable coils and batteries, as well as the option to attach your own tank to the vape body.

This is a real, no-frills vape that arrives in just two colours, and gets the job done. It’s priced very well, and as such is a great choice for anyone interested in foraying into the world of vaping concentrates. It’s simply a great place to begin.

Our Favourite Portable Dab Rigs / E-Nails of 2019

More recent in arrival to the great world of dabs and vaping are these portable, electronic dab rigs. They’re somewhere between a full on dab rig, and a dab pen – offering similar mechanisms to concentrate vape pens in a form factor more similar to a dab rig.

While most of these haven’t really had a chance to prove why they’re ‘better’ than either of the former mentioned, we could see them catching on, thanks to their sleek look and style. They all have quite a ‘Weed Culture in 2020’ look to them.

Dabado Bolt Pro Electronic Dab Rig

  • Fully replaceable parts
  • Three nail types (Ceramic, Titanium, Quartz Glass)
  • Small Form Factor

The Bolt Pro from Dabado is the bee’s knees of portable dab rigs on the market. It arrives with three nails, ceramic, titanium and glass; a spill-proof glass water attachment (imagine the mouthpiece of a bong, yet with water in it), and a magnet stand. It also comes in a carry case with all its parts, making it great to bring out and about with you.

They state themselves that it was designed for bigger hits, with more extracts, should that be what you’re going for. This, by itself, is great, however what’s even better are the adjustable temps, and most of all the fact that all individual parts of this dab vape are replaceable.

Carrying a dab rig around with you means that eventually you’re going to break or lose one of the pieces, and the fact that this vape is fully replaceable down to the tiniest parts, in addition to having a one year warranty, really makes it worth your money. It’s the perfect upgrade for a regular dabber looking for something new, and is also the cheapest of the three portable dab rigs / e-nails we’ve reviewed here.

Dr. Dabber Switch E-Rig

  • Multiple Modes for Flower and Concentrate
  • Additional Crystal mode for other extracts
  • Optional Quartz heating cup Sold Separately (Comes with a Ceramic One)

The Switch from Dr. Dabber is a fancier e-nail for sure. With customizable heat times, a self-cleaning mode using a heat cycle, and packaged with a dab tool, wax container and ceramic flower filter, it’s a luxury one for sure.

The Switch offers 25 different settings for Oils and Flower, as well as a crystal mode, making it the ideal option for anything looking to vape pure CBD crystals. It’s stylish, designed almost like if Samsung made a bubbler, and will fit in your hand comfortably, as well as sit nicely on a tabletop.

While the price tag is quite high on this one, with all the nifty little extras and features, it’s really a quality dab rig. It isn’t, however, quite easily as portable as the previous Bolt Pro. It stands at around 25 cm tall, making it quite the item to pack in a bag and take around with you. As a desktop rig, however, it’s perfect.

Puffco Peak Electric Dab Rig

  • Crazy futuristic Design
  • 4 Heat settings with 20 Second Heat Up Time
  • Battery lasts for an average of 30 dabs

The Puffco Peak really looks, and feels like the future of dabbing. It has a Dune-esque pyramidal design and is simple as loading in a dab, pressing heat, and taking a hit.

It’s very, very small, around 15-20 cm in height and around 8 cm in diameter at its largest point. This makes it ideal for portable dabbing. In addition, it comes with a carb cap, two ceramic bowls, a supercharger and a loading tool.

The Puffco Peak also features a sesh-mode for group sessions, a feature which many devices lack, and a style of smoking most others just aren’t made for. Where others get hot and clogged, the Peak just puffs away, dab after dab, looking like some kind of futuristic humidifier.

Dabbing Rigs in Conclusion

You should now be more than well-equipped to choose your own dab rig and begin your adventure into the world of dabbing! If you’re still undecided, we’d suggest the G Pen Nova. It’s a great trade off between quality, functionality and style. It’s great for beginners, and if dabbing isn’t for you, you can simply use it for standard flower.

We’ll leave you with that! May your nails be hot and water be cooled.

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