Best Cannabis Seeds South Africa | Seed Banks and Strains [Updated]

After repeated attempts to contact Trophy Seeds and their consistent disregard of our requests – We can no longer recommend Trophy Seeds as a supplier.

Cannabis growing has exploded in South Africa over the past year. When COVID 19 hit, we were forced indoors for long periods of time, which accelerated the hobbyist grower market. Not only are there more growers now, but there are more seed banks offering some of the best cannabis seeds in the world.

Since it’s legal to grow your own cannabis in private, for personal use, why not step it up a bit? Sure, with the great soil and climate we have here in South Africa, you could simply throw any old bag-seed in the ground and let it grow.

However, it would be a much wiser idea to get some quality dagga seeds in South Africa and take advantage of our ideal growing conditions to grow the best plant you can. Many swear that growing high-quality seeds is the best way to grow a great cannabis plant.

We are proud to give you a guide on what you need to know about cannabis seeds for sale, from the types of seeds to the different strains and where you can buy them. It’s now easier than ever to make the best decision when buying cannabis seeds in South Africa.

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Types of Marijuana Seeds for Sale

There are different types of cannabis seeds for sale in South Africa and it’s important to know the difference. We’re going to break down each of the different types of seeds, and discuss what makes them unique to the others.

Feminized Seeds South Africa

Feminized seeds have been bred using special techniques that guarantee up to a 99% chance of your plants being female. Out of all these seeds we’ve grown, we’ve personally never encountered a female seed growing out as a male.

This has fast become the international standard for a high-quality cannabis seed since you won’t need to waste time and money growing out male plants. For the best collection of feminized seeds in South Africa, click here.

CBD Seeds South Africa


CBD has a myriad of benefits, and it is a truly rewarding experience to grow high CBD strains. You can purchase CBD seeds that will flower into mature plants with a high CBD percentage and a low THC percentage.

CBD seeds will guarantee that your plants don’t have much of the psychoactive compound, THC, meaning that your buds won’t cause very much of a ‘high’ when smoked. This is great if you’re looking to use your cannabis as a medical or therapeutic substance.

You can use CBD seeds to grow plants that can be used for CBD extracts, oils, edibles, treatments and beauty products. If you’d prefer to just buy the finished product, there are plenty of shops offering CBD edibles in South Africa.

Autoflower Seeds South Africa

Autoflowering seeds are all in the name. They produce a plant that flowers based on plant age, as opposed to a light cycle. They’re very easy to grow for new growers or anyone who is growing a plant on a fixed schedule

Autoflowers also grow a lot faster than standard seeds and are regarded as the best option to grow big buds fast.

For the best collection of auto flower seeds, click here.

Weed Seeds South Africa | Best Strains

Now that you understand the different types of seeds you can get, let’s dive into some of the most popular seed strains in South Africa. These are tried-and-tested gems, which are worth an attempt for all cannabis enthusiasts, even just once.

Northern Lights Seeds South Africa

Northern Lights is a sativa strain that has stolen the heart of most cannabis enthusiasts in South Africa, and it’s easy to see why once you see it grow or taste it yourself.

The plant grows easily and is mold-resistant. So, growing this famous strain won’t be difficult and will be incredibly worthwhile!

For the best Northern Lights seeds in South Africa, click here.

Durban Poison Seeds South Africa

The Durban Poison Strain is one of the most popular, potent and delicious cannabis strains in the country. Discovered in none other than Durban City, you will fall in love with this plant as soon as you smoke it.

One of the best things about these seeds is that they favour the South African weather in particular.  This seed will grow easily no matter which grow method you choose or which grow lights you have in your grow room. These are truly one of the best proudly South African Sativa strains available.

For the best Durban Poison seeds, click here.

Cheese Seeds South Africa

This potent cannabis strain earned its name because of its cheesy smell. This powerful strain is the lovechild of Skunk #1, and it is sticky to the touch, almost like melted cheese. Unlike actual cheese, this stickiness is caused by the dewy resin of THC trichomes.

This is one of the best strains out there and will not disappoint you, no matter which breeds of cheese you try. It is one of the best Cannabis seeds in South Africa.

For the best Cheese Seeds, click here.

In House Genetics

In House Genetics is not an individual strain but a genetics company that focuses on breeding some of the best quality strains out there. In the past year alone, these cannabis seeds have become some of the most popular names in South Africa.

Slurricane, Blunicorn, Platinum Jelly, and many more are just some of the incredible genetics bred by this company.

Local Seed Banks | Buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

Here are our favourite South African Seed Banks for you to enjoy a variety of the best cannabis seeds online. In a flooding market, many companies are selling seeds or clones that really just aren’t the strain they claim to be.

These are the most transparent and trustworthy places to buy marijuana seeds in South Africa. You’ll find the highest quality cannabis seeds for sale on these local sites.

Trophy Seeds

Our Recommended 3 Strains to Try:

  • Strawberry Glue
  • Expert Seeds Cheese
  • White Widow


If you’re looking for one of the top online cannabis seed banks, then this shop is well worth looking into. The seeds are harvested in the US and imported across the globe. You will find a large variety of seeds, and a lot are from well-known seed banks in the USA but are sold at a great price on this local site.

Trophy Seeds provides creatively crafted genetic seeds and gives growers the chance to try something different when it comes to the strains that they choose to grow. You will find a diverse amount of these high-quality seeds, and you can easily purchase them from the online dispensary.

This online cannabis seed bank has a passion for providing seeds and making it a simple process so that other cannabis enthusiasts can get their green thumbs in the groove with their many kinds of marijuana seeds.

Unfortunately, Trophy Seeds has been unresponsive to our inquiries. They no longer fulfil affiliate duties on our side, so we have no other choice but to warn you about their conduct.

Marijuana Seeds SA

Our Recommended 3 Strains to Try:


Marijuana Seeds SA (click here) is an amazing online seed bank in South Africa, ready to cater to all your needs when it comes to finding the right seeds. This shop focuses on quality. So, no matter which seeds you decide to purchase, that is something you can be guaranteed. You can support local growers and fellow enthusiasts by buying your marijuana seeds from this fantastic online store.

This exclusive online seed dispensary has an impressive reputation of being a world-renowned Nirvana seed bank, and its enthusiastic team is truly inspiring. The company may be small, but it is making big moves, and it is exciting to see how it does as the cannabis cultivation culture in South Africa continues to grow.

MJSSA proves to be one of the most trustworthy organic seed providers in our beautiful homeland.

Biltong and Budz

Biltong and Budz is a name we’ve seen recommended many times when looking for a place to buy marijuana seeds online locally without importing. They stock a number of local seed banks’ genetics, such as AmaDeadly, which are well-suited to grow in our climate; as well as seeds from a number of international companies.

Daggafontien Genetics

Our Recommended 3 Strains to Try: 


Based in the very large, South African lands of Daggafontein, this irie company brings us some of the best cannabis seeds in the market. Daggafontein Genetics has an incredible selection of seeds available in South Africa. This dispensary has been based on the love of cannabis growing and sharing, and you can easily see that in the way this online dispensary is presented.

This amazing seed bank will refund your money if your seeds aren’t at least 50% female, as they pride themselves on selective breeding that provides the best female seeds to their customers.

The seed types available may be quite limited, as opposed to other South African seed banks, but this is made up for by the impressive and unique genetics of each seed.


Growing Marijuana Seeds in South Africa

Which weed seeds are best for South Africans to grow? While you can grow just about anything in this country with relative ease, thanks to our ideal climate and temperature, there are certain strains that will do better here. For example, if you take a really finicky and hard-to-grow strain meant for indoor growing and grow it outdoors – it’s going to burn to a crisp on a hot summer’s day.

Firstly, it’s probably best to grow a sativa. Most African landraces are partially or entirely sativa, which grow tall and thin, and less leafy. Because these are the genetics that developed naturally over time in Africa, it’s a good indicator that our climate is better suited to this sub-type.

Secondly, it’s a good idea to look for a strain of weed with African or Southern-African landrace genetics. For example, Durban Poison was a highly sought-after strain for breeding.  Being a pure sativa, It grows incredibly well in South Africa. As such, plants containing strong Durban Poison genetics should follow suit and will also be a lot easier to grow than those without the genetics.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

Now that we have covered the best stores, you can choose the best place to buy cannabis seeds online. South Africa has such a huge variety of quality dagga seeds, and we know you’ll find the right strain for yourself.

We hope that you now have a much broader understanding of Cannabis Seeds SA and all the different types you can buy online. Whether you are looking for weed seeds for sale in South Africa to make dagga oil at home or simply because you’re looking for a recreational substance healthier than tobacco or alcohol – now you know where to find them!

Let us know which online store you have the best experience with, we’d love to hear back from you.

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  1. Andy Montana

    Another Seed Shop I would recommend is Cannabis Seeds South Africa.
    Quality seeds and exceptional customer service.

    I bought their mystery pack of regular seeds and all 10 seeds germinated.
    So far the plants are looking super healthy. Can’t wait to see which strains I have!

    1. Matt

      Hey Andy, we actually going to test them this week and if the seeds are good, they’ll make it on our guide 🙂 thanks for letting us know.

  2. Hey I could also suggest Happy to send a sample 😉

    1. Matt

      Hey Andrew, a fan of your show 🙂 happy to try out your seeds some time 🙂

  3. Trish De Lange is a scam Please don’t waste your money they send fake seeds not in original packaging

    1. Matt

      Yeah, they were timely and great last year. But have gone off the radar. We have updated their review to reflect what we heard and experienced. Thanks Trish

  4. Trophy Seeds is my fav!

    1. Matt

      Trophy seeds has been a favorite in South Africa for many, for soooo long. They’ve always delivered top-notch seeds and communication is great.

  5. Mike Dawson

    Hi Andy
    Have bought inzane in membrane from Trophy Seeds , beasty plant as they say .Shes booming,feeding egg, milk,guano,worm castings and she gets a glass or two of diluted watermelon juice , leaves are bigger than my hands and stands at 40 cm so far.
    Well had a bad experience with the SA cannibis family .Paid them sent them numerous messages.They dont answer at all and when they do, dont meet their promises.HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED.

  6. Matt

    Inzane in membrane has been on everyones lips, I believe Freaks of Nature youtube channel did this for his first grow. Came out super tastey but I don’t believe I or the team have sampled it 🙁 Hope the plant grew up big and delicious. Never tried watermelon juice, though 🙂 Did it work out?

    Not sure who SA Cannabis family is, but we try to review every brand at some point.

  7. David

    Has anyone tried Paid for my order on 6 July 2020, I think that I have been scammed, no reply to my email, there is no contact number. Their webpage states that they are in CT, but their address is in Randburg, it’s a complex.

  8. Mpumelelo Yako


    I would like to buy CBD seeds ASAP.

    Can I have your phone numbers and your physical addreess.

    1. Matt

      Hi Mpumelelo

      We do not sell the seeds directly. If you follow any of the links in the post, it will take you to the supplier and you can purchase seeds from there.

      Happy planting!

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