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Cannabis Expo Durban 2024 Review | South Africa

The growing popularity of cannabis products may have piqued your interest of late. However, getting into anything new is always intimidating, even more so when it has a stigma around it, as cannabis does. That’s exactly where the 2024 Cannabis Expo, Durban, saves the day.

Whether you are a veteran of the scene or still a little green, Expos such as this one are fantastic places to find out everything you need to know. For example, get the 411 on what the benefits of dagga are, as well as how to grow your own. You even get a few free testers to see what suits you best.

The Expo is always jam-packed with things to do, so much so that the first thing the lovely staff does is hand you a map. Here are the best parts so that you can make a B-line there next year. If you are planning to attend the Expo in Johannesburg in November, take a sneak peek at what you can expect.

2024 Cannabis Expo Leaflettes.

Ticket Packages and Pricing

Before experiencing all there is on offer at the Cannabis Expo, it is wise to check out what tickets are available and how much they cost.


There are two ticket packages available. The standard one-day pass grants you access to everything you would want to experience. This ticket is perfect for anyone who is just looking to try a few treats and maybe buy some merch. You still have access to all of the delicious food stalls as well as the live music that permeates throughout the Expo.

However, for those who are looking to experience something extra special, or if you are looking to learn as much about the industry as possible, there is the VIP Pass. With the VIP Package, you receive access to all three days of the Expo.

You will also receive a VIP Welcome Package that includes two of those Canna Cocktails we discussed later and a VIP delegate lanyard. You will also gain access to the VIP after-party at the Freedom Festival. However, it is worth noting this is only available for Saturday pass holders. On Friday, you will get front-row seating at the convention stage as well as access to the VIP opening day networking event.


The standard tickets for a single day’s entrance cost R150 if you order them online and R200 if you pay at the door. Whereas the VIP tickets are R990 online and a whopping R1,500 at the door. It’s strongly recommended to rather purchase your tickets online, leaving you with some extra cash to spend at the Expo itself.

Best Stalls to Visit at the Cannabis Expo

With so much to do, it is easy to see why you can spend up to three days exploring everything the Expo has to offer. There are stalls offering edibles, pre-rolls, and CBD oils. Then there are the more unexpected stalls, such as the Kratom stall and Shroom Expo, but more on that later.

There is also a great mix of food stalls, some stalls that offer Cannabis infused dishes and more conventional foods. All of which are mouthwatering. However, the Cannabis-infused drinks were the most interesting.

Which of these do you need to visit first? Are all of them worth visiting? To answer the second question. Yes, all of the stalls have something unique on offer. But below, you will find a list of stalls that you simply can’t miss.

Taste of Cannabis

Display of Goods Sold at the Taste of Cannabis Stall.

Would any Cannabis Expo be complete without a stall that provides some edibles, oils, and vapes? Probably not. There were a handful of these stalls, of course, but the love, care, and delicious taste of their treats made Taste of Cannabis stand out from their counterparts.

The highlight of the stall is the Cannalicious range. The edibles are melt-in-your-mouth delicious and do not leave any unpleasant aftertaste. The vape pen range offers a wide variety at surprisingly affordable prices. However, the in-house brand options of these products are just as good as the Cannalicious options. They will not leave you disappointed if you choose them over the branded ones.

Nature’s Relief

Natures Relief Pamflet.

Nature’s Relief is the quintessential CBD product experience. They offer everything from your usual CBD oils to CBD-based probiotics and even some libido enhancers. They have two brick-and-mortar stores that you can visit.

The first is in Umhlanga, Durban, and the other is located in Randburg, Johannesburg. Check out our “How to find pure CBD oil in South Africa” article and see for yourself if they stand up to the test.

The stores naturally sell their CBD products, but what makes them worth highlighting is that they offer professional medical consultations with conventional medication assessments. They even offer follow-up calls with support to help you stay your healthiest and best self.

Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds Logo and Slogan.

If you want to learn how to grow dagga in South Africa, these are the guys to talk to.

When you first approach the Royal Queen Seeds booth, they will offer you a free pocket ashtray. If you have the time, the super helpful employees will break down everything you need to know about growing your own marijuana.

They will explain what F1 hybrids are, how to identify them, and their fake or commercial strains. After which, they will carefully walk you through all of the seed varieties they have on offer and make recommendations on which you should try to grow. This is the perfect booth to visit if you are looking to get a little bit more technical about cannabis.


The Peak Pro Vaporiser at the Puffco Booth.

Vaporising smoking techniques is another industry that is growing incredibly quickly. Products can range from dry herb vaporisers to dab rings. However, the real problem with such a fast-growing industry is that it can be rather hard to keep up with the do’s, don’t’s, and never’s.

That is where Puffco comes in.

The staff are extremely informative and will explain everything to you, as well as give you an obligation-free sample of their best products. Employees at the booth will explain the benefits and drawbacks of vaporising products as well as the history behind them.

There is a wide variety of goods available, so ask as many questions as you need to make the right choice for you.


Lady Working out with Mikayoxy.

What on earth is a MikayOxy, you may ask? It is a compressed container that can hold an aerosol of your choice. Ranging from 95% pure oxygen to a plethora of infusions that include CBD and CBG.

This new technology covers a staggering amount of cases, from a mid-activity pick-me-up for rugby players and cyclists to helping the elderly and stroke patients regain their breath. This device is a real game changer for anyone that has had to lug around a massive oxygen tank with them. The device is also aimed at helping the average athlete with muscle recovery and stamina.

Kratom Therapy

Kratom Display at the 2024 Cannabis Expo.

When you approach the Kratom Therapy kiosk, you will be greeted by the owner Aaron. He is a very passionate and knowledgeable person. His stall is impeccably decorated, and he will spend all the time in the world with you to explain everything you need to know about Kratom.

Aaron is very happy to cover everything from what Kratom is mostly used for to what the misconceptions and controversy around the substance are. There are four major strains, each with its own benefits.

White Leaf Kratom

White Leaf Kratom helps with:

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Mood boosting
  • Euphoria
  • Anxiety


Green Leaf Kratom

Green Leaf Kratom helps with:

  • Energy
  • Depression
  • Mood boosting
  • Pain
  • Anxiety


Red Leaf Kratom

Red Leaf Kratom helps with:

  • Substance withdrawal
  • Sleep
  • Mood boosting
  • Stress


Gold Leaf Kratom

Gold Leaf Kratom helps with:

  • Pain
  • Focus
  • Mood boosting
  • Sleep
  • Anxiety


Convention Stage Highlights

Aether Apothecary Discussing the Significance of Mushrooms.

The Cannabis Expo was fully booked with fascinating seminars. Starting with your basic topics, such as unpacking the industry opportunity for KZN and the current industry status. The Cannabis Industry Association even touched on what went down at the president’s office.

The biggest highlight was the first-ever Shroom Expo that was hosted within the Cannabis Expo. Topics spanned from the very beginning of where fungi originated and their significance for early life on the planet.

Aether Apothecary were the stars of this show, delving deep into the history of mushrooms and how South Africans relied on their medical properties from the very beginning of time. The presentation culminated in the understanding of the science behind mushrooms as well as explaining the market around them

Food Stalls

Live Music Stage at the 2024 Cannabis Expo in Durban.

A great food stall collection is sometimes the difference between a magical and unforgettable Expo or festival and an unmitigated nightmare. Just look at Woodstock 99 if you want to see what a bad food vendor selection can do to a festival.

Luckily there were no riots at the Expo, and it’s probably thanks to the following amazing food vendors that really stood out above their competition. From CBD shooters, infused coffee, and sodas to keep you going to mouth-watering burgers and subs, the following stalls had it all.

Verdé Café

Verde Cafe perparing Infused Coffee.

Your very first stop at the Cannabis Expo should be Verdé Café. It may be hard to choose which of their delectable offerings to try first. However, the infused cappuccino is always a popular option, especially on a cold day.

The kiosk had a great selection of edibles as well. If you are hoping to stay substance-free, then you will be happy to know they also have water and soda available for you. The staff was very friendly and helpful. As a thank you for supporting them, they gave out R50 off vouchers that are redeemable at their brick-and-mortar stores.

Canna-Bar & Miracle Means

Canna Bar and Miracle Means Infused Drinks.

The Canna-Bar & Miracle Means booth was one of the most interesting. The Miracle Means branded drinks offer infused sodas from classics such as Ginger Beer to more unique flavours such as Tutti Fruity.

They also offer alcohol-inspired drinks minus the alcohol. Instead, the drinks are infused with cannabis. These beverages cover all of the drinks you will find around a braai or at the club, from your humble brandy and coke to more exotic drinks such as rum and raspberry cocktails.

The drinks contain around 15 mg of THC for the Canna-Bar drinks and 30 mg for the Miracle Means beverages. That means you can have your old favourites with all of the tastes and buzz but none of the hangover.

Natural Elixir

Burger from the Cannabis Expo.

There were many items to choose from on the Natural Elixir menu. However, the one that stood out most was the Banging Burger. It is very flavourful, and after a day of exploring everything at the Expo, it really hits the spot.

The food truck also offered CBD shooters, which serve as a great way to keep you going through that mid-day slump. As a testament to how good the food is, Natural Elixir had the longest line to stand in by far, but the food was more than worth the wait.

Meddison Pizza

Pizza and cannabis go together like big bonfires and a winter’s night. There just aren’t many combinations that can beat it. Thankfully Meddison Pizza offers exactly that. The meals are made fresh while you wait. Your average waiting time is around seven minutes. However, it is worth noting during rush hours, orders can take a little longer to fulfil.

Although what is served to you more accurately represents a sub sandwich instead of a pizza, the fundamentals are the same. Bread, toppings of your choice, and an ungodly amount of cheese. What more could you ask for? Those ingredients to be infused with cannabis, of course.

Light Box Sign at the Cannabis Expo.

Durban Cannabis Expo 2024 | Wrapped Up

For anyone with even a slight interest in cannabis, the Expo is well worth a gander, even if it’s just to try the delicious foods and enjoy the music. The best experiences await those who are willing to talk to the vendors and try their wide variety of products.

The informational side of the Expo is entertaining and extremely informative, which is great for anyone looking to learn more or to clear up some misconceptions about the cannabis industry. Anyone that was at this year’s Cannabis Expo in Durban is undoubtedly counting the days to next year’s Expo or making a plan to attend the one in Johannesburg in November.

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