CBD Oil For Dogs In South Africa

CBD oil is erupting in popularity, commonly used as a natural health supplement to support not only everyday living but even more serious conditions. Studies show that CBD oil could have the power to alleviate inflammation, anxiety, chronic pain, and numerous medical conditions.

But it’s not only humans who have an endocannabinoid system, allowing CBD to supplement the body. Dogs are also blessed with this incredible working system. A dog’s ability to support cannabinoids in the body means that CBD oils can play a large part in a dog’s life.

In this article, we are going to take a look at our favorite dog CBD oil products from the top suppliers in South Africa. We’ve made sure to include a number of different products, in order to ensure that you find one that suits your dog’s needs and requirements.

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The Uses of CBD for Dogs

The primary purpose of CBD use on dogs is to manage pain, given CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. Because the topic of CBD has only recently gained traction, we lack sufficient evidence in human clinical trials. Let alone studies that focus on the effects occurring in animals. But fortunately, there are some studies that show promising results.

In a study conducted in 2018, researchers set out to determine whether the cannabinoids found in CBD oil had any positive effects on dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. The results showed that up to 80% of dogs showed an improvement in mobility and a reduction in pain – tested by veterinary persons.

CBD oil has been praised among veterinary experts as a useful, non-toxic therapy for a number of conditions. These conditions include arthritis, seizures, anxiety, muscle pain, and even cancer.

As a result of inbreeding, which is common among pedigree dogs, many dogs suffer from intervertebral disc disease. This causes pain and discomfort on a dog’s spinal column. A decline in your dog’s age can also lead to chronic pain and other health-related issues.

CBD oil can potentially assist with treating these pains, along with osteoarthritis, weight-related issues, nutrient deficiencies, and general energy levels.

CBD Safety

In terms of your dog’s safety with regard to the oil, a study just recently conducted this year shows that dogs who were being treated with pure CBD oils tolerated the oil formulations better than those that contained THC.

While humans may enjoy the effects of THC, there is no way of knowing for sure how your dog will react to these psychoactive effects. The products mentioned in this article don’t contain any THC and are considered safe for continuous, everyday use.

The Best Cbd Oil for Dogs in South Africa

Before opting for the use of CBD on your pet, it’s advised to speak directly to your trusted vet to determine whether it is in your dog’s best interest.

Depending on your dog, the oils below can either be placed directly on their tongue, their favorite snack or in their meals each morning or evening.

Wondering where to buy CBD oil for dogs? Below are some of the best options in South Africa.

Cannabuddy 300mg – Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs


Cannabuddy offers a full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs. This CBD oil is designed to help communicate within our dogs CB1 and CB2 receptors which connect to the central nervous system and the immune system. This helps our dogs with daily well-being aiding as a great supplement to help with anxiety/fear, as an anti-inflammatory, digestion, irregular bowel movements as well as promoting healthy skin and shiny coat.

Cannabuddy has a great CBD dosage guide for pets to help build up CBD in our pet’s system and to monitor their progress while taking CBD.

  • 300mg full-spectrum CBD
  • 30ml
  • less than 0,001% THC
  • 1mg/drop
  • less than R1/mg of CBD
  • Do not exceed 20mg of CBD oil daily
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AfricanPure Pets CBD 300mg – Full Spectrum Cbd Oil For Dogs

In each drop of AfricanPure Pet CBD, your dog will receive pure-grade CBD and fractionated coconut oil, which contains a high level of fatty acids. The fatty acids aid in faster transport of the CBD, providing relief at a much quicker rate.

As well as fast relief, the state of the art nutrient extracting and cold-pressing process allows for the full spectrum of nutrients to be retained.

The oil promotes the overall general health of your dogs, while also being able to treat a number of common ailments. Pain relief and prevention of seizures are some of the common reasons for the oil’s use. But the oil can also be used to ease tension and anxiety in high-stress situations.

Cibapet 4% Dog CBD Oil

Offering a slightly higher dosage of 400mg, the Cibapet organic CBD oil for dogs contains a host of added nutrients to support your furry friend. The added nutrients include healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, B1, B12, B2, B6, C, E, and K2, as well as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. The combination of nutrients promotes healthy skin and a healthy coat.

The minerals and vitamins along with the essential CBD ensure that your dog can perform to the best of their abilities without stress or physical pain affecting them terribly.

Buy CBD oils for pets online and browse their collection of sprays and pastilles, for both cats and dogs.

Canna Chi 1250mg Pet CBD Oil

Given the high dosage, we recommend Canna Chi 1250mg for dogs suffering from serious conditions. 1-2 drops are more than safe to be used for general everyday life, but it is more effective than lower dosages when soothing chronic pain.

If your dog is on prescription medication, first speak to your vet. CBD can actually slow the activity of the liver enzymes that are used to metabolize the medication.

If you’re interested in a lower dose, Canna Chi also stocks a 125mg bottle, perfect to be used on healthy pups. The cold-pressed oil process ensures that the end result produces a solvent-free, pure CBD extract.

Select Pet CBD 750mg

With added natural herbs and spices, the Select CBD for pets comes in a variety of different flavors to keep your best friend happy. The drops can add flavors such as bacon, peanut butter, salmon or chicken, to your dog’s food, water, or on their tongue.

Final Thoughts on Dog CBD Oil

Dogs can be sensitive to stimuli, as with humans. Which is why it is important to use supplements that cater to your pets’ needs, by using products that have been certified by veterinary professionals and sold through reputable sources.

Overall, CBD is an excellent supplement to promote the overall well-being of your dog. Pure CBD oil has the potential to ease symptoms caused by various health conditions and ailments such as anxiety and stress. It’s also been shown to have positive effects on a dog’s skin, coat and optimal health.

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