Trophy Seeds South Africa 2024 [Updated Review]

After repeated attempts to contact Trophy Seeds and their consistent disregard of our requests – We can no longer recommend Trophy Seeds as a supplier.

Trophy Seeds are one of the many Marijuana seed banks in South Africa. They have a wide range of cannabis seeds, from feminized to autoflowering and sealed breeders packs. Trophy Seeds have it all with great genetics! But more on that later.

Trophy Seeds has a good online dispensary. If you’re new to buying seeds online, they have a great section, “Fan Favorites”, where you can find the top-performing marijuana genetics currently in South Africa for Trophy Seeds.

Apart from this section, you will be able to navigate to the perfect strain for you, from Sativa dominant strains like Super Cheese or an Indica strain for insomnia like Auto-Hindu Kush, from auto-flower to feminized. Trophy Seeds has the full range.

We went ahead and ordered our favourite strains from Trophy Seeds to really test their genetics as well as the customer quality/service after browsing their dispensary and payment.

Our Top Choice of Marijuana Seeds from Trophy Seeds


Our criteria for choosing seeds were to have Sativa dominant strains and one CBD strain. Helping our anxiety cope with this new world we face in 2024.

Trophy Seeds Sativa Strains

  • Fast Buds – Purple lemonade
  • Fast Buds – Auto Sour Diesel
  • Fast Buds – Auto Jack Herer


Trophy Seeds Auto-Sour Diesel

This is a Sativa dominant strain; being an Auto-flower plant, it is part of the Ruderalis family. With a THC content of 21% and CBD of less than 1%, this strain will give you a creative, stimulating, and energetic high. This cannabis strain has a pleasant citrus and pine taste/flavour.

Typically, you should be able to yield 450-550g/m2 of the plant. The plant will grow 90- 120cm. Trophy Seeds Auto-sour diesel will be happy both indoors and outdoors. The typical flower timing will be between 63 and 870 days from seed. This will give you a good window to provide the best nutrients for the strain.


Trophy Seeds Auto-Jack Herer

This is a Sativa-dominant strain. Being an autoflower, this is also part of the Ruderalis family. With a   THC content of 21% and CBD less than 1%, you will get a very balanced high leaning towards being more energetic. This strain will typically yield 400 – 500g/m2 indoors.

Trophy seeds boast Auto-Jack Herer works well for obtaining the sea of green and is very tolerant of both low and high temperatures.

This Auto-Jack Herer, you will get a combination of flavours, including pepper, spice, and fruit – predominantly mango.

The flowering time is relatively short around 63 days from seeds – so keep a close eye on your marijuana baby.


Trophy Seeds CBD Strains

  • Divine Seeds-CBD Angel
  • Dutch Passion-CBD Charlott’s Angel
  • Dutch Passion-CBD Skunk Haze


Trophy Seeds CBD Charlott’s Angel

We decided to go for Trophy Seeds CBD Charlott’s Angel. This is a breed from Dutch Passion with the genetics of Dutch Charlotte crossed with Red Angel.

This is a Sativa dominant strain feminized with Trophy seeds boasting less the 1% THC and a CBD content between 10 – 16%. Its strong medicinal properties give the user a calming and relaxing sensation. The flowering time is around 63 – 84 days, better suited for indoor grows.


Trophy Seeds Payment – Delivery

After going through the online dispensary secure payment process, we received an email notification to let us know our order was being processed. To our delight, the following day, we received a Whatsapp message from Trophy Seeds Logistics.

They had picked up an error on our side where we had selected to receive the seeds at a postal service but did not specify where (we were actually meant to select deliver to my physical address).

They informed us that our payment had been received and asked us where we would like to have our cannabis seeds delivered.

We then got sent the shipping information from Trophy Seeds. Two days later, we received a message from the postal service to let us know that the parcel had arrived!


Trophy Seeds Germination

We are happy to let you know that we have a high success rate on our germination, and our cannabis seeds have taken. We have the seeds in our indoor grow room with a Samsung LED light system using Freedom Farm soil. Happy growers this side of South Africa!

It has been four weeks since we germinated the cannabis seeds, and we are about to incorporate some nutrients into our cannabis grow for the Trophy seeds exciting times to come!

We are a bit concerned with the Auto-Sour Diesel seed as it has not flourished 100%. Neither is it fully established, so we will be holding back on the nutrients.

From Choosing A Trophy Seed Strain – Planting and Growing Our Final Thoughts

Trophy Seeds performed well in client service and response, making sure you know what is going on once you have paid for your Marijuana seeds. It can be quite daunting to put your money down if you have never used an online dispensary or tried out a new brand.

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