The Best Bongs For Sale in South Africa

Smoking in a healthy way is paramount to enjoying your marijuana, and bongs make doing this even more fun and effective. Smokers who thoroughly enjoy the fast head high and instant buzz that bongs are favored for, will know that your bong becomes an instant attachment – just like your favourite one hitter. Hence, we’ve put together a list of the best bongs for sale in South Africa.

There are many ways to make your own bong, sometimes with ingredients from your fridge or even a coconut, but nothing beats a sophisticated bong. As much fun as it is to make your own, it’s pretty cheap to get a quality bong that will last you much longer, and provide a far more pleasant smoke.

When looking to purchase a new bong, there are so many factors to consider. What is your preferred colour, shape, size, and should it be glass or acrylic? Do you want an ice catcher for those sunny days so you can enjoy an even cooler hit?

So many factors to weigh up, but there are just some bongs will have you in love at first sight!

Different Types Of Glass Bongs For Sale in South Africa

When buying a bong in South Africa, you want to make sure you are purchasing one that fits your own preferences and will give you the kind of effect that you’re looking for. To understand the wide range of benefits from each bong is a crucial part of making your decision.

Here are some different models we love, that we have reviewed. If you’re looking to buy bongs online in South Africa – you’ve come to the right place as these are all available locally. Now, let’s take a look at some of the culprits.

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Glass Orb Percolator Bong

Percolator bongs are a huge part of smoker culture. They are not required in a bong, but a percolator has become somewhat of a standard. Percolators are almost like showerheads, splitting the solid stream of smoke coming into your bong into dozens of smaller streams. This creates an overall smoother smoke when the streams recombine, and help with removing larger smoke particles that are harsher on the throat.

This Glass Orb Percolator Bong is a great ‘first percolator’, made from lab-grade borosilicate glass. It’ll give you a leg up compared to your standard downstem bong when it comes to smoothness, and the nifty glass orb inside helps prevent spillage and splashing. The diffuser is flipper for style (it’s quite a sight watching the smoke run through it), and the bong comes with a solid base so you won’t easily knock it over. It’s 18cm in height, which is perfect for a little coffee table bong.

Finally, it’s got a 14mm male cone herb bowl which you can pull out to clear the chamber. This, of course, can fit other 14mm male-joint bowls of your choice (including dab rig attachments).

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‘Grace Glass’ Microbeaker Series Purple Bong

Clear and purple glass Microbeaker Series Bong from Grace Glass

This bong is for those looking to make an investment in a high-quality smoking piece. It’s made with all stoners in mind – out of high-grade 9mm thick borosilicate glass. It’s not the tallest bong, nor does it have the biggest chamber. But it’s solid, durable, and has several nifty features that frequent smokers will appreciate.

The slitted chillum percolator is perfect for someone who doesn’t like cleaning, but still wants percolation. This type of percolator looks like slices cut out of the base of the downpipe. These cut-outs filter smoke underwater, cooling the vapour before you even inhale. They’re also very easy to clean compared to other types of percs.

This weighty smoking piece is perfect for at-home enjoyment. The ice notches allow you to simply throw in some ice and enjoy an additional level of smoothness to your pull. For those who want to take it with them on adventures, it’s only 29cm tall and easily fits into a backpack.

We’d understand if you keep this for special occasions, as the bong’s aesthetic matches its fantastic functionality. The hazy purple hue complements the otherwise minimalist beaker design. Colour accents on the ice notches, bowl grip, mouth-piece, and base contrast the crystal clear walls of glass between you and the bong’s bubbling smoke.

This piece has a stylized 18.8mm male bowl, that can be easily removed thanks to a fang-shaped bowl attachment. There is also a kickhole included if you prefer to “clutch” your hits with your thumb. The kickhole, or clutch, also comes with its own plug. So you can optimize your smoking for any angle without spilling water.

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Triple Honeycomb Matrix Percolator Bong

Matrix percolators are situated in the center of your bong’s chamber, with lots of space around them, providing quite the aesthetic, and great smoothness.

This 29cm glass bong has a triple honeycomb matrix percolator, meaning it’s got three honeycomb-style percolators on top of one another, filtering your smoke three times over! This combination provides an ultra smooth hit, and the borosilicate glass base creates less of a chance of you knocking over or spilling the bong.

It’s got a standard 14mm male cone bowl, which can, of course, be swapped out as per your choice – and while it might not fit ice cubes in it, if you fill it up with some fridge water, you’ll be ready to take one of the smoothest hits you’ve ever experienced.

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Micro Herb Diffuser Bong

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, this Micro Herb Diffuser bong combines all the perks of a percolator bong (pun intended) into a smaller form factor. If you’re the type for smaller bongs that can easily sit on your hand or on a table, then this is the one for you.

It stands at 16cm in height and is made from lab-grade borosilicate glass. There’s an internal honeycomb percolator diffuser which allows for a surprisingly smooth hit from such a tiny bong. It’s got the standard 14mm made attachment, meaning you can easily customize it to your liking, and like the others in this series, the solid base helps prevent knockage and spillage accidents.

Overall, this is a pretty darn quality bong compared to its size. It’s simple, without too many frills, tastefully designed, and comes with a very reasonable price tag.

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Honeycomb Herb Bong

The shape of the honeycomb percolator gives this bong the functionality needed to filter smoke with immense efficiency. The round discs fit comfortably in the tube of this bong, and the small holes are excellent in diffusing smoke. The most beneficial aspect of this bong is that they accomplish all of this without slowing down your toking process.

This bong has a sleek black-and-clear glass look, standing at 21cm in height with an 8.5cm base. Not too big, nor too small. It is, of course, made from high-quality borosilicate glass (the safest kind), and comes with a 14mm male cone herb bowl which you can swap out for any preferred attachment of the same size.

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The Budget Glass Carburetor Bong

Let’s face it – not all of us have hundreds to spend on a bong. As much triple-honeycomb filtered smoke is to die for, sometimes all you need is a bit of water and some good bud. This budget glass bong is the perfect answer for anyone who’s okay with a little harsher of a smoke – or maybe those of us who are prone to knocking things over.

This little budget piece comes with both a glass pull-out stem and a carburetor, meaning you can finish your bowl with one of two methods (with many of us old-school smokers preferring that feeling of your thumb on a carb). It also comes with a padded case for easy carrying and storage, as well as five bowl screens so you don’t get any nasty bits of burnt bud or ash in your bong water.

While this bong isn’t compatible with any dab attachments or ash catchers, it’s a solid buy for a great price. If you’re looking for something that just does its job and nothing more, then this is the bong for you.

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The Essential Weed Accessories for South African Smokers

Whether you’re smoking at home or with friends, it’s always fun to have a few cool nifty accessories to play around with. Some of them are pretty functional too, and actually help better your smoking experience, adding new features or aspects to it.

Weed Accessories for South Africans

Here are a few of the most essential weed accessories South Africa has to offer.

Grinder and Hemp Wick

The first two essentials we’d recommend are a grinder and hemp wick. Grinders, like this Sharpstone 2-Piece Grinder are really handy for bong smoking. While using your hands, or a shot glass and scissors is a great way to grind, you’ll often find you get a smoother smoke from properly ground weed. This is especially the case if you’re smoking herb that is full of seeds and stems.

Organic hemp wick is another cool little addition to help make your smoking experience just that much better. Hemp wick is lit using a match or a lighter, and then used to light your bowl while it’s burning. There are two reasons people use hemp wick over lighters when it comes to bongs: firstly, butane lighters burn a lot hotter than is necessary to combust cannabis. Secondly, they contain butane, and a continuous flow of butane from bong to lung really can’t be all that healthy.


Dabbing Accessories

Lastly, if you’re looking for a bong that’s both herb ready and a dab rig, then we’ve got the perfect setup for you. There are two routes you can take to turn your bong into a dab rig, but for either of them, you’ve got to make sure that all your attachments and pieces are the right size. For this example, we’ll be working with 14mm joints (like the ones in the bongs we’ve listed above).

Now, for both of the attachments, we’re about to look at, you’ll need two things: a dabbing tool, like this Stainless Steel Dab Tool, to ‘dab’ your extract into the nail; as well as Quartz Carb Cap for when you’re smoking a dab.

Glass Nail

For a simple bong to dab rig conversion, you can just get a glass nail. This glass dabbing nail a 14mm attachment for your bong, where you simply heat the nail with a blowtorch, and dab away. It’s a simple way to make your bong extract-ready, and adds a whole new aspect to your smoking ritual.

Quartz Banger

For those who take their dabbing a little more seriously, then this Domeless Quartz Banger is a slightly better option. It’s a bit bigger and uses a more popular design that’s better suited to dabbing, as well as easier to clean.

Keep in mind, however, that this quartz banger has a 14mm female joint – just like the bongs we listed. This means you’ll need a 14mm Male to Male adapter to sit in between these two pieces.

Where To Buy Quality Glass Bongs (South Africa)

Glass bongs are not only beautiful to look at, but they also give a smooth smoking experience. Easy to clean, and remarkably abundant in the shapes it can come in, a glass bong is a must-have for those creating a bong collection.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The High Co.

The High Co is online bong shops in South Africa with a vast amount of smoking tools and some magnificent bongs. Their stock includes papers and pipes, dabbing equipment, storage tools for bud and extracts, and more. Overall, they have some of the best quality bongs for sale in South Africa today.


ROOR Bongs

ROOR bongs are famous worldwide for their excellent German-made quality glass bongs. The official site has an online shop, and will post to us here in South Africa. You can also find ROOR bongs in most well-equipped local brick and mortar headshops.


Bongalong is by far the most popular bong brand originating in South Africa, and bongs purchased from this brand are sure not to disappoint. Bongalong is known for making some of the finest quality bongs known to our citizens and is a big supporter of complete legalization for marijuana.

Bongalongs are famous for being stylish and classy. These unique bongs are made exclusively of fine bone china and some are complete with bamboo wooden finishes. With all of these classic touches, you might expect a steep price – yet Bongalongs are pretty reasonable.

Conclusion of The Best Bongs for Sale in South Africa

Choosing to buy a high-quality bong is not only for the increased high and better smoking experience, but it is also a healthier way to toke. Properly designed bongs are made so that you don’t get water in your lungs, which can be a dangerous smoking hazard with homemade or unprofessionally supplied bongs.

South Africa has a massive amount of creatively designed bongs made by passionate companies wanting to provide the best possible smoking experience to their customers. Bongs are popular all over the world, and with all the different types, there is sure to be one for every cannabis smoker out there.

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