The Best Bongs For Sale in South Africa

Smoking in a healthy way is paramount to enjoying your marijuana, and bongs make doing this even more fun and effective. Smokers who thoroughly enjoy the fast head high and instant buzz that bongs are favored for, will know that your bong becomes an attachment.

There are many ways to make your own bong, sometimes even with ingredients from your fridge or even a coconut, but nothing beats a sophisticated bong.

When deciding to purchase a new bong, there are so many factors to consider. What is your preferred colour, shape, size, and should it be glass or plastic? Do you want an ice catcher for those sunny days so you can enjoy an even cooler hit?

So many factors to weigh, but there are just some bongs will have you in love at first sight!


Different Types Of Bongs For Sale

When buying a bong in South Africa you want to make sure you are purchasing one that fits your own preferences and will give you the kind of effect that you’re looking for. To understand the wide range of benefits from each bong is a crucial part of making your decision.


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Peculator bong

Peculator bongs are a huge part of smoker culture. They are not required in a bong, but a peculator has become somewhat of a standard. Using a bong to enjoy your cannabis makes the whole experience smoother and a  percolator furthers that by cooling the smoke even more.


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Matrix Peculator Bong

Matrix percolators are situated in the center of your bong’s chamber, with lots of space around them, providing quite the aesthetic. Due to the top holes not having much resistance, the lower holes are probably not going to bring much smoke in. This piece is comfortable to hold and is only 12 inches. Matrix peculators are efficient at cooling your bong smoke with an inline and matrix perc.


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Carburetor Bong

Carburetors are not completely necessary to the design of your bong, although many feel that a carburetor bong provides a noticeably more intense hit. This is because, when your finger is released, the carburetor hole will allow fresh air into the bong’s pipe. The fresh air then forces the smoke into your lungs rapidly, which makes it a lot easier to inhale all the marijuana contents of your pipe.


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The shape of the honeycomb peculator gives them the functionality needed to filter smoke with immense efficiency. The round discs fit comfortably in the tube of this bong, and the small holes are excellent in diffusing smoke. The most beneficial aspect of this bong is that they accomplish all of this without slowing down your toking process.

The piece has 3 honeycomb percolators, providing plenty of filtration and extremely cool hits.


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By far the most popular bong brand originating in South Africa, bongs purchased from this brand are sure not to disappoint. Bongalong is known for making some of the finest quality bongs known to our citizens and is a big supporter of complete legalization for marijuana.

Bongalongs are famous for being stylish and classy. These unique bongs are made exclusively of fine bone china and some are complete with bamboo wooden finishes. With all of these classic touches, you might expect a steep price – yet Bongalongs are pretty reasonable.

These bongs are especially well made and are designed to not need much cleaner or to harbor bad smell.

Bongalaongs are made for connoisseurs worldwide.


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Where To Buy Quality Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are not only beautiful to look at, but they also give a smooth smoking experience. Easy to clean, and remarkably abundant in the shapes it can come in, a glass bong is a must-have for those creating a bong collection.

Vapestore is a wholesaler for some wonderful types of glassware bongs. You will be amazed at all the varieties of colour and design.

ROOR bongs are famous worldwide for their excellent German-made quality glass bongs. The official site has an online shop, and will post to us here in South Africa. You can find these bongs in most headshops locally.

Blackleaf is an international brand, but are specialists in glass bongs and they deliver worldwide. With a reputation for having some of the best smoking tools in the world, Blackleaf is sure to impress. You can also purchase these bongs at assorted headshops all around the country, as most will stock at least one type of Blackleaf glass bong.


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Online Weed Stores in South Africa

Head shops are quite easily found in our country, but some of these online stores have particularly awesome cannabis and smoking paraphernalia. If you are looking for a new bong, pipe or dag rig, here are some of the most incredible online headshops you can visit.

Puff Puss Pass is a trusted, high-quality online store. Their bongs are highly acclaimed and popular for their unique designs.

Smoking tools, and other extraordinary products at 420store. This store is rated as South Africa’s number one headshop, and can courier your new bong to you overnight.

The High Co is a popular online headshop with a vast amount of smoking tools and some magnificent bongs. Here you will have the chance to purchase bongs made of unusual materials. The PieceMaker Indestructible Bong is one of the most original bongs on the market.


Bongs have certainly come a very long way, since the first recorded bong in 1944, which was described in Thai to be, “ a bamboo water pipe for smoking kancha, tree, hashish, or the hemp-plant.” and some recorded in Laos. Some believe it was even earlier, and that the Scythian tribal chiefs smoked gold bongs 2400 years ago.

Choosing to buy a high-quality bong is not only for the increased high and better smoking experience,  but it is also a healthier way to make your toke. Properly designed bongs are made so that you don’t get water in your lungs, which can be a dangerous smoking hazard with homemade or unprofessionally supplied bongs.

South Africa has a massive amount of creatively designed bongs made by passionate companies wanting to provide the best possible smoking experience to their costumers. Bongs are popular all over the world, and with all the different types, there is sure to be one for every cannabis smoker out there.




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