The Best Spectrum King Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

When it comes to LED grow lights in South Africa, there are many, many options available on the market at the moment. Many are moving to indoor growing as it allows for better control over the environment your plants are in, meaning you can increase your yield by some significant margins once you’ve got your setup ironed out.

Spectrum King is one of the most popular LED lighting brands out there at the moment, thanks to their attention to detail. Their lights are all full-spectrum, designed for growing cannabis, and are available in a wide range of options. From lights made for closet grows, all the way up to industrial-level setups.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the four modules that stood out the most to us. Each one is a little different, and we’ve covered a range of modules meant for grows of all different shapes and sizes.

Now, let’s flip the switch and shed a little light on these Spectrum King LED Grow Lights.

Spectrum King Closet Case 140W LED Grow Light Review


If you only have a small space like a closet or a tent to grow your cannabis, it’s best to save on your electricity bill as well. Spectrum King has designed the closet case indoor grow light to work for both growth and flowering stages of your growing process.

This 140W LED grow light is specifically designed to reduce the cost of growing marijuana. There’s no need to switch out the lights, this indoor grow light will support your plants growth from seed to harvest period.

This grow light is suitable for wet and humid environments and has 90-degree reflectors specifically designed to distribute the light as evenly as possible. So if you’re aiming for a small grow space and shorter plants, this would be a good indoor light to consider.

Useful Specs of SK Closet Case 140W

  • Actual Watts: 140 watts
  • Coverage Area: 60cm x 60cm
  • Hanging distance: 60cm-75cm (seedling) | 45cm-60cm (growth) | 30cm-45cm (bloom)

Spectrum King Mother’s Little Helper (MLH) 140W LED Grow Light Review


In need of a very small space to grow your weed? The Spectrum King Closet Case and MLH are specifically designed for small closet spaces and tents. This is a great light if you’re aiming for strong growth.

This light can be used for the vegetative and mother plants, seedlings and clones. It’s very similar to the Spectrum King Closet Case product, but it can’t be used from seed to harvest period. We’d advise you to use the light in a 1.2m x 1.2m space.

Useful Specs of SK MLH 140W

  • Actual Watts: 140 watts
  • Coverage Area: 121cm x 121cm
  • Hanging distance: 60cm-75cm (seedling) | 45cm-60cm (growth) | 30cm-45cm (bloom)

Spectrum King 402 460W LED Grow Light Review


Spectrum King’s 402 model growing light is covered by a white coating that will offer better intensity on the outer edge of your canopy. The white light spectrum is powered by Cree LEDs and it can be used in both stages of the growing process.

It uses half the wattage of previously used HPS lights, but produces a very similar light intensity. What’s good to know about this grow light is that it great for greenhouse lighting. This product uses less energy and less heat, which saves you money while growing your favourite strain.

Useful Specs of SK 402 460W

  • Actual Watts: 460 watts
  • Coverage Area: 123cm x 123cm
  • Hanging distance: 60cm-75cm (seedling) | 45cm-60cm (growth) | 30cm-45cm (bloom)

SK 602 Full Spectrum Light 640W LED Grow Light Review


Spectrum King are one of our favourites, since it is waterproof and has a dimming switch to control the light intensity. It only uses 640W power and can light up your plants in an area of 2.4 x 2.4 m during the vegetative stage and 1.5 x 1.5m during the flower stage.

With the low power consumption taken into consideration, it compares quite well when comparing the yields and quality of plants produced under these lights. The full spectrum light stimulates higher nutrient uptake, meaning that you’ll have happy, healthy plants and an increased yield.

Useful Specs of SK 602 640W

  • Actual Watts: 610W – 640W
  • Coverage Area: 243cm x 243cm (growth) and 152cm x 152cm (bloom)
  • Hanging distance: 60cm-75cm (seedling) | 45cm-60cm (growth) | 30cm-45cm (bloom)

In Conclusion

At this point, you’re pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a grow light option. Always be sure to double check your calculations in terms of how many plants you want to grow, size and space lighting coverage, and your predicted yield.

It’s really imperative that you have all of this ironed out. That way you don’t end up with way too much lighting for just one plant, or conversely too many plants under one light.

Other than that, we wish you the best of luck on your growing journey ahead!

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