Everything You Need to Know About ROOR Bongs South Africa

ROOR Bongs South Africa

Glass bongs don’t get any better than the German brand, ROOR. Martin Birzle and his team of elite glass-blowing artists are responsible for this range of prestigious smoking gear. This company has become renowned for quality, and ROOR bongs are some of the most sought after in the cannabis industry. These high-end bongs are made from the very best borosilicate glass, making them sleek and smooth to the touch and eye.

A ROOR bong is made professionally in Frankenthal, then exported to our beautiful motherland where countless cannabis enthusiasts are keen to enjoy these uniquely designed glass beauties. The countless styles and lovingly designed finishing touches make these bongs special.

Each ROOR bong provides you with a smooth toking experience, and the ROOR company really takes time in making sure their bongs provide the best for each smoker out there.

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How Do You Know Your ROOR Bong Is Authentic?

Plenty of merchants have been trying to get their hands on the design for these creatively engineered bongs, and have a piece of the pie from the profits. Here’s how you can look to see if yours is legitimate:

  • Check yours for the signature black pendant that is attached to every product. It is a 3D pattern of bubbles that imposters are unable to replicate.
  • You can scan the QR code or type in the ID of your bong on the ROOR website to confirm it’s an original.
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Which Headshops In South Africa Supply Roor Bongs?

There are plenty of headshops dotted all across our nation, and most headshops in your area will have at least one range of ROOR bong. Due to their popularity, they are easily found at your local tobacconist. However, if you are seeking a more personalized bong, or more variety, online headshops will supply a vast array of different types for you to choose from.

The Smoke Shop is a trusted online headshop that stocks the ROOR products and offers quality glass pipes and bongs.

Puff Puff Pass is known for providing excellent products. This is a reliable and very popular online shop based in Johannesburg. You will find everything from bongs to dab rigs.

You can also find a bunch of other online wholesalers in our article about The Best Bongs for Sale South Africa. There are numerous amounts of online headshops, but we have listed the ones that give you the biggest choice of quality products in our country.

You will find a very large and rather inspiringly colorful collection of ROOR bongs on their official site. This is where you will find the variety of different styles that ROOR has become known for, each offering wonderful benefits to the owner.

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Final Thoughts on Premium ROOR Bongs

This company will continue to amaze, as the ROOR pioneers innovate and create new dynamic designs that add immense pleasure and quality to our cannabis smoking experience. We can easily understand how this company has become the globally known OG of the glass pipe world and has humorously named themselves a spinoff of the German word “rohr” meaning “pipe”.

As with all glass bongs, be sure to treat your ROOR bong with care to avoid any kind of damage or an unforeseen accident – we have all said goodbye to one too many glass friends that way. These bongs are sturdier than most, but will still break just as easily as glass can.

With elegant and specialized touches, this magnificently classy bong is a must-have for those seeking their first glass bong or wanting to add onto their growing collection. Smokers will never be disappointed by these famous bongs, and after one hit will see how ROOR has become such an acclaimed company.

These gems are crafted with finesse and grace. When wanting to smoke your buds a healthy and smooth way, with an emphasis on taste and efficiency, ROOR bongs are the way to go.



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