Grow Tent Combo – Futurama


The Grow Tent Combo has everything you need:

  • Futureponics Series 1 80 x 80 cm tent (steel tubing and connectors)
  • Wing Reflector for CFL Bulbs
  • 300 W Dual Spectrum CFL Bulb
  • Carbon Filter
  • Inline Axial Fan with Speed Controller
  • Ducting
  • 3x Quick Release Clamps
  • Clip-on-Fan
  • Pair of 4mm Rope Ratchets (68kg load capacity)
  • 24h Timer


Futurponics Series 1 80 x 80 cm grow tent
Wing Reflector and 300W Dual Spectrum CFL Bulb
Carbon Filter – 100×300 mm (4″x12″)
Inline Axial Fan – 100mm (4″), Ducting and Clamps
6″ Clip-on Fan
Rope Ratchets
24h Timer

This is a fully equipped hydroponics grow tent kit, and it consists of a Futurponics Series 1 80 x 80 cm tent with a 300 W Dual Spectrum CFL Grow light, 4″ fan, carbon filter, and accessories.

It has everything that you will need to get growing, all you need to consider is your choice of growing system.

The Grow Tent Combo is perfect for personal indoor growing.

The 80 x 80 cm grow tent is made from durable 600D fabric material with a highly reflective mylar layer on the inside. The tent also has steel tubing and connectors (not plastic connectors).

This Grow Tent is light tight which makes it easy for you to control the day/night length for flowering, and there are plenty of ducting holes and ventilation flaps.

The 300 W Dual Spectrum (2700K and 6400K) CFL Bulb is energy efficient and can be used during the whole vegetative and flowering cycles. The bulb has half Red (2700K) and half Blue (6400K) light tubes, making it a lot more effective for growing on a watt per watt basis in comparison to regular daylight CFL bulbs. Included is a CFL Wing Reflector (with 3m cable and plug) to focus the light on your marijuana.

The low power consumption and heat generation of the CFL light means you can grow cooler in the summer seasons and also save on electricity.




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