Where to Find a Cannabis Dispensary in South Africa

With so much confusion and misinformation circulating about cannabis, and the ongoing debate around whether or not cannabis is actually legal in South Africa, it’s pretty difficult to know where to source it.

 That’s where we step in, to help clear the way and provide you with everything you need to know about reliable, professional cannabis dispensaries in South Africa.

 We’re going to discuss and highlight South Africa’s leading cannabis dispensaries so that you can purchase both your marijuana and marijuana extracts from a trusted provider. We will also take a look into the development of dispensaries around the country so that you can be in the loop as to how the country has been distributing cannabis and cannabis oils.

 Here is a comprehensive guide on where to find a reliable cannabis dispensary in South Africa!


Online Dispensaries in South Africa

South Africa has a host of incredible and inspiring online cannabis dispensaries that supply high-quality marijuana extracts, CBD oil, and cannabis products. These are our favorite South African online dispensaries. You will be able to reap the benefits of CBD oil and cannabis whilst having the option to explore the newer products on the market, such as CBD pet-friendly pastilles.


Cannabuddy Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Cannabuddy has a range of full-spectrum CBD oil for you and your pets. This oil has the cannabis profile intact after the extraction process. It has been suggested that there are greater medical advantages of using a full-spectrum product as the other cannabinoids present in the oil work enhance the CBD compound, this is known as the enoutrage effect.

You can find their 600mg full-spectrum CBD oil to help aid sleep and pain relief by helping your body and mind relax to aid in a good night’s rest.

There is also 300mg full-spectrum CBD oil for pets. This product is specifically designed for pets, having a lower concentration of CBD as animals can be more sensitive to the effects of CBD. find out more information about ideal dosing for your pets.

  • Full-spectrum
  • GMP certified
  • vegan friendly
  • Organic
  • Locally and Ethically made

AfricanPure (CBD Oil, Full Spectrum)

AfricanPure continues to innovate and produce their leading range of high-quality, pure CBD products. We are inspired by their drive and love their diverse range of organic cannabis tinctures.

When looking for an online cannabis dispensary in South Africa, AfricanPure is a great option! You can find top-notch CBD oil, from a company that strives to bring balance into our modern lives, by providing professionally extracted natural medicines for the mind and body.

Why We Love AfricanPure:

  • Non-GMO products
  • Focus on providing organic, non-toxic cannabis products
  • Commitment to only supplying high-quality CBD oil products


Elixinol (Full Spectrum)

Combining the love of science with the love of mother nature, Elixinol is a fantastic weed dispensary in South Africa. Their initiative provides South Africans with premium marijuana products that have been grown from the finest hemp plants.

Elixinol’s high-quality extracts range in strengths, You will find something for everyone on this site, including a few cannabis-infused hair products.

Why We Love Elixinol:

  • Strives to provide premium quality cannabis products
  • Choice in CBD strength per bottle
  • Innovative cannabis products available

Cannabis Oil South Africa (CBD, Edibles, Extracts)

If you’re looking for an online cannabis dispensary that keeps you in mind, Cannabis Oil is that site.

This well-stocked, premium online store provides all of South Africa’s top product ranges derived from marijuana. You will find everything under the sun on their easy to use, comprehensive site.

Read their blog for updates within the cannabis community while you do your online shopping! You can even read up on all of their high-quality cannabis products so you can be sure you’re getting the best.

Why We Love Cannabis Oil:

  • Premium quality brands and products
  • Dedication to service
  • Well stocked dispensary
  • South African-based company with dedicated staff


Goodleaf (CBD Products, Cannabis Accessories)

Bringing you the best cannabis products made by a company that encourages an organic lifestyle, Goodleaf is a gem. Goodleaf provides a steller range of cannabis products, all made from CBD full-spectrum hemp-extracted oil.

Whether you’re searching for CBD oil to ease inflammation, topical creams you can apply daily, or cannabis products that spice up the bedroom – you will find all of the above.

Why We Love Goodleaf:

  • The remarkable diversity in cannabis products
  • Passion for quality
  • Focus on purely organic merchandise

Virescent (CBD Oil, Topical Cream, Health Products)

Another knockout local online dispensary in South Africa is Virescent. If you’re looking for the best hemp oils and CBD vape juice varieties, you will be very pleased with what you find on their well-designed site.

You can find a range of excellent CBD Health products, such as CBD hemp oil, CBD topical pain relief and sleep oil.

Why We Love Virescent:

  • High-quality products
  • Locally made oils
  • Variety of strengths available

Heliolife (CBD Oil, Hemp Products)

With a drive for providing an organic and alternative route, Heliolife is a trusted and high-quality online weed dispensary. Right from the get-go, you can feel the love put into their online weed shop, and you will be very happy with the quality and purity of their products.

Helio wants to set the bar for all cannabis oils in South Africa, and all of their tinctures have been expertly tested to have extremely low traces of THC (0,05%). Their cannabis products are potential medicines and can be used by all different types of people.

Why We Love Helio:

  • Extraction is from EU-certified strains of hemp
  • Well-presented, clean brand
  • High-quality focused

Organica (Cannabis Oil,  Balms, Vape Oil)

If you’re wanting to search an online store with a wide variety of top-quality CBD and marijuana health products, then Organica is well worth checking out. Their online store is stocked with all the best cannabis health products you can find.

With everything from cannabis balms, creams, capsules and vape oils, you won’t fall short when looking for your preferred CBD or hemp product.

Why We Love Organica:

  • Easy to navigate on their site
  • Variety of products
  • Devotion to providing100% organic medicine

CannaChi (CBD, Hemp Oil, Gummies)

Another favorite online weed dispensary South Africa has is none other than CannaChi, a leading brand in the world of all things cannabis. This sophisticated holistic relief provider has a huge range of different marijuana products, starting from hemp oils, natural cosmetics and so much more.

If you’re looking for one of the best online weed shops South Africa has, then this is for sure one to have a look at.

Why We Love CannaChi

  • A diverse range of cannabis products
  • High-quality guaranteed
  • Non-toxic, completely organic tinctures

CBD Store (CBD Oil, Capsules, E-Liquids)

Cannabis enthusiasts and beginners alike are bound to find something to enjoy and use for either holistic relief or recreational use on CBD Store. This brand not only provides remarkable cannabis products but has a drive for stocking only high-quality, professionally extracted exported cannabis oil products.

Everything you could ever dream of, regarding marijuana products, can be found right here! Try out something new, or go for one of their CBD oils. You will not be disappointed.

Why We Love CBD Store:

  • Wide range of cannabis products
  • Pure extracts
  • Variety of flavours

Faithful to Nature (CBD Oil, Creams, Organics)

One of the biggest and most trusted cannabis dispensaries in South Africa is Faithful to Nature. Their CBD is exported from Switzerland, and quality is a promise. You can find some varying doses of Cibdol CBD oil, and choose for yourself which one of these tinctures will be the best for you.

Their site is easy to navigate, and their posting system is very organized.

Why We Love Faithful To Nature:

  • High-quality exported CBD oil
  • Simple website layout
  • Trusted provider

The Hemp Co (CBD Capsules, Cannabis Oil, Hemp Products)

The Hemp Co has a passion that is contagious when it comes to distributing pure, high-quality CBD oil products. They focus on bringing this organic substance into the light so that people all over South Africa can benefit from the various healing attributes of cannabis. The Hemp co distributes CBD products and also boasts an innovative brand of CBD oil that they manufacture themselves.

This company will not disappoint you! With a strong focus on ethically-made, quality CBD products that have been USDA Organic Certified, you are guaranteed fantastic products.

Why We Love The Hemp Co:

  • Dedication to ethical production and distribution of CBD oil products
  • High-quality products
  • An abundance of CBD information avaliable on their user-friendly site


Zolr (Cannabis Oil, Medical Supplements)

Zolr is a popular online cannabis dispensary that allows you to choose from a range of suppliers! You can find an organized list of companies providing cannabis edibles, cannabis oil and cannabis seeds.

Why We Love Zolr:

  • Easy-to-use website
  • Organized categories
  • A vast variety of listed suppliers


Trichoma is your one-stop shop for all things cannabis. They have received a lot of hype and people seem to like their services only because they are using encrypted chat, like Telegram, but our experiences with them have been rather negative.

They are the dealer that has got the good stuff, but also the dealer that will leave you hanging, the last 2 orders we have made them have taken more than 7 days –  leaving us dry and disappointed.



Cape Town

Cape Town is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The mother city is also a hub for innovative businesses, such as cannabis-related stores and cannabis dispensaries.


With a thriving online business as well, Goodleaf has taken Cape Town by storm and is the first legal CBD store within the city. Be sure to go to the store yourself and enjoy the atmosphere.

 Find everything from CBD drops and vapes to topicals and explore the variety. This store is a must-see for all cannabis enthusiasts living in Cape Town or passing through. The products have all been extracted from sativa strains, and live up to very high standards.

 You won’t experience a ‘high’ from their products, but you will experience a heap of cannabis wellness that comes within each of their organic tinctures, balms, and creams. We enjoy the passion behind their branch, and can’t wait to see how they influence the perspective of businesses cultivating and providing weed South Africa has so far!


Cannabis Club Cape Town

One of the best places for a cup of coffee and a toke is at Cannabis Club in Cape Town. Here you can connect with like-minded cannabis enthusiasts, share and learn knowledge about this medicinal plant and get your hands on some marijuana high-quality stock.


This private club is all about keeping things sophisticated, whilst embracing the fun side of cannabis. It is one of the best places to enjoy the market of medicinal cannabinoids South Africa is cultivating.




Durban’s cannabis culture is exciting, and there are many huge enthusiasts within this city that are doing their thing to pioneer cannabis dispensaries and businesses! Here are the best cannabis dispensaries in the magnificent coastal city of Durban.

Canna Culture, Durban (The Holistic Releaf Health and Wellness Centre)

Krithi Thraver, as mentioned above, is a legend in the cannabis community. He is also the spearhead behind Durban’s very own cannabis clinic, Canna Culture, Durban. This incredible space honors the use of cannabis as an organic medicine and seeks to destroy the stigma attached to cannabis use.

 This is a very famous South African marijuana dispensary, and it is based in sunny Durban! We love the initiative of Krithi Thaver and his movements to breakdown the negative connotations around cannabis as a non-toxic medical substance.

 His growing cannabis franchise in South Africa is truly making major changes in the minds of many, showing the myriad potential benefits of introducing cannabis into mainstream society.

 Found within the vibing Canna Culture’s Durban North center is a cafe where you can get your hands on Marley Coffee, cannabis beer and cbd edibles (also known as ‘medibles’). This weed shop in Durban has opened the doors for the cannabis community to flourish.


Image by @holisticreleafSA

 Holistic Releaf, Balito

From the same driven and passionate force who pioneered Canna Culture, comes the next cannabis shop Durban will see – Holistic Releaf. You can expect to see the Holistic Relief Wellness and Pain Management Centre doing very well, and continuing to branch out to other provinces in the bright future to come for cannabis in South Africa. It is a provider for quality cannabis products that bring true holistic relief (excuse the pun).

 Holistic Releaf Durban North branch is the lovechild of a well-established franchise, and we look forward to seeing how it does.

 Holistic Releaf, Durban, stocks plenty of CBD oil products, balms, honey and so much more. You can find many cannabis-derived products, all geared towards human wellness and holistic healing through the endocannabinoid system. This weed dispensary Durban will blow you away!


Johannesburg’s canna culture is growing by the day, to the delight of cannabis enthusiasts who live and travel to this massive city within South Africa. With the first-ever official cannabis cafe in South Africa, 420 Cafe, opening its doors to the public, we’re excited to see how the culture continues to expand.

 Here are the best cannabis dispensaries in Johannesburg!

The Herban Legends

Dedicated to utilizing the medicinal powers of mother nature, the Herban Legends stocks high-quality cannabis products from around the world! Meet fellow enthusiasts and become part of their growing platform.

 Found near West Street, Johannesburg, this is one pitstop worth making time for! You will come across some of the best cannabis South Africa is home to.


The 420 Cafe

One of the first cannabis cafes to open in South Africa, the 420 cafe opens its arms to all who delight in the healing powers of cannabis and seek to enjoy a relaxing coffee shop atmosphere. You aren’t allowed to bring your own buds, so leave your stash at home and find a new strain to smoke.

 You will be offered a menu of weed strains to choose from once you find a seat and grab a drink! You can find some of the best medical marijuana South Africa has, right here!

 Purchase quality weed from their dispensary, and light it up while you listen to funky ’90s, RnB and hip-hop tunes and admire the weed-inspired decor.

So, when you want to know where to get weed in Johannesburg, remember this name!

Across South Africa

Cannabis enthusiasts from all over the country are pushing forward for the medical use of CBD and THC. Here are some of the best brands across the continent that provide high-quality, tested cannabis products.


These holistic coffee shops are a relaxed place to go sit down for a delicious cup of coffee and get a dose of cannabis goodness while you do it. The branches often have nurseries as well, of which you are free to explore and purchase your own cannabis plant. Or get your own seeds and the perfect fertilized soil for cannabis growing to start your own crop!

The branch in Durban is especially organized. If you feel like watching Co2 extraction happen before your eyes, you can check out their professional setup and enjoy as they perform this professional extraction method right there. All of their products are pure CBD, organic and grown on the property. 

Find everything from soaps and balms, to cannabis oil and cannabis buds. This is one of the best places for you to find tasty, high-quality cannabis products.

Cannapax is a proudly South African cannabis dispensary who shares their love of cannabis through their local business. The initiative of Cannapax is to provide high-quality cannabis products, such as baked edibles, with the general public.

 Cannapax has been one of the original entrepreneurs of cannabis products and has even had some of their stores previously shutdown when laws were more strict. We look forward to seeing how their business booms in South Africa in the years to come, as more light is shed on the medicinal benefits of the herb.

Dischem (CBD Products, Oil)

 Dischem is well known everywhere as a leading pharmacy, with multiple stores situated everywhere in our homeland. This trusted brand has now gotten onto the marijuana train, showing support for cannabis oil by stocking a bunch of brand-name CBD oil tinctures in its stores, as well as other CBD oil products.

With big retail brands standing in support of the medical benefits CBD has to offer, we look forward to people all over South Africa exploring the market and finding the best CBD oil brand for them.

Clicks (CBD Oil, Extracts)

Clicks is another household name, with branches in pretty much every city in the country. Over and above their other healthcare products, Clicks is now investigating the medical science behind CBD oil and sharing products with the country. You can find a range of cannabis-derived products, from CBD oil to lip balms and creams within their main branches.

 How to Apply for a Medical Growers License in South Africa

While the country eagerly awaits medical cannabis dispensaries to extend beyond just Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg, perhaps, for now, the alternative is to purchase products from an array of online stores and ‘kitchen dispensaries’ across South Africa.

 If one wants to venture into the grey area that is the legalization of cultivating and consuming of cannabis in a ‘private space’, that is an option too. You will then need to source cannabis seeds in South Africa and set up a growing space for your marijuana plants.

 However, this would pose further challenges in terms of using the raw materials to produce consumables such as medical cannabis oil.

 Perhaps another alternative for the serious, cannabis-committed individual is to obtain a medical growers license.



The Medicines Control Council (MCC, more recently known as SAHPRA) is responsible for the issuing of medical marijuana licenses in South Africa, that will allow an individual to cultivate and commercialize cannabis on the open market.

Prospective growers will be required to meet basic minimum requirements as laid out by the MCC (SAHPRA) in order to be eligible for consideration.

Unfortunately, those with prior convictions for drug-related crimes however need not even bother to apply, as the application will not be considered.

Aside from the steep application cost to obtain a manufacturer’s licence, which is in excess of R20 000, anyone can apply. Potential growers can anticipate that the entry mechanics to be quite rigorous though, and most are unlikely to succeed in meeting all of the growing and producing requirements.

The broader requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Personnel requirements
  • Security requirements
  • Buildings and Facilities requirements
  • Equipment requirements
  • Production and Manufacturing requirements
  • Storage and Distribution requirements

The First Medical Cannabis Dispensary

The infamous Durban medical centre that launched in 2017 that had everyone talking is Holistic Relief Wellness and Pain Management Centre in Durban North. It’s regarded as the first dispensary of medical cannabis in SA.

 Due to its rapid growth and popularity, the centre’s first franchise Holistic Releaf Health & Wellness facility was opened in Ballito in 2018, followed by the Sarnia dispensary in Queensburgh, Durban.

 The objective of the facility is to provide an alternative healthcare solution that makes use of ‘cannabinoid integrated medicine’ and scientific research.

 The initiative was spearheaded by Krithi Thaver, founding member of Canna Culture SA and chairperson of the Cannabis Development Council of South Africa, or CDCSA.

 The Centre aims to diagnose and treat patients with cannabis products and is equipped with a full house of medical professionals to provide a high quality, holistic approach to healing.

 How do these Centres get around the legal ‘grey area’ of commercialising cannabis? According to Thaver, they are “legally licensed to trade as traditional healers.”

 Thaver has been quoted as saying that “According to the Traditional Health Practitioners Act, a traditional healer is allowed to prescribe cannabis. It falls under their indigenous plant system…

We work with traditional healers countrywide who produce our medicines and we assist them to get them tested to ensure its safe for human consumption and it has the necessary compounds to treat specific conditions.”



Krithi Thaver

With a long list of credentials in the medical cannabis industry, the name Krithi Thaver has become synonymous with cannabis activism.

Thaver seeks to demystify the current misconceptions around cannabis and bring to light its myriad of medicinal uses. His cause is gaining a lot of traction both locally and internationally.

As chairperson of the Cannabis Development Council of SA, Thaver and his colleagues host open days for the CDCSA KZN, to provide public education and membership applications for those with an interest in the cannabis industry.”

So humbled to have our work recognised by BBC which aired a few weeks ago to a global audience of over 2 billion people on a show called Smart Money. None of this would be possible without a dedicated, motivated, passionate and humble team that i call my family. To the following, Thank you for your commitment to this cause and seeing our vision which will bring about change to Africa. Kearshan Govender Michael Catarino Semeshen Chetty Michael Govender Dean-Henry Maistry Gregg Smith Sandro Thaver Sloven Thaver Gregg Naidoo Verusha Pillay Riyaadh Naidu Ayanda Arnold Mbambo Lunga Wela Charles Beukes Thobe Zulu Simone Maistry Donovan Thaver Keshni Thaver

Posted by Krithi Thaver on Thursday, 13 December 2018

Cannabis growing classes are also offered, where one can pop in for a free basic class and a cup of ‘Marley coffee’ and leave with free seeds to put the new learnings to use. Students can also pick up their ‘dose of cannabis Ayurvedic-based medicine’ at the centre.

Recently a feature video filmed at the Holistic Releaf Health & Wellness facility interviewing Thaver was aired on BBC Smart Money.

Thaver proudly shared the feature on his Facebook page, humbly thanking his team for their contribution to the success of the franchise, “Thank you for your commitment to this cause and seeing our vision which will bring about change to Africa.


Kyle Deutsch

Kyle Deutschmann (or Deutsch as per his music persona) offered a live performance at the official opening of the franchises Ballito dispensary and Sarnia dispensary in Queensburgh, Durban in 2018.

 Not only did Deutschmann lend his voice to the Centre as a former Idols South Africa contestant, but he is also the in-house chiropractor.

 Referred to by his patients as Doctor Deutschmann, Kyle offers his services alongside other medical professionals at the Centre including that of a General Practitioner, Traditional Healer and Homeopath.


Medical Cannabis Dispensary South Africa

Although cultivation and consumption of medical marijuana in South Africa have been decriminalized for personal use by an adult in a private space, the possession, use and distribution of cannabis outside these parameters remain illegal.

 On the bright side if the first franchised dispensary of medical cannabis in SA (Holistic Releaf Health & Wellness facility) is anything to go by, then there is much hope for those who are seeking effective, affordable and legal alternatives to conventional medicine. 

For now, your best bet at accessing quality cannabis is by growing it yourself. Luckily, you won’t struggle to find the best seed banks in South Africa.


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  1. Hi. My wife suffered with metastatic brain cancer her 2 positive strain for two years exactly. The doctors gave her 6 months to be with her family but after we got her into taking canabis oil from a supplier of the vryheid area she lived longer than what was anticipated. All I say is wow and thank you to the product that allowed my dear departed wife to have seen more time with me and my three kids. I and my eldest son are very keen on marketing any of the canabis products as I believe it was a saving grace to us accepting that my wife wouldn’t be with us much longer but yo know she lived till the end without any pain was a blessing more to us. I have gone as far as trying to contact various people on how to open a shop to supply the various items but no joy yo date. If you able to assist pls call me. Thanks

  2. Hi there Ravesh. It’s stories like this that remind us how powerful the herbs of our planet are, and cannabis oil is truly changing lives. Now that it has become legalized, I recommend growing your own cannabis and making the product yourself. Alternatively, attend cannabis expos and connect with like-minded individuals who could benefit from your help.

    Thank you for sharing your wife’s story with us, we very much appreciate it!

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    • Hi Trudie

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