Durban Poison Weed South Africa (Seeds, Prices & Strain Info)

Durban Poison is one of those special strains, seeing as its only one of a few pure Sativa strains left in the world. A South African favourite, Durban Poison proves to be a good quality and very popular smoke. For all the first time weed enthusiasts out there, this is an uplifting and energetic strain that will keep you socializing.It packs a punch for when you’re working on things that require a lot of creative energy too.

Durban Poison Weed: Popular South African Weed Strains

This popular strain originated in the harbour city, Durban, in South Africa. Looking for something that will leave you itching to get into that big spring cleaning session, or embark on some adventurous activities, like hiking or mountain biking – Durban Poison surely is the perfect pick.

It started to gain popularity in the 1970s when cannabis activist, Ed Rosenthal was looking for new cannabis genetics and stumbled onto these local seeds in Durban. It was a great discovery, since Durban Poison has a lightning fast flowering time – around 60 days!

Known to be a productive high, this strain will keep you on your toes, lift you up and create a feeling of euphoria.

Appearance: What does Durban Poison look like?

Image by @southearth420

Durban Poison takes around 7-9 weeks to start flowering, and before harvest time, the height will reach just over 2m! Buds are forest-green with bright orange hues on the pistils.

Durban Poison produces round and chunky buds with a thick coating of trichomes. Trichomes are those fine little hairs that you sometimes see on the flower of your weed plant. They start to form after the plant starts to produce flowers.

Trichomes in cannabis are actually functioning as a defense mechanism. It protects the flower from insects, animals and the intensity of UV-rays, because of its bitter taste, strong aromas, and the coating.

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Aroma: The unique stank of the dank

Image by @greendragonog

This bud is definitely known for having an overwhelmingly full-bodied sweetness that will last longer than the joint will. Anise, licorice aromas will fill the air and leave a sweet and crisp scent hanging around – Mmmm. This explains why a lot of people love smoking this South African favourite.

Flavour Profile of Durban Poison

Hmmm… what flavour are we dealing with today? You’ll experience a candied citrus taste with notes of sweet pine. This strain is undeniably earthy, sweet and has small hints of pine – packing a great earthy punch.

The Effects of Durban Poison Strain

This beautiful pure sativa strain (one of a few left in the entire world) leaves you feeling energetic, uplifted, and productive! Some regular smokers have mentioned that this improves their quality of work, with the added creativity they gain from smoking this strain.

Durban Poison Effects via

Like with all other strains, we’ve noticed that the side-effects are nothing major. Most commonly it includes a dry mouth and anxiousness. So if you’re prone to anxiety, this might not be the best pick for you.

Medical benefits that’ve been noted is migraine relief and it also acts as an anti-nausea agent. Regular users of Durban Poison mention its relief from depression, stress, pain, fatigue and headaches. Everyone reacts differently to marijuana, so please keep in mind that if you are a first time smoker: you may experience its effects differently to that of someone else.

If you’re up for an easy-breezy day of relaxation, we recommend this uplifting strain. It’s the ultimate get-into-focus-mode strain and will leave you having an energized daytime high.

Buy Durban Poison Seeds – Is it easy to grow?

Growing Durban Poison isn’t one of the hardest things to do. With that being said, we don’t mean you should chuck some cannabis seeds into a pot and wait for a marijuana plant-growing revolution to take place.

Image by @baorganics

However, if you take good care of your plant, you will have an abundant harvest, as this plant has a high resistance to moisture and plagues. It is one of the easier ones to grow both outdoor and indoor. When growing this strain outdoors, be sure to give it some space to stretch, as it can become quite a tall plant.

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Durban Poison Seeds, South Africa: The Stats of the Strain

  • Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
  • Indoor flowering period: 8 – 9 weeks
  • Indoor yield: 400g/m2
  • Outdoor flowering time: Late September
  • Outdoor yield: 500g/ plant

Durban Poison Beer

Image by @poisoncitybrew

Last, but not least, we have to make mention of the newest craft kid on the block. Beverage companies have been trying to incorporate and infuse beverages with cannabis since the legalisation of cannabis all around the world. All South Africans who love craft beer, take note – Durban is on the forefront with its new cannabis-infused craft beer.

Poison City brewing saw a great marketing opportunity and decided to produce a “dagga beer” that is infused with hemp oil. They call this craft beer ‘Durban Poison Cannabis flavoured lager’. Although this won’t get you high, they have been trying to incorporate the idea of cannabis into brewing beer.

This is South Africa’s first dagga-infused beer. There is no psychoactive components of cannabis found in this beer, but it does use cannabis as a flavouring. Hemp oil is used to give the beer its individual taste. Hemp and hobs are apparently a great flavour combo – so we would love to try this out.

Final Budding Thoughts:

Image by @cannabisaqueendom

Lucky for all of us, the popular and delicious Durban Poison can be enjoyed worldwide. With all its uplifting effects, it’s a productive poison that packs a punch.

So if you’re getting ready for adventurous activities like hiking, jogging or mountain biking, this is a strain you should consider. Even with creative brainstorming sessions, studying or reading, you will do it with a crystal clear mind.

Oh, and most importantly, don’t underestimate your social skills when smoking this bud. It will forever be one of our all-time favourite South African strains.

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