Dagga Oil For Cancer in SA

The medicinal use of CBD Oil has always been legal in South Africa, and since the complete decriminalization of Cannabis, things are moving forward and changing many lives in the process. We see a massive amount of medical research being done on the Marijuana plant, and with that comes the discovery of the respected alternative medicine that is Cannabis Oil.

Dagga Oil has been used for stabilizing anxiety, and drastically improving the lives of people with epilepsy by reducing seizures. Now, we see that this miraculous plant has huge healing power for those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The chemicals found in the Cannabis plant have been proven to slow the growth of cancerous cells, and in some cases even completely destroy them. This makes CBD and THC oil a potentially life-saving natural remedy!

Dagga Oil has many misconceptions surrounding it, and we hope to clear all of these up for you with this article.


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What is Dagga Oil?

Also commonly known as Cannabis Oil, it is an oil tincture or mixture made by the chemical extracts, namely CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC ( Tetrahydrocannabinol ) from the Cannabis plant.

These profound chemicals are found in the buds and leaves of a dagga plant, and by removing these components from the plant we can make a concentrated oil, which is known as dagga oil.

Cannabis Oil has been proven to assist cancer patients with :

  • Strengthening and protecting the immune system.
  • Significantly increasing the chances of remission.
  • Stabilizing and eliminating acute/chronic pain.
  • Eliminating toxic pharmaceutical protocols.
  • Reducing and eliminating malignant cell growth.
  • Reducing or eliminating nausea.
  • Stimulating an increased appetite.

Cannabis is a natural phenomenon in the world of health, and it is certainly changing the futures of many who never saw hope in the fields of modern scientific medicine. Using a plant as opposed to chemicals is a personal choice, but for those who are open to it, dagga oil offers a safe alternative therapy solution that will not have harmful effects on the body.

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The Difference Between CBD And THC Oil

So, we know that both CBD and THC chemicals are the main compounds derived from the Marijuana plant, but what is it that makes them differ from one another?

Pure CBD does not have a psychoactive effect on the user, so you won’t be feeling a buzz or high from this chemical compound. However, although you may not experience those effects from CBD Oil, you will experience an immense relief of pain and relaxation of your muscles as the Cannabidiol works it’s magic.

The benefits of CBD Oil are endless! It is a safe way to experience all the healing of the marijuana plant, without experiencing the euphoric and mind-altering effects that marijuana is known for.

If you want to experience healing effects, as well as a wonderful high, you will then look to the THC Oil. THC is solely responsible for the high sensations experienced from the cannabis plant and must be taken in responsible doses. THC is also the main component that fights cancer, and is known to source and destroy cancer cells.


Where Can You Buy Pure CBD Cannabis Oil?

CBD Oil is for sale and readily available at most shops in South Africa, you can also buy online.

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How To Make Your Own Dagga Oil

To make your own cannabis oil, you will need to keep in mind the method that will be best for you based on personal preferences, and convenience. Diligently follow the instructions mentioned to maximize the benefits of the oil that you make.

Here are two methods for homemade CBD Oil :

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Oil Method

For this method, you will need to choose a carrier oil (eg. olive or coconut oil). This is a popular method because it will allow you to not only enjoy the CBD extraction, but also the carrier oil that is used.

Step 1:  With the help of a weed grinder, choose buds, leaves, and stems of a high-quality marijuana plant. The quality of the plant that you use will dictate the quality of oil that you produce. After you have chosen your selected plant parts, you will then put them through a process known as decarboxylation. This is done by baking the buds, leaves and stems at 105 degrees Celsius for 90 – 100 minutes.

Step 2: In a mason jar, mix your ground weed with the carrier oil (let’s say coconut oil). You will have to saturate the weed with the oil. You can increase or decrease the oil content, depending on how potent you want your oil to be

Step 3: To begin boiling your mixture, place the lid of the mason jar on and secure it in place. Place a towel at the bottom of your pan and put your jar on top. Fill your pan with water and boil to at least 90 degrees.

Step 4: Leave your pan for about three hours, check and make sure your water hasn’t evaporated every few moments. let it all sit for another three hours. Heat again for three hours, then turn off the heat, and leave it overnight.

Step 5: In the morning, your mixture is complete. Strain your mixture using cheesecloth, squeeze, and then your oil is ready to be used.

Alcohol Method

Alcohol is popular as an extracting solution, as it does not leave an unpleasant taste or smell. For a more in-depth approach to this, read our article about How to Make Cannabis Oil at Home.

Step 1: Place your cannabis in a ceramic or glass bowl. Fill the bowl with alcohol and mix for approximately 6 minutes. You must use a wooden spoon to extract the resin.

Step 2: Place a straining bag to filter the mixture out of your bowl. Squeeze as much extract as you can. Repeat the process if you want to extract more oil from your weed.

Step 3: In a double boiler, pour the oil that you extracted. Heat your mixture until bubbles start to form. Wait until all of the alcohol starts to evaporate, then simmer for about 30 minutes. Once your alcohol has evaporated completely, mix it.

Step 4: Pour the concentrated oil in a storage bottle. Keep the lid tight to avoid damaging the oil’s quality.


Success Stories of Cannabis Oil And Cancer

There are many people that have supported the use of dagga oil, the most famous in South Africa being Late IFP MP Mario Oriani Ambrosini, who fought for cannabis legalization and announced his use of CBD Oil in court. The discovery and consuming of CBD has enhanced many lives since its legalization and is a true source of hope for those who are battling with the life-threatening disease diagnoses of cancer.

Kelly McQue, from South Africa, changed her diet and started a new exercise regime when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cannabis oil was one of the alternative methods Kelly invested in.

She stated, “I can’t say that it was just the cannabis oil that cured the cancer, but I do feel that the speed with which I recovered was due to taking it. It also definitely helped me to heal my post-natal depression (she had recently given birth to her daughter), which was extremely debilitating, and this, in turn, meant I was mentally strong enough to implement the necessary dietary and exercise changes required.”



Cannabis oil has cured an inoperable brain tumor in a baby, and was administered in the USA by Dr. William Courtney. The baby in this case has gone on to be known as a ‘miracle baby’, and is an example of the profound work that is done by cannabinol.

Joy Smith in the UK, had severe ovarian cancer and was given 6 weeks to live. After using Cannabis oil, she was able to cure her cancer and is on her road to stand as an ambassador for legalization of THC in her country.

The biggest landslide success story was with Rick Simpson, from America, who now become a huge distributor of the substance and started to produce his own Rick Simpson Oil, alao showing people how to make their own. He was able to completely heal his skin cancer with the use of only dagga oil.

Dagga Oil even made a debut on Carte Blanche, where the journalists carefully discussed the healing benefits, and how it was helping Dr. MP Mario Oriani Ambrosini.


Last Thoughts

If you are considering medical Cannabis oil for yourself or a loved one to treat cancer, be sure to speak to your doctor and get the correct dosage needed. There is much light being shone on this topic, and the evidence of it working to heal some of the worst cancerous cells is absolutely astonishing.

This is a remarkable and legal natural alternative to Kimo, with no severe long-lasting side effects to the body or mind. We are hearing more and more about the beautiful healing remedies that marijuana can give to humanity, and looking to our plants for answers is what all of our ancestors did thousands of years ago.

May we continue to use cannabis responsibly, and expand our understanding of its immense powers and abilities to cure cancer in our world today.

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