Natural Bliss

Natural Bliss

Natural Bliss sells high quality medical grade cannabis oil all at an affordable price.

About Natural Bliss

Natural Bliss is a cannabis oil distributer that is all about providing medical grade cannabis at an afforable price. They provide high-grade capsules that starts from 100mg per capsule. Their main goal is to give people a natural healing aid, all coming from the sacred plant.

Opening Hours

Natural Bliss is an online store only and has no real opening hours. If you ever need to reach them, you can contact them via e-mail or on their website.


Mooinooi, North West


Prices for the cannabis caps range from R750 – R3000. The price depends on the potency of the capsules.


Natural Bliss produces THC capsules, and their prices vary as follows:

30 x 100mg caps – R750

60 x  100mg caps – R1 200

120 x 100mg caps – R2 000

30 x 250mg caps – R900

60 x 250mg caps – R1 600

120 x 250mg caps – R3 000


Natural Bliss has exceptional medical-grade capsules that have tons of benefits and healing purposes. Their range of 100 and 250mg makes it perfect for new and experienced users. With all those benefits included in each capsule, Natural Bliss is definitely providing natural healing.

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