Cannabis and CBD dispensary shops in Durban

Cannabis and CBD in Durban

The third-largest city in South Africa and home to one of the country’s favourite strains, Durban Poison, this major city in KwaZulu-Natal now has a great array of cannabis companies. Durban is also one of the best places to grow weed in South Africa because of its amazing climate all year round. Durban is a Sativa-dominated city and different strains grow quicker because of their climate. It’s predicted that in a couple of years, more and more cannabis companies will be making Durban their home.

The city’s favourite is definitely Durban Poison but there are various other products that regularly sell out in the city. CBD vape juice is another product class that is famous in Durban while oils have also gained popularity. In future, Durban could become the country’s primary cannabis growing city, with tons of land available and their tropical weather possibly the best place to grow in the country. These days it’s super easy to grow cannabis and find dispensaries in your city. Here are the best cannabis companies you can find in Durban.