Cannabis and CBD dispensary shops in Johannesburg

Cannabis and CBD in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is South Africa’s busiest and largest city and has been making plans to improve the cannabis industry in the city. Since its legalization, not only have more businesses with cannabis-related products and services entered the city, but the city’s government have been taking steps into improving it. The city itself embraces everything and it is no less with cannabis as the government are planning to create South Africa’s first cannabis hub in the busy city.

There is also an old mine land that the city is looking to sell for the use of growing cannabis, and are business parties can submit proposals for it. With more and more cannabis companies flocking to Johannesburg, the city might become cannabis central. And with the people from the city and the government looking to advance the cities cannabis industry even more, be sure to keep an eye on the cities progression. It’s now easier than ever to find a dispensary in your city. In Johannesburg, these are our favourite cannabis companies.