Elevated Adventures

Elevated Adventures

Elevated Adventures is a cannabis loving events company that hosts great events with great 420 snacks.

Elevated Adventures (Prices, Contact, Reviews)

Elevated Adventures is an events company that is all about providing a great time while enjoying some great weed. They host monthly events that can be a range of different activities, from Goofed Ball (Stoned Paintball), a stargazing evening with a telescope, a potty picnic, and much more.

Opening Hours

Elevated Adventures has no real opening hours but will always reply back to you at their earliest convenience. Expect replies anywhere between 09:00 – 16:30.


Mtunzini Area,

Zululand, KwaZulu-Natal


After contacting the Elevated Adventure team via email or Facebook, they will provide you with a quote or a pricelist of their events and services.


They have numerous activities you could choose from:




Horse Riding

Paint Ball

Barge Trips


Mountain Biking

If you need accommodation, they will provide you with options, they are accepting of our 420ness  :heart::yellow_heart::green_heart:
You can choose from luxurious options in Mtunzini or laid back teepee vibes on The Farm (self-catering).


If you are looking for like-minded stoners to have an amazing conversation with while enjoying fun activities, Elevated Adventures is the perfect company for you. Their various events are fun and chilled, while the people attending them add even more to your experience. Enjoy natural sceneries as you smoke on natural herb.

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