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Feminized Cannabis Seeds South Africa

Why should you buy feminized seeds in South Africa? Feminized seeds are a convenient and reliable way to legally grow some of the world’s best cannabis to enjoy in your home. You may be wondering what sets them apart from regular weed seeds.

Germinating a feminized seed ensures the plant you grow will produce buds. When growing cannabis it is important to remove male plants once the sex of the plant can be determined. If pollinated by a male plant, the female plant will use precious energy to produce seeds, which adversely affects the potency of the flower.

Are you still unsure why you should grow feminized cannabis seeds? We discuss what feminized seeds are and where you can buy them in South Africa below.

What Are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

While regular cannabis seeds can produce either sex, feminized marijuana seeds are genetically engineered to grow into female plants. The feminized seeds will grow to produce flowers 99% of the time. By eliminating the possibility of male plants, growing becomes easier and more affordable.

We go through all this trouble as only the female plant produces cannabinoid-rich flowers. While you might not be upset to find a few seeds in your harvested bud, it is important to prevent pollination. The energy the female plant uses to create the seeds could be better invested in flower growth and potency.

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Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Sale in South Africa?

Yes, you can legally buy weed seeds in South Africa. The current legislation even protects the rights of South Africans to grow cannabis for private purposes. However, you are limited to the number of plants per household.

With this limitation in mind and the laws on your side to safely grow this incredible herb, there is more reason to invest in high-quality strains. Choosing a feminized seed removes the 50% chance of your plant being a male and needing to be removed from your grow.

Most breeders offer a replacement seed if your seed pack grows into male plants, but you can’t recover your time. Consider buying feminized seeds to ensure your plants produce flowers.

Great Feminized Weed Seeds in South Africa

Online seed banks offer South Africans a variety of impressive seeds. Whether you intend to grow indoors or outdoors, the following strains are resilient and will produce great yields.

If you live in a dry or hot climate, you may consider growing your seeds in a controlled environment like a greenhouse.

female cannabis sativa plant

Durban Poison Feminized

This sativa dominant strain grows beautifully in South Africa. The feminized seeds are a cross between South Africa’s Durban landrace and Dutch Skunk genetics. It typically grows huge leaves with long tight buds.

You can expect your ladies to flower in 8-9 weeks, producing a sweet earthy-flavour bud that delivers a powerful high. This plant is perfect for beginner growers, but only consider growing this sativa strain if you have space for a large plant.

AK-48 Feminized

This seed is made up of three legendary landrace strains: Columbian Gold, Thai, and Afghani. When crossbred, they create a type of weed that is extremely resistant to external conditions like wind, cold and common plant diseases. This is the ideal strain for outdoor growing.

You can expect a short plant that produces plenty of frosty nugs that smell earthy and floral. It is not the most potent of strains, however, you can expect to chill out without feelings of intense anxiety when you smoke this strain.

Super Skunk Feminized

This hybrid weed strain is universally loved by cannabis enthusiasts around the world. This was to be expected when they decided to cross two household favorites like Skunk #1 and an Afghani strain. Anticipate earthy smells coming from the dense buds that grow from Super Skunk and when smoked the effect is uplifting while keeping you motivated.

This plant is easy to grow and does not require much maintenance, therefore it is perfect for beginner growers and veterans alike. It responds well to training techniques and overall is just a pleasure to grow.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

You’ll be glad you gave this indica dominant strain a chance to grow. It boasts great genetics, developed from OG Kush crossed with Durban Poison. This plant is suitable for beginner growers who have space to grow a large plant. It reaches flowering in nine weeks and produces a great yield of earthy bud with a sweet aroma and taste.

This indica dominant strain is a heavy hitter, delivering euphoria and full-body relaxation. It is worth noting that the high THC levels make it a favourable medical marijuana strain.

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Feminized CBD Seeds in South Africa

If you love the benefits of CBD but want to avoid the mind-altering effects of THC, you may want to grow one of the following feminized CBD strains.

Cannatonic CBD Feminized

This strain is low in THC and high in CBD. Due to a sativa influence, it flowers in 9-11 weeks and is worth the wait. The flowers are full of flavour with sweet, woody, and citrus terpenes. As a large plant that often needs training, this strain is best left to experienced growers.

Critical CBD Feminized

This hybrid strain crosses Critical with Nirvana Seeds’ best CBD strain to offer you a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. It is suitable for beginner growers who can expect a great yield in a short flowering period of 7-9 weeks. The flowers typically have between 5-8% THC and 8-12% CBD making it a great recreational or medicinal herb.

You can expect gentle and calming effects with a fruity, cherry, citrus flavour.

Why Buy Cannabis Seeds from South Africa?

A variety of head shops offer cannabis seeds in South Africa’s major cities. In addition, online seed banks offer a wide selection of great strains and deliver anywhere in the country.

Consider supporting South African seed banks who do well to compete with international seed prices and give you the chance to grow the dankest buds.

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Feminized Marijuana Seeds in South Africa

Whether you have just read up on how to grow cannabis or you are an experienced grower, feminized marijuana seeds are an efficient and reliable way to produce great buds. With a variety of high-quality seeds offered online, you can choose to grow either indica, sativa, THC, or CBD dominant plants.

Share your experience of feminized weed seeds for sale in South Africa below.

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