Faithful to Nature: CBD Oil in South Africa

If you’re wondering where to buy cannabis oil, look no further! Established in 2006, Faithful To Nature’s name says it all. This sustainable retail business is actually one of the first to introduce a policy that details every ingredient within their products. Its products are sold solely online and they comprise of arrays of various natural products intended for healing and wellness purposes. 

Faithful to Nature’s innovation extends to being one of the biggest reputable companies to sell authentic CBD Oil in South Africa! If you’re looking to buy CBD oil in South Africa, they’re simply your best bet.

CBD Oil South Africa 

The cannabis plant has been a part of our agricultural and cultivation systems since the beginning of time! Cannabidiol, often known as CBD, is extracted from the infamous Cannabis plant. The cannabis plant’s effects are and have been contested over the years, yet in recent years, its effects are being understood far better, and cannabis is starting to become accepted as a modern plant medicine. Therefore, the outdated laws around it are evolving. 

Within Cannabis plants, a number of chemical compounds are created, known as cannabinoids. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the compound that is most well-known in the cannabis plants. This cannabinoid is responsible for a majority of the psychoactive properties that induce an altered state of consciousness! 

CBD strains, however, contain no psychoactive components and are often regarded as ‘medical marijuana’. It is also the second-most prolific compound within the plant. Therefore it is rendered legal in over 55 countries worldwide, however, restrictions and impositions vary per country. 

South Africa’s Constitutional Court decriminalised the adult possession of ganja, as well as the cultivation of cannabis for personal use. Prior to this, THC and CBD were both contended as Schedule 7 substances in the country’s Medicines Act. 

Now, all can benefit from nature’s healing as CBD is said to significantly minimise nausea, anxiety, depression and pain! Cannabinoids emit a tranquilising impact for CBD in the central nervous system too. At Faithful to Nature, you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of CBD Oil products! 

Faithful To Nature’s CBD Hemp Oil in South Africa

Let’s dive into the premium CBD oil stocked by one of South Africa’s best cannabis dispansaries! Thier range is one of the most popular in our beloved homeland, and you will see why once you give them a try.

Cibdol CBD Oil

Cibdol CBD Oil is extracted from the hemp plant as a cannabinoid. This means that it is non-psychoactive, pure CBD Oil and hence you will not get high! Rather, its nutritive qualities can relax you and eliminate your tension both physically and mentally. Cibdol CBD Oil is made from high-grade European Hemp, in a Swiss laboratory – meaning it’s an extract of some of the highest quality.

The 16 different Cibdol products are available in the form of capsules or drops, depending on your preference. The products range from either being palm oil-free, 100% natural, vegan, or Halaal. Alternately,  you can buy a product that contains all these qualities! Take note of the products that cost over R400, because you’ll retrieve free delivery for them. 

Our Favourite Cibdol CBD Oil:

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Elixinol South Africa CBD Oil

Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil is extracted from hybridized industrial hemp, which once again has been determined to carry only trace levels of THC. Therefore there is no risk of intoxication when consuming this product. It is sourced from a full-spectrum harvest whereby the hemp is cultivated to comprise of high volumes of ‘naturally occurring’ CBD. This is done utilising a CO2 extraction process. Fortunately, Faithful to Nature offers free delivery all over South Africa should your product cost over R400 – and you’re in luck! All of the four Elixinol products begin from R425, so free delivery for you! 

The benefits of CBD hemp oil are endless because it is a nutritional supplement! It is esteemed with having healing properties for neuropsychiatric disorders such as epilepsy, anxiety, and schizophrenia. In fact, scientists and doctors even promote consuming CBD oil for anxiety!

Our favourite CBD Oil from Elixinol:

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Coyne CBD Oil 

Coyne CBD Oil is sold in 12 different product types that are available for consumption in the forms of either veggie capsules, sachets or oil. It is a raw, vegan hemp oil that contains all the essential amino acids, or acids that cannot be generated by the human body. These therefore are contributed to the body by eating food. Therefore, on top of being relaxants, they are also health supplements that mix medicinal herbs. 

The Coyne CBD veggie capsules are mixed with other plants that have proven to be conducive to human well-being such as Turmeric, or other anti-inflammatories. When combined, both plants merge to ease physical pain and advance muscle productivity. 

Our favorite Coyne CBD product: 

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AfricanPure CBD Oil 

If you want to buy CBD Oil that stays true to our African roots, then Africanpure is your product! The name displays its bi-faceted nature of having 100% cannabis oil products that are organically grown and extracted in Africa! These products come in various ranges for pets, adults or children! 

Have no fear – just like all the other CBD products we listed, this one does not contain THC either. Therefore there are no narcotic effects and are not harmful to children, teenagers or pets. 

Our Favorite Africanpure Product: 

Therefore, our favorite product from AfricanPure is the 600mg Junior product. This is because it is not only can it be used for kids, but also as micro-dosing for adults too! It’s a great way to begin consuming CBD products to see whether or not it’s suitable for you, and at what specific dosage. It’s also completely non-psychoactive therefore it suits anyone. Why we especially love this product is due to its mixing of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) with the hemp. MCTs are conducive for brain functioning and metabolic functions and are essentially lab-processed coconut and palm kernel oils. 

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So, whether it’s for your child, or CBD oil for your pet or simply a personal product to bare, Faithful to Nature supplies it all. Their products are purely organic and their ingredient lists are some of the most transparent and innovative ones in the world! 

Mother nature has catered to our every need, and we should abide by its supplies by not tarnishing them at all. Rest assured that this company will provide you with the highest quality, lowest THC-concentration products to help improve your quality of life. 

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