Cibdol Reviews: A Buyer’s Guide to CBD Oil

Cibdol is one of the leading names for CBD oils in South Africa. Do you have some nasty aches or pains that simply won’t go away, or perhaps you’re suffering from insomnia? You should then take a look at the Cibdol CBD product range.

If you’re sceptical about anything even related to cannabis, rest assured that Cibdol CBD oil products are 100% non-psychotropic. Which means you won’t get high at all.

These products can be used for a variety of issues or ailments (including sleeplessness) and can be a staple in every household. You can even find some great CBD oil for your pets.

To guide you through some of the best Cibdol CBD oil products, we have put together a quick list including some useful details.


Best Cibdol Products in South Africa

Cibdol takes pride in the quality of its products. Just know that all of these products are classified as food supplements, they do not claim to cure any diseases or ailments.

Despite that, these CBD oils still offer many benefits and can range greatly in their application, their ingredients, their strengths, and even their effectiveness. We will cover a variety of Cibdol CBD oil products, all having different uses or potencies.

Cibdol CBD Oil 5% (460mg)

First up we have the 5% CBD oil. This oil is a great starting point for anyone testing out CBD products.

This is one of the purest forms of CBD oils you can find on the market. The finest ingredients come together in a delightful, full-spectrum experience. The bottle is 10ml, which gives you about 200 drops of CO2-extracted CBD.

The strength of this oil is 5%, making it a perfect midway between the 2.5% and 10% product options available. You can expect pure ingredients like olive oil (the carrier), hemp extract, and cannabis terpenes.

The recommended dosage is 3-4 drops, 3x per day.

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Cibdol CBD in Hemp Seed Oil 20% (1840mg)

This Cibdol oil product offers the highest CBD dosage on this list, containing 20% hemp-derived cannabinoids.  It is a full spectrum hemp extract, with hemp seed oil being the carrier. It is packed with awesome antioxidants, amino acids, and omega fatty acids.

You can look forward to a rich and nuttier taste, a testament to all the plant proteins inside. The amount of CBD per drop is 9.2mg, with the total CBD content lying at 1840mg. You should easily be able to get 200 drops from this 10ml product. The oil is best placed under the tongue (sublingual method).

Tip: As this is a stronger oil, it is best to have a bit of experience in using CBD products before trying this.

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CBD Black Cumin Seed Oil 5%

Another perfect choice for easy daily consumption, this product combines the fantastic qualities of Cidbol’s CBD and extracts from the Nigella sativa plant. Black cumin seed oil is extremely good for inflammation inside the body and on the skin, as well as a range of other health benefits.

It is blended perfectly with CBD, to create a natural, holistic experience. It is a full-spectrum oil, containing all the great qualities of CBD, without the risk of getting high.

This oil can be used to reduce inflammation and skin irritation, thus it can double as a soothing agent for psoriasis. While it is not a medically prescribed cure or healing instrument, the effects can still be beneficial for these ailments.

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Cibdol 5% CBG & 2.5% CBD Oil

Now, this is where things get interesting! A unique blend in the chemical synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes, this oil is a combination of CBG and CBD. CBG (cannabigerol) is one of the many types of cannabinoids.

It is sometimes known as the mother since other cannabinoids are derived from cannabigerol acid (CBGA), an acidic form of CBG.

These two compounds work together to improve the benefits of this product – known as the entourage effect. They produce a better, stronger overall effect on the body. It is especially beneficial for pain, anxiety, and even epilepsy.

The carrier is hemp seed oil, and it is perfect for daily usage (4 drops, 3x per day). It does also come in another, “weaker” variation, namely 2.5% CBG & 2.5% CBD. Click here to view this alternative.

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Cibdol 250mg CBD and 500mg CBN in Hemp Seed Oil

Another combo product, this oil blends CBD and CBN (cannabinol) to again create an entourage effect. What makes CBN special, besides that it is a rare cannabinoid, is that it has strong antibacterial qualities, as well as anti-inflammatory aspects.

It is not a strong CBD oil, so daily usage is perfectly fine. At 1.25mg CBD per drop, the effects might not be as immediately pronounced as stronger oils, but they are still beneficial. It is a full-spectrum oil, made with supercritical CO2 extracted cannabinoids.

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Cibdol Liposomal CBD 250mg 10ml

Last, but certainly not least, we have a liposomal product. This oil adds something different to the mix: it is significantly more potent. This is thanks to the liposomal formula that gives an extra-potent kick of CBD. It basically means that it has a much stronger potency and absorption rate, which leads to a more relieving effect on the body.

It is expertly crafted with high-end equipment and filtration, ensuring a premium product. Liposomes are used as the “delivery vehicle”, by adding a small quantity of alcohol to the mix, it allows CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This makes it four times more effective, as well as leads to a much quicker onset of the positive effects.

It does have a lower amount of CBD, at 1.25mg per drop, but combined with the improved delivery method and effects, it is much more effective than regular CBD oil.

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Cibdol South Africa

So there we have it: Cibdol in a nutshell (or should I say a dropper)? Introducing these wonderful products into your life can provide some much-needed relief for a variety of ailments and issues you may experience.

Hopefully, we have been able to provide some guidance on not only Cibdol but CBD oil in general. If you have specific requirements for using CBD oil, take a look at CBD oil for anxiety or CBD oil for insomnia.

As always, before using or switching over to a new CBD product, you should always consult your doctor. But rest assured, your anxious, sleepless nights should be a thing of the past once your favourite new oil kicks in. So shake, drop, and relax.


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