Grow Tent Combos in South Africa

Grow Tent Combo South Africa: Grow Kits, Lights, Tents & Accessories

A fully-inclusive grow tent combo can help beginners become familiar with the indoor growing process. However, you’ll still need a foundational knowledge of the important products to prevent a disappointing purchase.

In 2019, private cannabis cultivation was decriminalized by the South African constitutional court. Since then, you’ll find many pre-assembled grow tent combos for sale. Often preferred for their convenience of saving you time and money.

Over time, you’ll be able to figure out your product preferences. For beginners, we recommend choosing products that benefit your bud and your bank account.

Growing cannabis in a home grow tent

Grow Tent Kits in South Africa

As more South Africans embrace legally growing cannabis at home, more home-grow cannabis kits are flooding the online market. The amount of control you want over your setup depends on your budget, experience and growing ability.

Growing cannabis in a fully-controlled indoor environment allows a huge influence over your harvest’s quality and yield. So it’s worth investing in higher-quality products if you’re serious about your final product.

All-inclusive grow tent combos are a bit more expensive. However, they include everything your grow system needs.

Easy 0,8 Grow System

Easy 0,8 Grow System

The Easy 0,8 Grow System is a complete combination of indoor growing equipment that is customisable to your needs. In each product category within this combo, you’re able to choose from various options.

The kit’s final cost depends on which products you select. If you’re looking to save some cash, you can choose the more affordable options given for LED lights, rope ratchets and growing accessories.

There are also items you can omit if you’re sticking to a budget or have your eye on a special piece of equipment. In total, this grow package includes:

  • 1x Grow Tent made of thick material with a reflective mylar interior. The tent has industrial zips and multifunctional drawstring ports. It measures reflective material 0,8 x 0,8 x 1,6m and its square base easily fits into most modestly-sized grow spaces.
  • 3x Grow Bags with a choice between two price ranges. Unlike plastic, fabric pots promote root-health and can be easily stored away.
  • 2x 30L of Orgasoilux – Living Super Soil which is specially formulated for all stages of the cannabis plants’ growth cycle.
  • Full-spectrum LED grow lights with 5 different options available for different budgets.
  • Rope ratchets to hang your grow lights with three different choices.
  • HIT-100 ventilation system and complimentary ducting. There’s also an option to omit this if you are wanting a higher-grade fan.
  • Your choice of growing accessories between an electricity meter, a temperature and humidity sensor, a growing timer, and a pH meter. You can also opt to leave out a growing accessory.


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While this kit does not contain seeds, you’ll be pleased to know that there are identical product packages available with the option of feminized or autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Feminized Easy 0,8 Grow System

Feminized seeds are produced to eliminate the production of male chromosomes. This significantly reduces the chances of your seeds sprouting into male cannabis plants, which don’t produce flowers. The Feminized Easy 0,8 Grow System has all the perks of the seedless grow kit, with the additional choice between eighteen feminized cannabis seed strains.

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Easy 0,8 Grow System with Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Easy 0,8 Grow System

For beginners looking for an all-inclusive, semi-automated grow tent setup, we recommend the Autoflowering Easy 0,8 Grow System. Autoflowering seeds are the most popular choice of cannabis seeds for beginners as they require very little attention.

With thirteen strains of autoflowering seeds to choose from, you’re able to watch your plants bloom without having to remember to adjust your light schedule.

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Cannabis flowers supported by trellis netting

Make Your Own Indoor Grow Tent Combo

With a little creativity, setting up your own grow tent doesn’t have to be costly. Generally speaking, you can find many components such as rope ratchets, pots, irrigation systems and other basic indoor growing equipment at hardware stores.

Making your own trellis netting and mixing your own potting soil for cannabis plants are effective ways to make a DIY grow tent on a budget. You can even sew your own fabric planter bags if you have a sewing machine.

While there are many places to find these DIY items, there are a few important components of a grow tent that Builders Warehouse won’t be able to supply.

Mammoth Pro 120 Grow Tent

Mammoth Pro 120 Grow Tent

  • Easy to assemble, disassemble and store
  • Completely light-proof preventing energy waste
  • Strong & durable framing
  • Available in multiple sizes

The Mammoth Pro 120 is a portable grow room that gives you enough space for a couple plants without having to compromise too much usable living space. The 120x120x200cm tent is the smaller option. Regardless of the size you choose, this tent is a great fit for all budding growers on a budget.

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led grow light bar

LED Grow Light Bar

  • LED driver included
  • Full-spectrum for vegetative and flowering stages
  • Water-resistant rating of IP65

This LED Grow Light is a great product choice for beginners. It’s mid-range in price, with enough competency to support your plants from seedlings to their flowering stage.

Growers with limited space will appreciate its circular shape which decreases its size and weight significantly, while still covering a large surface area. This allows you to easily fit it into a small tent, or hang several up in a larger tent with multiple plants.

LED grow lights can be expensive and their cost doesn’t stop after you’ve bought them. Therefore, consider how much power they will use throughout your grow. Sometimes, spending a bit more on energy-efficient lights can save you enormous electricity costs in the future.

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Learn more about the different kinds of cannabis grow lights in our detailed guide.


RAM Pro Carbon Filter

Carbon Filter Ram Pro

The smells associated with growing cannabis are pungent, and not everyone wants to smell that. The Carbon Filter Ram Pro is a must-have for anyone living (and growing) in close proximity to other people.

Made of Australian RC412 Carbon for superior compaction, this ensures that organic compounds are drawn into the filter and trapped there. This is enforced by a special foam expansion around the neck which ensures maximum compaction at all times.

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Cannabis plant in the purple glow of grow lights

First Step to Setting up Your Indoor Grow Tent Kit

Grow tent combos can be an awesome way to get a personalized grow setup delivered in its entirety. In order to save yourself time, money and frustration you need to think carefully about the products each kit includes.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing the right products for your home environment, budget and level of experience. For this reason, we’d advise beginner budtenders to carefully consider their personal needs before diving into enticing grow tent combos.

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