Hydroponic and Indoor Grow Tents in South Africa

When deciding to cultivate your own cannabis, there is a choice you will need to make between indoor and outdoor growing. Growing indoors has long fascinated growers, as it is a fun and personalized way of maintaining a thriving crop.

Finding a way that will be most convenient and cost-effective for you can sometimes become a challenge. You have to consider your grow space, climate, water, soil, seeds, lighting, and the list just goes on.

When considering all these factors, one of the easier ways to create a successful grow operation indoors for both beginners and experienced growers, is to invest in a grow tent.

What Are Grow Tents?

 Grow tents are practically portable grow rooms. They allow you to decide which space is most convenient for your plants and also allow you to move your whole grow operation around each year (although we advise against this until you’ve harvested, as doing so during your growing phase will probably traumatize your crop).

Just like normal camping tents that you might use for a weekend on the mountains, these tents come in many different sizes and quality of materials also vary. However, most grow tents have a few signature qualities in common, such as being completely sealable with zippers to enclose, having reflective material on the interior to optimize spreading the light to your cannabis, plenty of ports for electrical installments, and water-resistant sides and floors.

All of these specific features are what make grow tents ideal for cultivating an excellent cannabis grow.

What Are The Benefits of Having A Grow Tent?

  • Space – having room to grow can sometimes be an issue, especially if you do not have an outdoor area or if you live in an apartment. Portable grow tents give you the opportunity to set up your grow practically anywhere in your home. Some grow tents even come as small as 2×2 feet, so you could simply assemble it in a free corner.\


  • Climate Control – Weather and climate play a huge factor in growing marijuana, and your plants prefer hotter temperatures that are steady. Your grow tent will allow you to control the climate environment of your plants, so you can cultivate during any season and have higher quality buds.


  • Prevent Pest Invasions – Infestations can be one of the most annoying obstacles to overcome when growing outdoors. Aphids, mites and an array of other vertebrates, as well as microbes such as mold, fungi or bacteria, all become factors to manage. A grow tent won’t eliminate all of these factors, but certainly, minimize your chances of having to face such an ordeal. Grow tents are designed to protect your plants from these outside dangers, so no unwanted company can enter into your tent.


  • Smells – Grow tents allow you to maintain and control the fragrances emitted from your glorious plants. These tents provide you with not only a structured environment but also maximum ventilation. Your neighbors might appreciate not having to experience your cannabis’ dank smells every day, and the carbon filter will give your crop an abundance of fresh air to keep them happily budding.


  • Energy Efficiency – We all love the idea of saving money and keeping tabs on our use of natural resources, and a major upside to using a grow tent is that it is energy efficient. The use of resources is more cost effective, and seeing as you have complete control over your tent, you will find it is much more efficient.


  • Lighting – All grow kits need a well set up lighting system, as light is the major key to your growing. Grow tents are a super way to get the best results from your lights, as the reflective interior is designed to maximize photosynthesis.


  • Simple and Easy – One of the most amazing attributes that a grow tent offers is that is it incredibly easy to set up and maintain. It is an all-in-one type of system that has basic instructions to follow that are very simple, allowing you to get growing fast.

Indoor Grow Tents

Setting up your growroom is a step by step process that is easily done. However, you will find that there are certain types of equipment that are essential for a more potent and high-quality yield.

 Let us discuss two of the major pieces of your grow tent puzzle.

LED Lights South Africa

Image by @skunkyhaze

Horticultural LED Grow Lights, otherwise known as LED Plant Lights,  will be a huge asset in stimulating the healthy growth of your cannabis plants. LEDs emit finely tuned light wavelengths that are required for photosynthesis (the organic process that your plants use to convert sunlight into nutrients). LED grow lights are there to simulate natural sunlight for your indoor artificial earth environment and are the basis for your grow setup. These lights will allow you to surpass the yield quantity and quality that you would have been able to achieve naturally, giving you a chance to experience premium dagga buds.

Hydroponics in South Africa

Image by @the.lab.cbn

Hydroponic grow systems are very popular for indoor growing and are quite easily implemented. You will only need a water pump, net pots for your plants, and a PVC piping system to create your own homemade hydroponics setup.

Advantages of setting up a hydroponics system with your cannabis include:

  • You will not have to deal with soil anymore, allowing light to easily reach the roots of your plants as well as the vegetation growth.
  • No dry roots or drowned roots, as your all of the roots are reached and none of them are completely submerged.
  • No reason to re-pot, this tedious and sometimes challenging aspect of growing your plants is entirely removed from the process.


Where Can You Purchase Quality Grow Tents?

You don’t need to seek a monastery to find a guru for your grow, we have the Grow Guru online shop. Here you will find all the essentials for a hydroponics indoor setup, and plenty of amazing grow tents to take your pick from. You will also be provided with incredible electronic equipment to use for your tent.

Hydroponics is an excellent online store. This website is a convenient way to source quality equipment for a hydroponics system and an awesome grow tent. Hydroponics also supplies you with LED lights suited for cannabis plants.

Hydro Herb Africa has an excellent, fully equipped grow room at a reasonable price. It comes with everything you will need to set up your tent and start growing potent buds.

Ways To Enhance Your Grow Tent

So we have all the basics for a steady and successful grow tent, but there are a lot of other options available to you when choosing to set up your indoor tent. Certain extra features and gadgets give you a lot more control and provide a way for you to grow even more efficiently.

Light Timer

A good lighting timer is one of those must-have accessories for your grow tent, as it makes it easier for you to switch your lighting cycles consistently, more accurately imitating those of mother nature herself.

Oscillating Fan

Oscillating fans are a feature that definitely must be included for a properly set up grow tent. These fans assist to make the conditions of your plant’s atmosphere more steady and consistent. The moving air produced by an oscillating fan reduces the humidity experienced by your plants, and they will have stronger cell walls because of it.

Vent Cover

A great way to prevent a problem before it arises in your garden is to invest in a vent cover. They are placed over the intake ventilation holes of your grow tent and will minimize your chances of getting dirt, bugs or dust into the environment in which your plants are growing.

Carbon Filter

Standard grow tents will only really need a small carbon filter to effectively filter the air in the atmosphere, as it is already exhausted from the tent. However, a good carbon filter will remove all of the smells before the air exits from your grow tent.

Trellis Netting

A trellis net is a great way to help maximize the light energy within a grow tent. With the help of a trellis net, plants can be trained to grow into the area that receives the most useable light.

Light Hanger

These handy tools allow reflectors to be raised and lowered quickly, giving growers the ability to raise the light as the plants grow. Light hangers make cleaning and maintenance easier.

Thermostat and humidistat

The use of both these gadgets are largely important to include into your grow tent, especially if you live in a place where the climate is cooler. A way to manage your atmosphere is to connect both a thermostat or humidistat to the exhaust fan, so you can keep tabs on your tent’s environment. Make sure that the humidity and heat of the tent are well watched, the desired level of heat is between 68 – 75° degrees Farenheit during the day phases and about 58 – 65° during night phases.

Image by @skunkyhaze

To Sum it up

Grow tents are a welcoming method to all growers and offer such a simple way to grow incredibly high-quality buds. Grow tents are sophisticated, and they are really a much more profound way of nurturing your plants and the way in which they grow.

 You can have a remarkably hands-on experience! Being able to choose just what kind of environment your cannabis plants grow in is something that can only be provided for you by a grow tent.

 A rewarding system indeed, your buds will be even tastier, and knowing how you practically handcrafted them is what will give you a feeling of accomplishment when you see how well your plants have done.

 This is a new way forward for those wishing to have a deeper growing experience, whilst keeping it simple.

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