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CBD For Weight Loss | A South African Guide

We are always looking for things to help us on our weight loss journey. When fad diets and supplements fail, we start looking elsewhere for something to aid us in getting healthy. Like many people, you’ve probably seen how popular cannabidiol (CBD) has become as a health supplement.

Many people use CBD for insomnia, anxiety, and a myriad of other health issues. But could this miracle compound be useful when it comes to weight loss? Continue reading for more information on how CBD affects your weight.

CBD and Weight

Answering the question, “Can CBD help with weight loss?” is tricky. Scientific research looking into CBD and the cannabis sativa plant is still fairly new. Studies tend to find mixed results when it comes to weight loss, appetite suppression, and further claimed benefits of the plant.


Does CBD Help With Weight Loss?

This study suggests that CBD can contribute to a suppressed appetite by being a CB2 receptor antagonist, which can stop hunger signals. However, the scientific trials conducted tend to find mixed results, with either no change in appetite or patient bias.

The takeaway from these studies suggests that it’s not necessarily a suppressed appetite that may cause weight loss but an improvement in overall health. The reduction in stress and anxiety, better sleep, and improved mood can lower cortisol — an inflammatory hormone that makes it difficult to lose fat. Therefore, these improvements to your body with the help of CBD might be the reason for weight loss.

CBD is also well-known for reducing inflammation in the body. Inflammatory diseases like insulin resistance may respond well to CBD’s properties which may have anti-obesity effects, as noted in this study.

Research also notes that CBD may be able to convert the white stored fat in our bodies into brown adipose tissue. This brown fat helps you burn calories and, in turn, begins to lessen the amount of stored fat in the body.

However, CBD is not a cure-all. The most promising results were seen when CBD was used alongside a good diet and exercise.


Does CBD Make You Gain Weight?

Anecdotal evidence has suggested that CBD products can cause an increase in appetite in certain people. But that should be understood on a case-by-case basis. Everyone reacts to CBD products differently.

It’s possible that some people may gain weight as a result of using CBD. But that might not be the only factor involved in weight gain after using the product. Most evidence at this stage is mixed and more research is needed when it comes to CBD and appetite. The bottom line is that CBD rarely stimulates the appetite like THC does.

It’s actually more common for CBD to increase a person’s metabolism over time.

CBD and Weight Loss | Final Thoughts

It seems that CBD’s properties can aid in improving a person’s overall health. This may contribute to weight loss with the use of products like CBD oil. However, as further research is needed, CBD should be used in addition to a good diet and exercise for effective weight loss results.

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