The Top 6 Best Indica Strains in South Africa 2024

 We all know the traditional sensations of Indica strains, such as heavy eyelids, sudden (and extreme) laziness, feelings of a heavy head and pure relaxation. If you’re wanting to wind down and take a breather, Indica strains will become your best friend and will provide you with just the right amount of ‘stonned’ that your heart desires.

 Popular all over the world, there are so many legendary India strains that deserve recognition for their benefits and their remarkable ability to calm even the tensest of people. Relieving anxiety, getting insomniacs to bed and creating a much-needed appetite for those whose stomachs need a healthy boost.

 We all love a good Indica, and because of that, we have for you a list of some of the very best Indica strains in South Africa that you can enjoy in your next smoking session.

Our 6 Favorite Indica Strains

Due to most of us starting off on Indica, (as it is best suited for beginners) these strains have a certain nostalgia. Do not underestimate the power of an Indica high though, it is a mostly body high but you will still experience some wonderful and extremely strong effects and flavors from these beauties.

 All of these popular strains grow happily in our country, due to our near-perfect climate and amazingly sunny seasons.

 We have provided you with a list of our most enjoyed of the Indica strains in South Africa, and a way to purchase seeds to begin growing them yourself. For more info, read How To Grow Marijuana.

Northern Lights

Image by @erikalindenauer

This magnificent strain originated in Seattle, Washington. The plant grows in a way familiar to all pure indicas, it is short and thick like a bush. Northern Light strains love the sunlight, so don’t be wary of placing your cannabis plant directly in the line of the sun.

 The buds from Northern Lights are typically hard, tight, slightly small but incredibly resin filled. You will be pleased with amazingly sweet and honey musk aromas, whilst tasting pine as you get a hard hit from this potent strain.

 Your body will relax in a way it has never done before, time will feel as if it has slowed down or even frozen completely – so don’t indulge in a toke of Northern Lights before going out with your friends or family.

 We can easily understand how this prize strain has truly dominated at the Cannabis Cups

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Bubba Kush

Image by @crystalcontainer

The lovechild of two popular and incredible strains, Bubba Kush is a mixture of a mysterious strain that has been said to be a Northen Lights pheno, called Bubba, and OG Kush. This strain has been growing in South Africa since the late ’90s and has certainly graced us with its beautiful presence and magnificent fragrance.

A truly premium and very dank indica strain, Bubba Kush grows thick and stocky with buds that are light green. When climates get colder, the leaves of this strain transform into purple colours, making your bud even more good to look at. The purple doesn’t affect the quality of the heavy white trichomes that will coat the inside and outside of its leaves and flowers.

This classy indica strain provides the notorious high that will have you feeling lethargic, uber relaxed and wanting to order a large amount of pizza.

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Grand Daddy Purp

Image by @headyglasspro

Introduced in 2004, the originator of the Grand Daddy Purp strain is Ken Estes from California. This beloved strain is a cross between the Big Bud and Purple Urkle. Grows from this strain are high-yield, and will need plenty of nutrients to thrive.

 Your flowering cycles will be slow, but it is worth the wait when the incredible stacks of buds begin to grow, some even starting right at the base and falling onto the soil.

 When taking a hit of GDP, you will sense a heavy pungent fragrance that will stick to your mouth, allowing you to savor the sweetness of this glorious strain.

Each bud is coated in huge amounts of gleaming trichomes, that is absolutely saturated with sweet candy-like magic. The high from this strain is a lot of fun, and will definitely leave you wanting to pass out on your coach for the best nap of your life.

 Certainly, this strain has earned its spot as the Grand Daddy.

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Blue Cheese

Image by @aausconnect

A wonderful hybrid, this marijuana strain has buds that are compact, light-green and sticky, sticky, sticky – hence the name ‘cheese’. The heritage of Cheese originated in the UK, and that first female strain was mixed with a male Blueberry to thus give us, Blue Cheese.

 This strain grows pretty stocky and is very hardy, with thick stems and super fat buds. Pruning your plant will be in your favor, and make sure to give lots of nutrients as well to maintain the big buds.

 A dank strain indeed, these buds also tend to reek with strong indica scents, you can often smell the buds straight through the bag. You are in for a quick-hit body high with an edge that will make you want to get your snoring on.

 We are very enthusiastic about this one-of-a-kind strain.

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Afghan Kush

Image by @redzthebest

This well known and cherished landrace strain originates from the popular Hindu-Kush variety. You can grow this stocky marijuana strain outdoors happily, and your buds will be pure indica that flower beautifully in a short cycle.

You can purchase pure forms of this strain’s seeds from The Green Smoke Room.

The hairs that these buds are covered in are orange and will stick to the plant, as well as your fingers. Expect to be couch-locked whilst you experience the deep indica rich flavours of the Afghan Kush, leaving you with red eyes and an extreme case of the munchies.

This strain is excellent for those wanting to make hash, as that is what it was made for.

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 OG Kush

Image by @kushvampire

Saving the best for last, this legendary strain originated in Los Angeles. This plant is easily recognizable from its yellow-green leaves and noticeably bright orange hairs on the huge nugget-like buds. Heavy amounts of trichomes can be found for days on OG Kush buds and this strain is definitely one of the most notoriously potent Indicas out there.

Earth musky and pine smells are emitted from fresh buds, and the resin is incredibly sticky. Look out for the trademark citrusy brightness, and have a glass of water on hand before taking a toke from the OG as you are bound to have a good cough. Tasting flavours of spicy awesomeness with a hint of hash.

This is not a discreet kind of marijuana, and pungent smells will waft about long after you’ve smoked. Like most indicas, the high from OG Kush is a strong and heady, but unlike most indicas, this strain does induce euphoria.

It is quite a debate whether OG Kush could, in fact, be a sativa, but to us, the way in which it grows is a clear sign that it is an Indica. You can buy authentic seeds and grow your own to see what we mean!

The OG in this strains name is earned.

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Image by @resincoffeeshop

Sativa VS Indica

Understanding the differences between these two types of marijuana is important when deciding about which strain you will use for either medication, cultivation or recreation.

The distinctive qualities of Sativa strains:

  • Best for daytime use
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Alleviates depression
  • Can treat chronic pain
  • Promotes creativity and focus
  • Produces serotonin in the brain (the chemical that is in charge of regulating our mood, sleep, anxiety, appetite and ability to learn)

Sativa strains grow in a particular way. This type of weed is tall with narrow leaves, has longer flowering cycles than Indicas, and will not cope with cold weather as these plans love and need warm sunny climates.

The distinctive qualities of Indica strains:

  • Best for nighttime use
  • Relaxation of your body and muscles
  • Relaxation of your mind
  • Stimulates a big appetite
  • Relieves pain
  • Releases dopamine in your brain (a chemical that is in charge of our pleasure centers
  • Causes sleepiness
  • Is responsible for the expression “stoned”, as it gives a body high.

When growing an Indica, you will also see that this type of cannabis grows in a short bush-like form, with broad leaves. An indica plants flowering cycles are shorter, and your crop will manage better in colder climates than Sativa strains.

Smoking Marijuana indica strains


Final Thoughts

How will you know which Indica strain is best for you? Well, the most effective way is to go ahead and give them all a try – you probably won’t regret it. All indicas are unique and marvelous! But some will stand out from the rest and find a way into your heart.

If you looking for a wider variety of plants check out our cannabis seeds article for some of the best plants and breeders in SA.

We look forward to new indica landraces and hybrids making their way onto our list someday, and with all the new pioneers in the cannabis industry – we expect that ‘someday’ to come very soon.

 Until then, we will happily be enjoying and cultivating these most loved and respected Indica strains.

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