Cannabis and CBD dispensary shops in Pretoria

Cannabis and CBD in Pretoria

One of South Africa’s three capital cities, Pretoria, has been embracing everything cannabis for years. Pretoria is a hub for students and young professionals with an amazing night life and introducing cannabis legally to the city just made sense. Although CBD businesses were slow to start in Pretoria, the legalisation of Cannabis in the country recent growth has been undeniable. Pretoria is now one of the easiest cities to find great quality CBD products in South Africa.

Various companies do deliver to the city, as cannabis businesses prefer an online approach rather than having a physical business address, but soon the city will have more cannabis headquarters in Pretoria. Skunk has been one of the favourites in the city since before the legalization but with cannabis products entering the market, that could soon change. 

Right now, the most popular products in the region are CBD edibles, oils, and CBD vape juice.

Here are the best cannabis businesses that you will find in Pretoria.