Cannabuddy 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets





Cannabuddy Pet CBD

Full-Spectrum CBD oil keeps the plant’s cannabinoid profile intact during the extraction process. The 300mg of full-spectrum CBD means that you’ll get the benefits of both the CBD and cannabinoids that make up the plant’s profile.

CBD has therapeutic benefits and that is why it’s been used as an anti-inflammatory that aids arthritis, to manage pain, and to help with sleep. These products will benefit your pets all-around well-being by helping them cope with stress and anxiety.

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Direction Of Use

There are two ways that you can give a drop to your pet, either place a drop on your pet’s tongue or add some to his favourite treat. Pets don’t always enjoy taking medicine, so remember to be gentle and don’t hesitate to give them a treat afterwards for good behaviour.


Don’t exceed 20mg of CBD when giving it to your pet. The actual dosage should be chosen based on the animal’s size and whether or not they have had CBD before. Start off low  and slowly increase the dosage if needed.


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