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We have kept an eye on what CB seeds have been doing on supplying and distributing cannabis seeds in South Africa. They have quickly put their stamp on quality when it comes to selling Marijuana seeds. We just had to test them out!


We signed up to their website and got sucked in looking at the beautiful cannabis buds that we could potentially grow. For our criteria of seeds to buy for the right strain of cannabis, we were looking for a more.


CB Seeds Top Strains

  • Zkittlez Seeds | Feminized
  • White Widow Seeds | Feminized
  • Gorilla Glue #4 Seeds | Regular




CB Seeds – Cheese Seeds | Feminized

This strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that originated from the United Kingdom and has made its way to South Africa. General growth height for Cheese is between 140cm and 200cm, with a flowering time of +/- 8 weeks. The seeds contain 20% THC and 1 % CBD – being Indica dominant at 80%.


Cheese typically has a strong, pungent smell, with peppery, herbal, and citrus terpenes. This is a great cannabis strain to help you relax after a long day at work.


Moby Dick Seeds | Feminized

Moby Dick is a Sativa dominant hybrid at 60%. As the name suggests, this marijuana plant can get massive. Outdoor growers have reported up to 1500g of buds per plant.


On that knowledge, we recommend that you grow this cannabis strain outdoors. Growing indoors will create restrictions, unless you have mastered the art of scrogging your cannabis plants.


CB Seeds’ Moby Dick is a cross strain between Haze and White Widow. This strain typically grows between 150cm to 320cm with a flowering time of +/- 10 weeks.


The Moby Dick cannabis strain has a 20% THC value with 0.1% CBD value. Giving you an uplifting, energetic high.

Black Domina XXL Auto Seeds | Autoflowering

This is an auto-flower strain from CB Seeds making Black Domina XXL part of the Ruderalis family. The Cannabis strain Black Domina is an 80% Indica dominant hybrid, a crossbreed from Afgan, Northern Lights, Hash Plant, and Ortega.


Black Domina XXL is a robust strain for first-time growers or the grower looking for a medium to large yield. This strain is very resilient to pests and diseases.


You will find this strain has a THC value of 20% and a CBD value of 0.5%. They typically grow between 100cm and120cm. Flowering time is +/- 11 weeks.

Wedding Cake Seeds | Feminized

The bells are ringing, here comes the bride… CB Seeds’ Wedding Cake is a crossbreed between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies making it a 60% Indica Dominant Hybrid. This strain has a medium indoor height of 90 -100cm.


With aromas of sweet vanilla, mixed with earthy undertones.  The THC value of this cannabis strain is 22%. It has a CBD value of 0.1%, providing a cerebral body high that uplifts and relaxes the body.



Our Experience With CB Seeds


We tested out the CB seeds range in July 2024. We selected Gelato #33 Seeds | Feminized

and Super Lemon Haze Auto Seeds | Autoflowering. Which they had in stock at the time.


We selected these marijuana seeds because we were looking for Sativa dominant strains. To be completely honest, we also just wanted to have Lemon Haze genetics in our crop.


After ordering the seeds, we had received a payment notification via email and were assured the seeds were on their way. Three days later, we heard the doorbell ring, and the Cannabis seeds had arrived!


We put the seeds into germination and had a 100% success rate. We then transferred the seedlings into their new pots with Freedom Farm soil under our Samsung LED indoor grow light.


Three weeks later, we have some lovely established marijuana plants from CB seeds. The next phase will be to incorporate nutrients into the feeding schedule for the different cannabis strains.


One concern with two of our Auto-Lemon Haze strain being, that they have taken a bit longer than expected to develop and establish themselves,  but nothing too major.  We are now keeping a close eye on them, making sure they do not deteriorate. Once we are happy with the cannabis Auto-Lemon Haze growth, we will add the nutrients required.


From Choosing A CB Seeds Strain To Planting and Growing – Final Thoughts


After using CB Seeds online Cannabis seed dispensary for the first time, we are happy to report a good user experience from start to finish.


One added bonus is the germination kit they supplied with the seeds with their instructions to follow for the best results. This kit is a massive help for a first-time marijuana grower.


As we mentioned earlier, we have some concerns about the Auto-Lemon Haze strain. Two of the three seeds have not taken 100%; we might just have to give them a little more love.


We are excited to see how this online dispensary is going to grow!

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