High CBD Cannabis Seeds for Sale in South Africa

Weed connoisseurs, avid gardeners, and complete beginners have taken to growing their own bud ever since the laws changed in South Africa. Along with legalization policies came more than just green gardens. South Africa has seen a boom in CBD products to treat a whole range of ailments.

And it’s not all about the high, anymore. People of all kinds have begun to look to marijuana as a form of self-medication, seeking out the CBD benefits without the THC buzz.

South African seeds banks have been working hard to provide high CBD strains for people looking to reap the health rewards. Without the side effects of goofed paranoia or midnight munchies. CBD oils can be purchased legally and you can try your hand at growing and making your own.

We’ve put together a guide to our favourite high CBD weed seeds for sale in South Africa.

Benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, has been hiding in the shadows of its famous marijuana co-component, THC. While THC is known for getting marijuana users high, CBD is becoming increasingly popular. It supplies users with therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effect.

There is still ongoing research being conducted about the medical benefits of CBD. However, it has been shown to be beneficial in reducing stress, combating insomnia and as a pain reliever.

There is evidence that CBD is beneficial for a wide range of chronic disorders and illnesses. Such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and eczema.

While research is still developing, CBD has benefited many people and is considered safe to use. Especially if used in an oil form, where smoke is not being taken into the lungs.

Low THC, High CBD Strains

These marijuana seeds are strains which have less than 1% THC and are fully loaded with CBD. Perfect for people who are looking for the benefits of high CBD content, but aren’t looking to get high.

Elixir CBD

This CBD rich strain truly lives up to its name. Elixir CBD is a medicinal potion with a whopping 21% CBD content and a very low THC content (between 0.3 – 0.8%). This is a powerful strain with strong healing capabilities and almost no high.

It can mimic a Sativa or Indica strain but guarantees a relaxed and calming effect. Use this strain to treat joint and muscle issues such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and muscular dystrophy.

Charlottes Angel CBD

A hybrid Sativa dominant strain packed with all the medical benefits and none of the high. Charlottes Angel CBD has up to 16% CBD content and never more than 1% THC. This is one of the best strains for people looking for calming effects and no psychoactive properties.

Perfect for treating anxiety and stress, providing a calming and medicated feeling.

Viente Uno CBD

If you’re a fan of liquorice flavours and a loaded CBD kick that won’t actually get you loaded, then Viente Uno CBD is for you.

The CBD content reaches up to 20% with very little (less than 1%) THC. It’s a mighty muscle relaxant and arguably one of the best anti-inflammatory strains.

This is a great strain for first-time growers looking for pure CBD strains.

Blueberry CBD

Blueberry strains have always been a popular choice for medical marijuana. Blueberry CBD is the jazzed-up version, with a higher CBD content of up to 16%.

Working off the original Indica strain, Blueberry CBD enhances the Indica properties. Boosting the therapeutic benefits but retaining the original Indica goodness.

This strain is good for treating insomnia and stress and works well for general pain issues too.

Jack Herer CBD

This strain is one of the OG medical strains, a founding father of sorts, in the Netherlands. Combining two potent strains, Haze Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk, and jacking it up with more CBD has birthed Jack Herer CBD.

With CBD content reaching up to 19% and the well-loved, classic spice and pine taste, it is one of those strains that will never disappoint.

Dinamed CBD Plus

A Sativa dominant strain which produces massive yields and is packed with CBD. Sounds like the CBD growers dream, right? Dinamed CBD Plus is the lovechild of Marijuana Seeds SA’s first-ever CBD strain and an attempt at an even more powerful version.

This is a robust strain which provides invaluable medical benefits. It works well for neurodegenerative diseases, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

Its high CBD content (between 15-20%) and low THC content, along with its specialized genetics, make it a fantastic medical-grade strain.

CBD Cannabis Seeds with a bit of a Kick

Maybe you’re looking for CBD treatment options, but you’d like to get stoned as a bonus. These two strains are tasty options for lovers of the whole marijuana package – sweet THC and healing CBD. Cannabis Seeds South Africa has perfected the balance.

Moby Dick CBD

Are you looking for the CBD benefits with a bit of a buzz? Moby Dick might be the strain for you – especially if you’re a newbie smoker. The strain packs 15% CBD and up to 5% THC. It has all the therapeutic benefits and will get you a little bit goofed too, but not too much.

It has tasty lemony flavours and produces a dank yield. So it’s not just good for beginner smokers, but beginner growers too.

OG Kush CBD Auto

OG Kush is truly an OG, and definitely one of the greatest marijuana strains to ever exist. A king of seeds. So it goes without saying that the OG Kush CBD is a sweet Sativa dominant strain. Which is a good choice if you’re looking to get stoned but still want the CBD kick.

7% THC guarantees a dank high. But it still offers a strong 14% CBD for those therapeutic effects. A perfect combination of a classy strain with delicious flavours and a strong high.

Buy High CBD Cannabis Seeds South Africa

You don’t need to be a marijuana aficionado to enjoy the benefits of CBD. In fact, you don’t even need to get high. We’re giving you a list of epic high CBD cannabis strains. So you can dabble in the medical therapy that CBD offers, and choose to be buzz-less or high as a kite when doing it. Your options of weed seeds in South Africa are growing by the day.

Seed banks in South Africa have a range of seeds and strains to suit your growing, smoking, oil-making, baking and vaping needs. And if the process seems a bit too overwhelming, you can always head over to a cannabis dispensary and ask for one of these strains.

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