13 Best Weed Pipes and One Hitters in South Africa

Pipes, one hitters and bubblers are one of the most common ways to find people enjoying weed. You’ve likely used an array of different kinds of smoking devices based on the pipe mechanism, from tin cans with holes in them (none of us are very smart in our early days of smoking) to fancy water pipes that change colour when you smoke them.

At the end of the day, a pipe is meant to save time and effort on rolling a joint – no matter how frivolous the design. So, we’ve compiled this list of the best weed pipes, in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Above all, we’ve made sure to pick pipes that smoke well, even when gimmicky or oddly shaped.

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Our Overall Favourite Maker of Weed Pipes

Our favourite pipe manufacturer from this whole roundup is GRAV, a glass company based in Texas. They’ve been featured in the High Times, Forbes, as well as the New York Times for their glassware, and for good reason.

They make all their glassware from the highest quality borosilicate glass, which is a kind of glass that has a high silica content, making it very heat tolerant and reducing the chemical emissions from heating to zero.

They have a great returns policy, as well as fantastic customer service, which is also part of why you’ll often see GRAV pipes in high-class cannabis settings. We don’t only love GRAV ourselves, but we’re sure all the high end growers, cultivators, and designers love them too due to their well-deserved prevalence on the scene.

You’ll see we’ve reviewed two of the best cannabis pipes from GRAV in this article, but you’ll have to read a little further to check those out.

Best Weed Pipes and One Hitters Reviewed

These days we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to style, size, shape, and function. From the tiniest keyring one hitter, to the largest handheld pipe that you can find, they all serve the same purpose – to deliver a great smoke.

The BudBomb

  • Very Discreet
  • Inner Cooling Coil
  • $

This nifty little pipe takes on a small form-factor, aiming for discreteness and style, as well as a smooth hit. It looks like a small, closed, metal tube with a mouthpiece and is just under 10 cm in length. It’s easily portable, as well as detachable, making it easy to clean. It comes in three colours: Gold (Pictured), Silver, and Gunmetal Black.

Simply screw off the bowl end, fill it with dry herb and screw it back on, and you’re ready to go. The hit is cooled using an internal cooling helix, which forces the smoke to travel further on its way to your lungs, making it significantly cooler than hitting it through a straight tube.

While this doesn’t pack the biggest bowl, it makes up for it in style, portability and durability. It can fit in your pocket without issue, or can be easily slipped into a pencil case or handbag, and its aluminium build means that it’ll never be a victim to clumsy hands.

Just be sure to remember where you put all the pieces when you clean it!

Twisty Glass Blunt

  • Cool Design
  • One of the Best Glass Blunts available
  • $$

Glass Blunts are becoming increasingly popular as a way to smoke weed. If a blunt is a large cigar wrap filled with weed, then this Twisty is exactly that, only made of glass. It packs quite a massive load (we estimate you could fit 2-3g in one of these). All you need to do is pack it up, light the end, and inhale.

V12 really went the extra mile with their Twisty glass blunt. They’re made from two parts: a glass tube, which you fill with dry herb, and a screw-mouthpiece combo, which you simply twist down in between the dry herb, making it ready to smoke.

The inner spiral cools down your hit, and also makes it easy to clean. Simply twist the spiral and the ash will follow. In addition, the twisty uses infini-cherry technology which keeps the blunt lit after just one ignition.

If the Twisty was on a venn diagram, it would exist between two mostly-overlapping circles, one labelled “Functional Pipes” and the other labelled “Quirky Pipes”. It’s rare to get such a great pipe that’s still a combination of functionality and novelty, and the Twisty is just that!

If you’re wanting to try a twisty but you’re also keen on a bubbler, they have a Twisty bubbler that combines the best of both.

3″ GRAV Hammer Bubbler

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Stabilizing Feet
  • $$

This iconic bubbler from GRAV is not only a beautifully designed, ergonomic piece of glass, but also a great way to get an ultra-smooth hit without using a multi-chamber bong. It has a fission downstem that goes almost all the way to the bottom of the water chamber, diffusing smoke in a percolator-style fashion before it runs through the water and into your lungs.

It’s less than 10 cm in height, and made from the highest quality borosilicate glass. It comes in a number of sizes, although we felt the 3” model was the best balance between compactness and a decent-sized bowl.

Speaking of the bowl, it might be a little small if you’re used to ripping massive bongs or pipe hits, but it’s more than enough for one hit. In addition, it’s pretty easy to clear out a used bowl with a toothpick or similar device, and it can be cleaned simply by soaking it in isopropyl alcohol.

This is the best cannabis pipe if you’re looking for a bubbler that you can use as a daily driver.

Jade Glass Spoon Pipe

  • Simple
  • Pretty
  • $

Ah, finally, a regular old spoon pipe.

There’s really not much to say about the classic glass spoon pipe. It’s around 10 cm long, it’s got an attractive shape, and comes in a few attractive colours.

It’s a simple pipe for a simple smoker, looking for nothing more than a cheap, efficient way to smoke weed. Just grind up your bud, put it in the pipe and smoke it. Simple!

Bulldog Metal Pipe

  • Iconic logo
  • Easy to use
  • $$

This name ought to ring a bell. The Bulldog, hailing from Amsterdam, was the world’s first “coffeeshop”. These days, they’re bringing their legendary logo to classic metal pipes so that you can smoke your favourite bud from an iconic pipe.

This Bulldog metal pipe includes 5 screens, so that you can always have a clean hit, plus it’s easy to disassemble and clean. But fortunately you won’t need to clean it too regularly, since, even though it’s just 7cm, this quality pipe doesn’t clog easily.

Classic American Helix

  • Helix Venturi System
  • Beautiful Clear Design
  • $$$

This Classic piece from American Helix is essentially a really high-end spoon-style bowl. It’s made from high quality borosilicate glass, and available in three sizes. The original American Helix design uses a spoon bowl with a Venturi funnel body. What does this mean?

Well, there’s essentially a three-hole diffuser between the bowl head and the funnel body, which is conical. These cause the smoke to swirl as it enters the body, hence the name “helix”.

This swirling movement somewhat mimics the coiled or twister internals we’ve seen in some of the pipes mentioned above. It causes the smoke to take longer to exit the pipe, meaning it’s being cooled much more than in a normal pipe.

This functionality makes the Classic American Helix perfect for the smoker who’s looking for a pretty standard, dry-hit pipe (a pipe that doesn’t use water), but still seeking a smoother and cooler smoke.

Bracelet Pipe

  • Sneaky and stealthy
  • You won’t forget it at home
  • $

Taking us back to our youth is the bracelet pipe. If you’re looking for a budget pipe that you can have on you at all times, this sneaky little bracelet fits the bill perfectly. Take it with you into festivals and concerts without causing a ruckus.

Made from bungeecord, the pipe bracelet comes with a stainless steel screen to give you clean, filtered hits. The length of the pipe also ensures that, by the time the smoke gets to your lungs, it’s cooled off nicely. It might not be the best marijuana pipe, but it gets the job done.

Chameleon Glass Bamboozler Chillum

  • Beautiful, hand-blown design
  • Anti-roll marble knob
  • $

Chillums are a style of pipe originating from India. There they are traditionally made of clay or wood, with a stone or screen placed inside to act as a filter. This glass chillum is a modern take on a cannabis classic.

This chillum is small enough to light and smoke on your own, yet has quite a sizeable bowl – making it perfect for passing around at a sesh. It comes in green, pink, black or blue, each made of high quality, hand blown glass.

If you’re a chillum smoker, this is the pipe for you. It’s no-frills and simple, yet beautiful and delivers a great, smooth hit, every time. If you’re not a chillum smoker, however, this could be a fun new thing to try. It’s a whole different way of smoking, and the design of the pipe means you can pop a little bit of hash or other concentrate on top when taking a hit, for a little extra kick.

PUK Pipe Six Chamber

  • Pre-pack six hits in one pipe
  • Comes with a tin carry case
  • $$

The PUK Pipe is the ultimate blending of novelty and functionality. Made to be both easy to carry, easy to refill and discrete in design – it hits all three of these perfectly.

It’s named the PUK thanks to its hockey puck shape, and is made of two discs that clip together magnetically. The top disk rotates and has a mouthpiece and pipe drilled into it, while the bottom has six individual chambers to pack hits into.

The idea behind the PUK is convenience. Say you’re going hiking, or to a concert, or even to a long gym session. Prepare your PUK by packing all six bowls, and you’ve got six separate little one-man sessions ready to go! In addition, you can twist the chambers closed while smoking so that half a hit doesn’t burn away into the air while you’re coughing your lungs out.

We’re only half joking – while the hit can be quite hot on the PUK, many claim the hits are both bigger and smoother than expected for such a compact device. It comes with screens for each little chamber, and was the Silver Medalist in ‘Best Glass’ at Amsterdam’s 2012 Cannabis Cup.

With a title like that, what more convincing do you need?

Classic Wooden Pipe

  • Traditional and old school
  • Simple
  • $

There’s something about the classics that really puts one at ease. You know that you can’t go wrong with your traditional wooden pipe. It’s small, simple, and gives you a recognizable hit.

Most cannabis consumers started out by smoking out of a wooden pipe, perhaps even their grandfather’s tobacco pipe. So if you’re a little sentimental, this is a great option for you. It’s also ideal if you’re looking for a budget friendly bargain.

Since wood is an organic material, you should clean a wood pipe pretty regularly, to avoid resin build up or eventual degradation of your pipe. 100 proof alcohol and a pipe cleaner to get down the channel is the way to go.

You might prefer a glass pipe for ease, but nothing does old school like this one. And if you want to add a little extra Gandalf-like style, try a long wooden pipe.

Pyptek Pocket Pipe

  • Aluminium Exoskeleton
  • Optional concentrate upgrades
  • $$$

This Pocket Pipe from Pyptek may come in at quite a high price for such a simple-looking little pipe. However it’s a lot more than first meets the eye.

With the main pipe made from borosilicate glass, and an aircraft-grade anodized aluminum exoskeleton, it’s both a smooth hit, and a perfect fit for clumsy hands. The glass is suspended within the aluminium using shock-absorbing rubber gaskets, and the pipe also features an ember-blocking smoke screen, making sure you don’t get any nasty bits of flower or hot ash in your mouth.

Up until this point, it’s essentially just a standard, high-quality and shock-proof pipe, however Pyptek sells optional concentrate upgrades, allowing you to turn this pipe into a dab rig. Now, that’s quite a selling point. Nevermind the fact that the pipe comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

If you’re looking for a hardy, simple pipe that you might want to take a dab out of – this is the one for you.

Green Aventurine Crystal Pipe

  • Hand-crafted from beautiful Aventurine Crystal
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • $$

While this pipe from Raw Earth Gems doesn’t have any fancy cooling system, or nifty upgrades and attachments, it remains whatever the opposite of an eyesore is. It’s a gorgeous, handcrafted-to-order ornament made from Aventurine, a type of quartz which contains Mica or other minerals, giving it a shimmering and glistening look.

While this pipe might be mainly novelty, even though it smokes well, cleans easy and doesn’t accumulate gunk as fast as glass; we can’t deny that it’s one of the most beautiful and tastefully designed pipes we’ve ever laid eyes on. The bowl is a small, thimble-shaped filter which sits snugly inside the carved bowl in the pipe, making it super easy to pack, empty and clean.

What makes these pipes especially unique is that yours is one of a kind – they’re not mass produced, and they’re made from mineral rock which has been sitting in the earth for thousands of years. We think that’s pretty cool. In addition the whole thing can simply be left to soak in rubbing alcohol to clean it.

GRAV Conical Pocket Bubbler

  • Small water chamber
  • Multi-purpose
  • $

This cheap little pocket bubbler from GRAV is one of our favourites, and a complete steal at it’s price. As per GRAV’s standards, it’s constructed from high-silica borosilicate glass, with a conical bowl for water filtration and a long straw to keep your hits cool.

What’s especially nice and unique about this bubbler is the fact that it doesn’t have a bowl, but rather a 10 mm socket in which you can attach a flower bowl, quartz dab banger, or even a nicely-rolled joint or blunt.

This cool little array of functionality makes this tiny 6×6 cm piece a real gem, at least in our eyes. This would be best suited to the adventurous smoker, who’s perhaps looking to hit some flower, dab, or even a water-cooled joint on the go. Perhaps even all three!

Final Thoughts on the Best Marijuana Pipes

Well, have you made up your mind? If not, we’d go for the Conical Pocket Bubbler for functionality, the Twisty for style and the GRAV Hammer for a simple daily hitter. They’re all top weed pipes in their own field, and you won’t be disappointed by these three, no matter your smoking intentions.

All and above, you’ve gotta choose what’s going to suit you best. For example, there’s no point in getting a PUK if you’re only going to smoke it at home, the same way the Sherlock isn’t going to be fun to pack repeatedly if you’re out and about.

Take the time to choose your best pipe for weed, and take into consideration the value for money, functionality and novelty of the piece (or pieces) you like the most.

Now that you’ve got the perfect pipe picked out, it’s time to choose something to smoke in it. Now that growing is legal, why not choose one of the best Indica cannabis strains in South Africa to enjoy at the end of a long day. With so many strains to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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