Top 5 Strains For The Best Dabs in SA

Dabbing is sweeping the nation, as smokers are realizing this highly enjoyable concentrate provides one with an unforgettable and quality sensation. Dabs are significantly stronger than smoking ground cannabis buds and are a wonderful new way of smoking this beloved herb.

Dabs are for the seasoned smoker, and I would definitely caution beginners about wanting to smoke a dab, you may end up a lot more stoned than you might have anticipated. This is a potent way of getting high, the smokers equivalent of beer and vodka – except that overconsumption of dabbing will have a far less harmful effect.

As well as an impeccable high, dabs give you the chance to truly single out and enjoy the flavoured taste of your marijuana. With this in mind, choosing which dab to smoke is an important task for you to have the best possible dabbing experience.

We are here to help you with this choice, as there are an endless variety of strains to go for. We will guide you to the creme de la creme!

What Is Dabbing?

“Dabbing” is the term used to refer to the process of melting a cannabis concentrate ( also called shatter) over a chosen heat source and inhaling the pure vapour with your preferred dab rig in South Africa.

The art of making these cannabis extract waxes is something that should be left to professionals who have the correct knowledge of how to use light hydrocarbons, such as butane or propane, and closed-loop systems with extreme safety measures.

How To Dab

Firstly, you want to dose properly. This can be tricky, due to the very high THC density of your concentrate cannabis wax or shatter. Keeping your dabs the size of a rice grain will keep you from overconsuming, and make sure you wait at least an hour before having another hit.

A standard nail is one of the most popular surfaces to dab on, and a standard small blow-torch will generally be used to heat the nail. Be mindful with your use of this hot flame and the heated nail, to avoid any kind of harm.
Here are just a few tips to enjoy a happy and safe dab:

● Do not smoke low-quality products – purchase lab-tested cannabis concentrate from a reputable source.
● Use your dab rig properly – understand the tools involved and have a dab rig that you’re comfortable with.
● Do not attempt to do a chemical extraction at home – experiment with resin extraction if you feel you want to explore the world of concentrates.

Where To Buy Dab Rigs

If you’re looking to set yourself up with a quality dab rig, be sure to check out the Best Dab Rigs. You can also read this easy to use, yet comprehensive guide on dab rigs over at Dab Rigs 101.

For suggestions of online headshops, you can find a handful of them in our article about Bongs For Sale South Africa.

5 Best Dabbing Strains

So now that we have a full understanding of what we are getting ourselves into and how to have the best experience, let’s discuss our smoking material. A dab will provide a truly magical experience of flavour, so here are some of our favourite strains with a sweet taste.


If you have never tried a dab before, and you want your first experience to be of a smooth and sweet hit with a potent head high, then you will be over the moon with Candyland. The flavour translates beautifully with this sativa-dominant hybrid. The stimulating and energetic effects are felt nicely with this strain, and it is a good one to keep in mind for an introduction to the shatter experience.

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Jillybean is a magnificent tasting strain to smoke even in bud form and preserves its famous creamy orange-heavy fruit taste as a shatter concentrate. This strain provides an uplifting and mellow high, so it is ideal for socializing during the daytime. This hybrid strain is a combination of Orange Velvet and potent Space Queen, and the aspects of both these mother strains are deliciously distinguishable in Jellybean.

Sour Diesel

For those seeking a strong, heady high that will act fast and last a long period, then Sour Diesel will become a favourite. Dose correctly, as too much can lead to some feelings of anxiety, and keep in mind that a small amount will go a long way. This is a perfect nighttime high for an experienced smoker, as it is not only very relaxing but also has a slightly sleepy feeling. The notoriously pungent gas-like smell of Sour Diesel is neutralized in this dab, but it maintains all the other traits of this strain.

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Lemon Walker OG

An indica-heavy strain for concentrates, the Lemon Walker OG provides a cerebral high. You will experience the popular citrus fragrance whilst tasting the marvel of candied lemons. This shatter will not make you feel sleepy and is quite suitable for those wanting a daytime toke.

Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is the lovechild of Sour Diesel, and even though it is a primordially CBD high strain, it contains the head-high qualities of its parent strain. A dab of Sour Tsunami is an excellent pain reliever, with a traditional indica high. A toke from this is a must for those experiencing any kind of physical discomforts such as period cramps or nausea.

Final Thoughts

Dabbing is like a five-star experience of the potency that Marijuana can gift to her users. You will experience with intensity the strain of your choice, and you will never be the same again. A dab will open your mind to the clear highs that can be enjoyed, and it is done quite simply.

Keep in mind that using quality strains is a requirement for a joyful smoke, and you will be thankful you took the time to make the choice wisely! Dabbling in dabbing is fun, you will immediately fall head over heels for this process and the unique hit experience

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