Where to Buy CBD Vape Juice in South Africa

There are so many game-changing cannabis products now available within our homeland. We’re privileged to be able to enjoy these now that the laws of CBD in South Africa have become much less strict. One of the best new avenues that cannabis oil can now be used, is within a CBD vape juice.

 Not only are you getting a dose of CBD goodness, but you also get the fun side of smoking your vaporizer, meaning big fluffy clouds and decadent flavours. This is truly a magical way to enhance your experiences with CBD and manage your daily intake.

 We’re going to discuss some of the best places for you to get premium CBD vape juice, so that you can be guaranteed quality. We will also cover some basic knowledge about cannabis oil vape juice, and share a few places to get your very own custom CBD vape pen. Let’s get to it!


What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oil contains all of the properties that pure CBD oil in South Africa has. To make CBD vape oil, the CBD compound needs to be extracted from the cannabis plant. Once this is done, you will have an extract that is then transformed into an e-liquid that can be vaporized. This is what CBD vape oil is.

 This substance is perfect for all types of vapes on the market today, but cannot be used in dry herb vaporizers, as it is designed for e-cigarettes and liquid vaporizers. Liquid vaporizers are electronic devices that are made to vaporize e-liquids, and CBD vape juice is one of these liquids that can be used.

Difference Between THC Vape Juice and CBD Vape Juice

When it comes to THC vape juice in South Africa, you should be ready for a kick! This vape juice will give you a high, and it will be a strong one at that. This is ultimately what most people are looking for when considering cannabis products, but CBD vape juice addresses something else entirely. Although both THC vape juice and CBD vape juice can be used medicinally, CBD juice is completely different from its counterpart, THC.

 CBD vape juice contains only CBD (cannabidiol), which is a completely non-psychoactive chemical compound found within the marijuana plant. CBD oil treatments for anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and a variety of other health problems are now becoming very popular. This miracle compound has been changing lives all across the globe, as well as within sunny South Africa!

 The biggest factor that sets CBD vape juice aside from THC vape juice is that it will not give you a high. This compound works in the endocannabinoid system differently to THC and will give you all of the calming effects the marijuana plant is known for, without the euphoria and mind-altering state caused by THC.


Online CBD Vape Oil Shops in South Africa

South Africa has a vast range of stores that are passionate about CBD, and supply high-quality CBD vape oils. Here is a list of our favorite suppliers, and the remarkable CBD vape oils that they stock. You are bound to find something that you will love!

 All of these products come from reputable, popular and professional stores that value the healing powers of CBD.

CBD Store

Here are the premium CBD Vape Oils that are available on CBD Store’s incredible cannabis dispensary. You can find all sorts of high-quality cannabis products on their site, and you will be impressed by the range of items on offer!

 There is everything from CBD cosmetics, to CBD oil for pets, and more!

Respira CBD Vape Juice

This incredible CBD product has been specially formulated to maintain the health of your endocannabinoid system, and give your health a boost! This CBD e-liquid comes in a refreshing grape mint flavour to enhance your experience.

 Each 15ml tincture contains a CBD dosage of 300mg. This CBD vape oil is amazingly versatile, serving as a vape juice, tincture and balm. You can even place a few drops on your meals during the day or use it as a food supplement.

 Respira CBD Vape Juice is a VG-based (vegetable glycerin) substance and has been made with kosher, full-spectrum hemp oil. This CBD product contains no harmful chemicals and gives you a fantastic cannabidiol boost.

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Koi Naturals CBD Vape Juice

Koi Naturals are the proud manufacturers of their own, 100% organic CBD vape juice. Reap the benefits of CBD with this remarkable product, and enjoy high-quality vape juice. Each 30ml bottle comes in varying strengths of 100mg, 250mg, 500mg  and 1,000mg of CBD extract. You can pick whichever strength suits your needs!

The ingredients are all completely non-toxic, containing 100% organic cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, propylene glycol, food-grade vegetable glycerin, and both natural & artificial flavourings.

The CBD isolate has been tested for purity, making sure all traces of THC have been removed. This premium CBD vape juice can be used both as an e-liquid and as a tincture.

Koi Naturals CBD Vape juice also comes in these unique flavors:

With such a vast range of tantalizing flavours, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your preferences.

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Sweet Serenity CBD Vape Juice (Urbal Active)

If you’re looking to add a touch more extravagance to your CBD vape oil smoking experience, then you have come across liquid gold!

 Sweet Serenity CBD Vape Juice is a smooth blend of traditional English toffee, brown sugar, caramel and a taste of chocolate which has been layered over delightful cake batter, sugar cookies, and sweet Catlan cream – yes, ladies and gentlemen. Who said your vape juice can’t also be desert?

 This tincture is a luxury cannabis oil vape juice that can be enjoyed at your leisure. For those with a sweet tooth, this is most definitely the way to go. Each 7.5 ml bottle contains a CBD dosage that will mildly relax you and release muscle tension. You can purchase this CBD vape juice in either the 100mg or 50mg CBD dosage.

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Tranquility CBD Vape Juice (Urbal Active)

If you aren’t all that into sweet treats, and you prefer fruity flavours, then Tranquility CBD Vape Oil will have you head over heels.

 This unique mixture contains the sweet tones of tart lemons, grapefruit, tangerine and a hint of strawberries! Get a truly delectable aroma, and enjoy a CBD oil for vapes that tastes divine.

 This 7.5ml bottle comes with 50g of all organic CBD, with no traces of nicotine!

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Organica is one of South Africa’s most loved and trustworthy online cannabis dispensaries! You can find a whole host of amazing CBD extracts, oils and topical creams. Of course, Organica also brings us one of the best CBD vape oils on the market.


Cannaco Soulflower CBD Vape Juice

The top-of-the-range CBD vape oil has been lovingly crafted from full spectrum CBD and provides seductive flavours that will have everyone wanting a hit of your vape. This organic e-liquid is made with vegetable glycerin base that brings out the essence of each taste note, bringing even more pleasure to your smoking experience.

Cannaco keeps you in mind, and has made their products with only the finest quality food-grade and pharmaceutical ingredients available! These high-quality vape oils are completely free of diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, acetoin, and alcohol. There is no trace of harmful chemicals at all, making this an incredible choice for those looking to try cannabis vape oil.

You can find this product in many flavours, such as:

This premium brand of CBD vape oils will blow you away! Expect unbeatable flavours, and big fluffy clouds from this range.

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CBD Vape Shops in Cape Town

It’s all well and good having your favourite CBD vape juice, but what are you going to smoke it with? Here are some of the online CBD vape stores in South Africa that are based in Cape Town, and bring us sleek, well-designed smoking equipment of impeccable quality.

Goodleaf (CBD Vapes, E-liquids)

Goodleaf is a local CBD dispensary that stocks some of the best cannabis products for you to get your hands on! With some of the best CBD oil, we’re not surprised they also have high-quality CBD vape pens available too!


Select – Revive CBD Vape Pen

Elegant and smooth, the Revive CBD vape pen is an excellent addition to your smoking family. This exquisite and portable vape pen allows you the chance to smoke your CBD vape oil easily and with style.

Not only this, but your vape pen will also come with a whole stack of premium quality CBD oil! These products have been made with 100% organic CBD extract, natural essences, and MCT coconut oil.

You can add to your wellness routine by collecting the whole range of CBD vaporizers from Select, which includes:

Take your smoking experience to the next level with these expertly designed electronic vaporizers for CBD oil.

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The Vape Store

The Vape Store is a gem of a vape shop in Cape Town. You can find this awesome spot in the Red Herring Centre, and you will be amazed by the diversity of their stock. The Vape Store is known for its high-quality vaporizers, so you are guaranteed to stumble across something that matches your taste.

You will find everything here, such as:

  • E-liquids
  • Vaporizers
  • E-cigarettes
  • Vape mods
  • Grinders
  • Smoking equipment

With all of this to enjoy, a trip to the Vape Store is a must for all Capetonians.

Last Words on CBD Vape Juice

With there being so many incredible CBD vape oils available in South Africa, we are very spoilt for choice when it comes to variety, flavour and style. Customize your smoking experience, and choose a vape juice that compliments your own unique preferences.

CBD vape juice provides an exciting new way to invite the mellowing, healing effects of cannabidoil into your daily routine. It’s as easy as placing a few drops in your vape, and clicking a button!

Let us know how your experiences with CBD vape juice have been, and which are your favourites! Give us a shout at hello@cannabisconnect.co.za!


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