What’s The Deal With CBD Oil At Dischem?

For some reason, a few months ago when the high court ruling was made and weed was all the talk, this idea of buying CBD Oil at Dischem seemed to pop up. For a while, we haven’t been able to work out if they were perhaps selling CBD during that  time, or had announced plans to, but the only hemp-related product we were able to find Dischem selling was hemp seed oil.

Since then, times have changed and we can now consider our local pharmacies as sources for this organic medicene. What was onnce somewhat of a new urban legend among online weed culture in South Africa (as we’ve had a number of people telling us to look for CBD at Dischem), we can now clarify its legitimacy. We’ve written this article to set the record straight, and lead those who are just as unsure as we were  in the right direction.

Can you Buy CBD Oil at Dischem?

In short, yes. We searched online and in-store, as well as phoning a number of larger branches, and we have found that they are now stocking a broad range of CBD oil for the public.

It has taken them a very long time to announce the news officially. This is most likely due to the fact that CBD Oil has only recently become fully legal in South Africa. The framework is has taken a while to be put in place for a legal CBD market, so big corporations like Dischem and Clicks have only just caught on.

For those looking to use CBD or Dagga Oil for Cancer, anxiety, sleeplessness, or nausea, your local pharmacy could be the right place to look – ver, finding the right product for you means broadening the scope. So, we still suggest looking over the variety of other cannabis dispensaries in South Africa.

Where Can You Buy CBD in South Africa?

The good news is that there are several young, local startup businesses in South Africa that sell a wide range of CBD products. We’ll briefly discuss a few of the trusted brands that are making a name for themselves in this relatively new but rapidly growing industry.



Africanpure is the most trusted CBD brand in South Africa. They’re a strong all-round brand that sells CBD oil for a variety of purposes, including a great everyday CBD oil. They also have oils that are tailored to different groups such as adults, kids, and pets. They even recently partnered with Colcacchios (the well known SA pizza restaurant) to make the country’s first dagga pizza.

GoodleafLogo for Goodleaf brand

Goodleaf has secured their position as South Africa’s premium CBD brand, and they’re the only cannabis oil business in the country that has a physical store. They sell their own brand of CBD oil as well as stocking CBD products from international brands operating where cannabis is fully legal. They also sell CBD vapes and a range of CBD cosmetics.


Logo for leaflabs premium brand

Leaflabs have more of a focus on health and wellness. Their CBD Oil Max is a particularly strong product, which is rare to find in the South African market.

CBD Health (Virescent)Logo for Virescent vaporiser brand

Virescent is a South African business that specializes in vaporizers, but they also have a really great selection of CBD oil products that make up their CBD Health range.


heliolife brand logo

Heliolife is a small family run business that is building a high-quality, reputable brand in South Africa’s CBD scene. Their CBD oil has a coconut oil carrier, and they will soon be expanding their range.

Cannabis Oil South Africa

Logo for Cannabis Oil South Africa review and comparison site

If you’re interested in buying CBD oil, pay a visit to Cannabis-Oil.co.za. It’s an informational website that reviews and compares prices of CBD products in South Africa, so you can make well-informed purchases. They also frequently offer specials on CBD products, so you can be sure you’re getting the best price.


CannaChi is the one-stop  CBD shop when looking for a variety of cannabis oils that vary in strength, and can come in different flavours, such as :

  • Vanilla
  • Lavender
  • Orange
  • Cinnamon
  • Lime
  • Peppermint

You can also find a range of other interesting and useful cannabis-derived products on their site!

All of your CBD oil needs will be met when you browse the dispensary of CBD Store’s impressive online store! You can find everything from CBD Vape Juice, to edibles, and of course, high-quality CBD tinctures.

Can you Find Hemp Seed Oil at Dischem?

While Dischem doesn’t stock any CBD oil, it is one of the many hemp seed oil suppliers in South Africa, which may have contributed to the confusion. A legal nutritional oil quite similar to Olive Oil or Coconut Oil, hemp seed oil is rich in omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids. It is best used cold as it has a very low smoke point and can’t really be heated. Hemp seeds also contain more protein than both chia seeds and flaxseed.

Many people use hemp oil as part of their daily supplement routine, adding it to pastas, sauces, salad dressings, and even smoothies and protein shakes. It’s a fully legal product made from hemp (which is essentially cannabis with a THC content of 0.3% or less), and we’re excited to see CBD getting regulated in a similar way.

Hemp seed oil has long been available from Dischem, as well as most health shops or holistic wellness outlets countrywide.

CBD Oil Dischem Price

You may have arrived on this page in search of CBD Oil prices, so we thought we’d briefly discuss how much it costs. The price of CBD Oil in South Africa varies depending on several factors, including the strength of the oil, the other ingredients involved, and the brand. Most CBD oils come in 30ml bottles, with varying amounts of the active chemical (measured in mg), which dictates the strength.

Heliolife sells a relatively low strength (400mg) CBD Oil for around R700, making it a good low-cost option for first-time users. Goodleaf’s strongest CBD Oil (1500mg), on the other hand, costs around R1600, and the Leaflabs Max CBD Oil (2500mg) usually costs around R2500. Dischem is stocking a wide variety of CBD oil, with prices between R399.95 to R6999.95.

In Conclusion

Now that you know exactly what the story is with CBD Oil at Dischem you can now make an informed choice about how to shop for your cannabis products. We hope that we’ve have supplied you with some helpful knowledge and alternatives, and made the somewhat confusing process of finding CBD Oil a bit easier.

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