Cheese Weed: Indica-dominant Strain

Cannabis connoisseurs are very concerned with complex flavour profiles. The indoor cheese strain is widely enjoyed by many cannabis lovers, due to its strong, savoury flavour. This world-famous strain has many variants that we can trace back to the genetics of the original cheese.

Cheese appeals to many, and being one of the most popular strains in the world, we want to know why this is such a popular choice.

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Cheese Strain: The History Of Cheese Cannabis Strain

The terpenes of cheese are varied, and when they all come together it forms the strong and powerful smell we all associate with this strain. It has been said that cheese can have both a delicious and horrendous smell.

No one is 100% sure where Cheese actually comes from. Rumour has it that the Californian cultivator, known as Sam “the skunkman”, moved to the Netherlands to really get into producing some cannabis crops. He brought some of his Skunk seeds with him. Dutch cultivators loved what he had on offer because of its quick turnaround time.

But the smell of the plant was just too strong. A batch of skunk seeds made its way to the UK in 1988 and then something interesting happened. The plant that grew from the skunk seeds had a very peculiar cheese stench to it. It got cloned and successfully spread through the UK. The seeds resulted in creating a Cheese cannabis plant – pure marijuana revolution.

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Indoor Cheese: Popular South African Weed Strains

You can have a smooth tasting sensation when smoking cheese, and this will help with the strong aromas lingering around the room.

Cheese produces many THC-potent trichomes, which results in a lovely, relaxing high. It is known to reduce symptoms of pain, anxiety, and depressions, while also acting as an appetite stimulator.

The Appearance of Indoor Cheese

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Indoor cheese has a large amount of tight, compact buds on the branches, covered in little THC crystals, reaching a THC level of 18%.

Its physical appearance relates more to sativa than indica strains, with thin, light-green leaves. If you grow this plant the right way you’ll be left with a big, bushy marijuana plant. So, if you are a passionate grower, make sure you have enough space for the indica-dominant cheese strain.


Aroma: The unique stank of the dank

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Unmistakably, the unique aroma of cheese obviously has a pungent cheese smell. It smells quite sweet and earthy.

Flavour profile of Indoor Cheese

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The flavour profile of cheese is known for its spicy, savoury flavour, almost adding sourness to the taste. The flavour of the strain, cheese, is creamy and sweet, – almost buttery, but will leave an aftertaste of skunk lingering on your tongue long after you’ve taken the first hit.

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The Effects of Indoor Cheese Strains

Prepare yourself for the effects of smoking indoor cheese strains. This highly potent strain will result in a heavy body melt, that will provide relief to a series of pain-related conditions. Some use it to treat insomnia, and others use it to increase their appetite.

Indica-dominant strains are known to produce intense body-highs – so prepare yourself for a couchlock situation upon taking a few drags of this joint. You will be in a blissful mood with an overall feeling of euphoria surrounding you.

Medical benefits from this indica strain include reducing minor pains and aches, and once the effects of cheese start to kick in, your body will enter a pain-free zone. Mood disorders have been successfully treated with medical cheese cannabis. Severe migraine symptoms can also be reduced by using indoor cheese.

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If you’re a cancer patient, with a lack of appetite due to radiation and chemotherapy, this strain could be worth considering since it acts as an appetite stimulant. Mood-elevating indicas like cheese, are often consumed by users with high stress-levels coming from a high-pressure and fast-paced lifestyle.

Cheese Cannabis Strain – Is it Easy to Grow?

Growing cheese is said to be an easy task. From cannabis enthusiasts to amateurs, anyone could get this strain peeking through the soil, and ready for flowering in no-time. Although cheese prefers to be grown indoors, if you’re living in a part of the world with a warm and sunny climate, you will definitely stand the chance of being successful in your cheese grow operation.

When grown indoors, flowers will be ready for harvest around 9-10 weeks. This pungent indica strain can yield up to 400g per square meter of one plant. That said, your grow area must be a in a well-optimized indoor environment.

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If you decide to take this strain outside, you can expect higher yields. Around the middle of October, this strain will be ready for harvest. When grown outside, you can expect a yield of up to 600g per plant. You also don’t have to worry about moulds and pests too much, since cheese is quite to resistant to those environmental factors.

The Stats of the Strain

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Indoor flowering period: 9 – 10 weeks
  • Indoor yield: 400g/m2
  • Outdoor flowering time: Middle October
  • Outdoor yield: 600g/ plant

Final Budding thoughts:

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Get ready to take a bite from the cheese platter and start your own grow operation with cheese, a world-famous and well-loved strain. If you purely want to enjoy a smoke, cheese will be a good option for a stress-free session and ultimate relaxation. This strain will spark euphoric feelings. Surely, it’s time to get your body and mind into relaxation mode, and what better way to do this than with one of the world’s favourite cannabis strains.

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