HighTEA CBD is an online store that sells premium full-spectrum CBD oils and edibles. Located in Cape Town, the CBD store offers amazing products that are available anywhere in the country.

HighTEA CBD (Prices, Contact, Reviews)

HighTEA CBD is a CBD company that started by providing amazing CBD edibles and oils for their family and friends. Today they provide exceptional products for the entire country. Their range of products is CBD gummies, pet edibles and oils, full-spectrum oils, vapes, refills, and batteries.

HighTEA CBD are passionate about everything cannabis related and prides themselves on creating eye-catching, delicious healthy products. They have combined their love of baking, cooking, and crafting with their love for nature and CBD. They love hearing back from the consumers and take delight in hearing how their products affect people’s lives for the better.

Opening Hours

HighTEA CBD is an online store only and has no physical store. All orders and inquiries can be done through their site and replies will be sent out at their earliest convenience.


Cape Town, Western Cape


HighTEA CBD products are priced from R36 – R1,300. These prices depend on the brands and their collection of products, like edibles, oils, vapes, and refills.


HighTEA CBD is all about the well-being of its customers. Their product range and quality match what they believe in. From their amazing gummies to their original caramel CBD-infused popcorn, HighTEA CBD gives you exceptional taste while simultaneously looking out for your health.

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