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Types of Dagga in South Africa | 5 Popular Strains

Growing cannabis is almost as South African as braaing or the word ‘lekker’. What are the types of dagga in South Africa? You still find the three main species there. However, there are a ton of popular cannabis strains that are unique to this nation and its people.

In this post, we will explore the different types of weed in South Africa along with the local-favourite strains of each. Read about marijuana strains like Durban Poison, Cheese and more.

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Different Types of Weed in South Africa

There are four main types of cannabis: Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Ruderalis and Hemp. They are found across the globe in these four types but there are many different strains of weed available.

Cannabis Indica

This weed is famous for the ‘body’ high. The effect of this type of weed is supposed to leave you couch-locked and very relaxed. Perfect for a movie night or star gazing. Cannabis Indica can be identified by its broad, forest-green leaves and short height.

Cannabis Sativa

This type of weed is supposedly responsible for the ‘head’ high associated with marijuana use. It is synonymous with hyperactivity and will have you full of energy, ready to take on whatever task lays before you. This is probably not your go-to weed if you want to sleep, though.

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Cannabis Ruderalis

This is a special kind of weed; it originates from Eastern Europe and Russia. Its name originates from the word ‘ruderal’, which is a term used to describe a plant that grows despite its harsh environment. This plant was bred with today’s breeds to get the modern auto-flowering strains.


Some people do not like to call this weed because it doesn’t contain the cannabinoid that is responsible for the intoxicating effect, THC. It must contain less than 0.3 percent THC per dry weight content to be classified as hemp. This type of weed gets used for industrial purposes, like textiles and housing.

Popular Weed Strains in South Africa

It is legal for adults in South Africa to cultivate cannabis for private use. This means that local growers of this plant now need to know a thing or two about the best strains.

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Durban Poison – Pure Sativa

This is what locals would call a legendary strain. This is one of the last remaining landrace strains. It comes from the tropical region of Kwazulu Natal and is named after its capital, Durban. Rumour has it that even Snoop Dogg once visited the country to get his hands on the feminized seeds for this strain.

It is hailed as a purely Sativa strain, that gives you an uplifting and energetic high when consumed. This strain has a complex terpene profile, with people describing it as having earthy, sweet, citrusy and spicy aromas.

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Cheese – Indica Dominant Hybrid

The scent of this strain is very familiar to South Africans, it is arguably the easiest strain to identify by smell. Cheese, or ‘Kaas’, is very different to the previous entry on this list because it is Indica dominant instead of a pure Sativa.

It is known for its sharp, sour smell and its ability to knock you out. This strain became very popular here because of its consistent potency. No matter who was growing it, the Cheese was always strong. You should feel relaxed and euphoric after smoking on this local favourite.

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Northern Lights – Indica Dominant Hybrid

This is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that has an Afghani heritage, hailing from the Kush mountain range. This plant is recognized for its short, stocky appearance, so don’t expect this plant to stretch much when it starts flowering. The buds are usually rock hard and dense, but when you crack them open you should be able to smell a bold, spicy yet earthy aroma.

Apart from the tight structure of the buds and the strong smell, cannabis enthusiasts are attracted to this plant for its relaxing effect. It is great for reducing pain associated with muscle aches and spasms and it is great for inflammation. This strain has also been known to help with anxiety, stress and insomnia.

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Girl Scout Cookies – OG Kush x Durban Poison

California is probably the place that is most synonymous with weed after Amsterdam. It’s no wonder then that they would be leading the way with world-class genetics, like Girl Scout Cookies. This strain has become a fan favourite among South African growers and cannabis connoisseurs.

The reason this strain was so well received in the land of green and gold, might be in its origins. It was first bred from a combination of OG Kush and Durban Poison, a proudly South African breed. It is a hybrid plant (50/50 blend of Indica and Sativa) that yields high amounts of THC in its buds.

When it flowers, it creates beautiful buds that show off purple, orange and pink hues. The aromas from the buds are unmatched and you should be able to detect notes of sweet fruits (cherry, lemon), mint and wood when you crack the buds of this plant.


green buds close up

Super Skunk – Indica Dominant Hybrid

This is another strain that most people know by smell. It produces pungent buds that give off sour and earthy hints. Super skunk was bread by combining the fast blooming and climate-resistant Skunk #1 with an Afghani. The result was a strain that should mellow you out while maintaining focus and motivation before the indica-dominant genes come out and lull you to sleep.

Growers in South Africa love this strain because it does not require much maintenance and responds well to training. It also produces consistently compact buds with great flavour.

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The Best Dagga in South Africa

It’s hard to choose the best weed types in South Africa because there are so many different types and strains to choose from. This post contains the five most popular strains in the country, so any of these can be considered the best dagga in South Africa depending on who you ask.

From Indica to Sativa to the many hybrids in between, the types of weed names mentioned here are the best of the best. Make sure you get your cannabis seeds in time for the start of the growing season in South Africa!

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